Equipment Needed for Freezing and Drying Food

Freezing and drying food are two of the most popular ways to preserve food. When foods are frozen, it preserves them to the time that they are eaten. The same goes for food drying, which is the process of food preservation in which food is dried, either dehydrated or desiccated. There’s also another process of food preservation that uses both methods, which is called freeze-drying, where all moisture from the food is removed.

Learning these different food preservation methods is important as you can use them in case of emergencies. For example, if there’s a disaster that would prevent you from going to markets to buy food, you will have an option to eat the food that you have preserved, saving you from hunger. All of these methods of preserving food require different equipment. But most of the things that you might need to be able to do these food preservation methods might be present in your kitchen. It means that they can be easily done even when you’re just at home.

If you want to learn food freezing and drying, and you are wondering what the things needed for them are, you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to give you a list of the equipment needed for freezing and drying food.

Equipment Needed for Freezing Food

Freezing food is a very simple method of preserving food, and here are some of the equipment needed for it:



A freezer is the most important equipment needed to freeze foods. If your refrigerator has an attached freezer, it can work well if it’s large enough. However, if you want to take food freezing seriously by freezing large quantities of food, then investing in a separate freezer unit is best for you.

Firm Freezer Containers

You also need to have sturdy containers, either made of glass or plastic that can withstand the cold temperatures of a freezer. When using plastic containers, make sure that they are nonporous and thick enough to keep out odors and dry air in the freezer. If you are using glass containers, make sure that they are treated to endure the low temperature of a freezer, and that they are strong enough to resist cracking when the food expands during the freezing process.

Freezer Bags

If you are freezing smaller amounts of food, you can also use freezer bags. They come in different sizes. Choose those that will be compatible with the amount of your food.

Freezer Paper and Wraps: Most of the time, food in the freezer suffers from freezer burn. This happens when air comes in contact with the food while it’s in the freezer. To prevent this from happening when you freeze your foods, it’s better to use some freezer paper and wraps. You can wrap the container of foods with freezer wraps, then tape some freezer paper to keep the wrap tightly sealed. Or, if you want, you can also use heavy-duty aluminum foil, which does not require and taping.


With all of these simple items, you’ll be able to freeze your foods and preserve them for a longer period.

Equipment Needed for Drying Food

Where to Buy
Trays and Racks
Food Drying Mesh
Baking Sheets
Mesh-Covered Frames
Electric Dehydrator
Conventional Oven
Oven Thermometer


If you do not have a freezer available at home, you can instead choose to dry foods to preserve them. One of the most popular ways of drying foods is by dehydrating them. It is a slow process of removing moisture from food while exposing it to low heat. Here are some of the equipment that you need to be able to do food drying.

1. Trays and Racks

It is essential to have some trays and racks because they are used to hold foods while they are drying. Most of the time, trays and racks are included in an electric dehydrator.

2. Food Drying Mesh

If you will be doing some sun-drying instead of using electric dehydrators and ovens, then a food drying mesh is a piece of essential equipment to have. They have clean screens along with clean cheesecloth to keep bugs off the food as you let them dry.

3. Baking Sheets or Mesh-Covered Frames

If you are using an oven to dry foods, then using a baking sheet or mesh-covered frames will help.

4. Electric Dehydrator

An electric dehydrator is one of the best equipment to have if you want to dry foods. It is a machine that dries your food via an enclosed chamber while circulating warm air around your food.

5. Conventional Oven

If you do not have an electric dehydrator, a conventional oven will work perfectly fine for dehydrating or drying foods. This is for ovens that can maintain a low temperature. Also, you need to be able to stand without your oven for up to 24 hours if you wish to use it for drying foods.

6. Oven Thermometer

It is also essential to have an oven thermometer as it will tell you if the temperature of your oven is low enough to dry your food without cooking it.

Food Dehydrating Guide Book

Where to Buy
The Beginner’s Guide to Dehydrating Food
The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook
The Dehydrator Bible: Includes Over 400 Recipes
The Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home


If you want a useful step by step guide on how to dry or dehydrate foods, or if it’s your first time to try food drying, then having a guide book can also help. Here are some of the books we can recommend:

1. The Beginner’s Guide to Dehydrating Food

2. The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook

3. The Dehydrator Bible: Includes Over 400 Recipes

4. The Complete Guide to Drying Foods at Home

These are some of the equipment needed for freezing and drying food. All of these items are simple, and you might probably have some of them readily available at home. We hope that the list we shared will help you in starting your journey to freezing and drying foods.