Egg Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen


    Eggs for breakfast should always be your first choice, whether you’re a student making the most of your dorm life or a mother trying to get her kids hooked on something that is simultaneously simple to eat and delicious. One of the most affordable but valuable sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids is eggs. Everyone enjoys the delicious and healthy breakfast that they make.

    However, mornings are the busiest and most troublesome times of the day, it is impossible to quickly prepare delicious omelets, poached eggs, or perfectly boiled eggs. It takes a lot of time and could interfere with a lot of other activities that are taking place at the same time. This article is devoted to listing items that will simplify your life and calm down your otherwise hectic morning routine. Here is a list of the top egg tools that will guarantee perfectly cooked eggs.

    Egg Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen

    Egg tools in your kitchen can make things much easier for you if you enjoy making egg dishes for any meal. One of the most adaptable foods available, eggs are delicious both on their own and when added to spreads and sauces. All options are open to you if your kitchen is equipped with the appropriate egg tools!

    1. Microwave Omelet Cooker

    The traditional egg omelet is nutrient-rich, filling, and a fantastic way to start the day. Even though making an omelet on the stove may not require much time, the wait for the stove to heat up and the subsequent pan cleanup can be a hassle. This kitchen appliance, which makes omelets in the microwave, fills the void.

    2. Non-Stick Pan for Sunny-Side-Up Eggs

    When you try to flip a fried egg but a small portion remains on the pan, it is one of the most annoying food situations. Even after cleaning, the tiny piece of an egg still remains. Without using a lot of oil each time, perfectly crisp eggs can be made in a non-stick pan made specifically for frying eggs.

    Two eggs being fried in a non-stick skillet on a gas range

    3. Yolk Separator

    Today is the last day you will ever feel intimidated by a recipe that asked for “one egg yolk” or “one egg white,” but you didn’t know how to separate the two. You can make your very own device to separate the yolk from the egg white. It’s very simple. It’s crucial to have a yolk separator, especially when cooking and baking.

    4. Egg Cracker 

    Nothing is more annoying than cracking some eggs and having some shells end up in your bowl. Use an automatic egg cracker to avoid experiencing that awful feeling ever again. As an added bonus, you can choose to separate the yolk from the whites as you open the egg. Truly innovative.

    5. Egg Slicer

    Some people prefer to consume their hard-boiled eggs whole; if you prefer to consume them in slices, place egg slices on top of your toast for some delicious avocado toast. To make brunches that are consistently Instagram-worthy, slice your eggs using an egg slicer.

    Egg slicer and boiled eggs on the saucers closeup


    6. Silicon Egg Poacher

    If the superior consistency of poached eggs has earned them a special place in your heart. This kitchen tool is unquestionably for you. Use an egg poacher to prepare fluffy poached eggs with a thick, runny yolk for the ideal Sunday brunch or whenever you feel like treating yourself. Although poached eggs seem intimidating, you can master restaurant-quality poached eggs at home with a little know-how and some ingenious silicone egg poachers. The egg is guided into the water by the unusual funnel shape, which also helps hold the egg in place so that it doesn’t break.

    7. Egg Timer

    Making hard-boiled eggs without guesswork is easy with the help of a tiny egg timer! Simply place it in the pot with your eggs, and as they cook, the timer’s color will change to reflect how done they are.

    8. Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

    If you enjoy breakfast sandwiches, this useful tool is for you. With a breakfast sandwich maker, you can cook all the ingredients at once, including fried eggs, melted cheese, meat, and toasted bread for your favorite breakfast sandwich.

    Sandwich maker; photo with ingredients to make sandwiches.

    9. Silicone Egg Rings

    Heat-resistant silicone egg rings are the answer for perfectly shaped eggs. You can use egg rings to make square omelets that will fit on a slice of bread or perfectly round fried eggs to top your breakfast burgers. Even hash browns and pancakes can be made using the rings as a mold; that is a full breakfast!

    10. Boiled-Egg Peeler

    Is there anything worse than an egg that is challenging to peel? especially if you need to leave quickly or if you are preparing a large quantity of egg salad for brunch. You no longer need to be concerned about eggshells, I suppose. Peeling eggs is now much simpler thanks to a kitchen tool called a boiled-egg peeler.

    11. Omelet and Frittata Maker 

    There are many steps involved in creating the ideal omelet, including folding, flipping, and adding fillings. Additionally, you need to be concerned about over- or undercooking the eggs. However, you can make flawless omelets in the style of a restaurant in a matter of minutes by using a simple omelet maker. Additionally, it can be used to make turnovers, pizza pockets, and frittatas.


    Eggs can take on a central role in your culinary universe with the right egg tools in your arsenal of kitchen gadgets. You’ll soon be improving your egg skills, whether you cook them fried, scrambled, poached, or boiled.


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