Egg Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen

Whether you are a student living the best of your dorm life or a mother trying to make your kids hooked on to something that is easily nutritious and yummy at the same time, eggs in breakfast should be your first choice. Eggs are amongst the most inexpensive but significant sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They make an excellent and healthy breakfast that is a hit with everybody.

However, as mornings are the most hassle-fraught times of the day, whipping up perfect sunny side up eggs and making deliciously omelets, poached eggs, or perfectly boiled eggs is impossible. It is a time-consuming process that might hinder a load of other things going around at that time. Only if there was a solution to speed up the cooking of eggs. 

This article is dedicated to enlisting things that will make your life easier and bring peace to your otherwise frantic morning schedule. Here we have a list of the best egg gadgets that are bound to help you get perfectly cooked eggs – including boiled, poached or fried eggs. So, let us dive in without further ado.

Where to Buy
Zanmini Egg Cracker and Separator 2 in 1 Strainer
Egg Poacher – COZILIFE Silicone Egg Poaching Cups with Ring Standers, For Microwave or Stovetop Egg Cooking, Kraft Box Packing, BPA Free, Pack of 4
Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, Silver (25475A)
Rollie Hands-Free Automatic Electric Vertical Nonstick Easy Quick Egg Cooker
Flamekiss 9.5" Orange Ceramic Coated Nonstick 3-Cup Egg Cooker Pan by Amor, Innovative & Elegant Design, Nano Ceramic Coating w/ Silver Ion (100% PTFE & PFOA Free)
Emson Omelet Wave, Microwave Omelet Cooker
Kitchen Egg Timer That Changes Colors When Done, Hard Boiled Egg Timers, Perfect Egg Timer For Boiling Eggs, Perfect Egg Boiler Timer by RevolMax (1 Pack)
Rösle Stainless Steel Egg Topper with Silicone Handle
FJLyoupin Egg Separator, Yolk White Separator Egg Filter Kitchen Gadgets Cooking Tool Baking Assistant, Egg Extractor, Professional Egg Divider Tool for Baking Cake (Blue)

Egg Gadgets You Need in Your Kitchen 

1. Zanmini Egg Cracker and Separator 2 in 1 Strainer

If you have ever been in a hurry in the morning while your stomach groans for a healthy breakfast, you must be familiar with the ability of eggs to know how you need to hurry, and they would not crack. It is like magic, seriously. Whenever you dash to pick an egg while also stumbling to find a pan to crack your egg in, the egg does not crack properly. There is eggshell in the pan or eggs white trickling down the stove to the countertop. 

Zanmini egg cracker is a blessing for such encounters. Just set your egg in this gadget, and you will feel it cracking up beautifully without any extra hard work. Moreover, this egg cracker doubles as an egg separator. So, the next time you are making cloud omelets, you probably do not need to wake half an hour earlier to do all the preparations.

2. COZILIFE Silicone Egg Poaching Cups with Ring Standers

All the poached egg fans out there know how hard it is to make a perfectly poached egg; after all, not everyone is Gordon Ramsey. You do not need to get enrolled in a cooking masterclass to learn how to make poached eggs. If you love the taste of warm runny egg yolk on a crunchy toast or bagel, then get this Cozilife silicone egg poaching cup. They are made of premium quality, food-grade silicone. They are completely non-toxic and can tolerate temperatures from -40 to 405 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Fill a pot with boiling water and grease the silicone cups a little bit. Crack your eggs directly in the cups and place them gently in the boiling water. These silicone cups are quite steady and do not trip over. This gadget is a must-have in the kitchen if you love poached eggs. 

3. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This gadget offers the best hack for coming up with a healthy breakfast every morning. It is like a one-item show, and you will love it. This sandwich maker by Hamilton is the easiest and most convenient thing ever. You can select every item of your choice that goes in your sandwich and toss it in. You can even skip the bread and make an egg and ham sandwich if you please and stay put with your diet. 

This amazing gadget lets you make about 25 different sandwiches. And, the best thing about it is its material, which is super easy to clean. 

4. Rollie Hands-Free Automatic Electric Egg Cooker

Technology cannot get better than this automatic egg cooker that serves you with an omelet that you can prepare in seconds. You can even make frittatas with it. This automatic hands-free egg cooker is the best gadget to calm down your morning routines. You can take some extra time changing or washing up as making breakfast does not get easier than this. 

It is very convenient to use and clean afterward. Just spray some oil in the cooker and crack an egg. Seconds later, while you go make your hair or finish brewing your coffee, you can see a perfectly cooked egg rising. The set comes with a cleaning brush to ease the cleanup, manual, and 5 wooden skewers. 

5. Flamekiss Ceramic Coated Nonstick 3-Cup Egg Cooker Pan

Cooking Sunnyside up eggs is another story of resilience and courage to accept failure if you are not good at making them. One can easily end up frustrated as there does not seem to be any right indication to know the egg is cooked and needs to be taken off. Taking off the egg from the pan is another challenging task that mostly ends up in crumpled eggs with no side up.

If you can relate to all of this, you need a nonstick, no-flip egg cooking pan. The idea is to cook the eggs while having to take them out without ruining them. This utensil is energy-efficient, innovative, and makes your mornings easier. 

6. Emson Microwave Omelet Cooker

If you disagree that simplicity is beauty, you would certainly change your mind after reading about this simple yet efficient omelet cooker. It is designed for microwave cooking and does not have a hassle or paraphernalia attached to it. It is a simplistic plastic omelet pan that cooks about 2 to 3 eggs for you. 

All you need to do is pour in the whipped eggs and your favorite filling and toss it in the microwave. Now you can relax and wait for a hot piping plate of omelet ready for you to gobble down. 

7. Egg Timer

The main idea behind this amazing and surprisingly simple gadget is that it changes colors when placed in the pot with eggs. These changing colors indicate whether the boiled eggs are soft, medium, or hard at the moment. It is so convenient that you do not even need a manual or instruction manual to use it. 

Place the egg timer along with eggs in the pot of water and let all of it boil. You just have to keep an eye out for color changes, and you will never get your boiled eggs wrong again. Whether it is a dozen eggs or just two that you need to be soft-boiled, this egg timer is there to help you. 

8. Rösle Stainless Steel Egg Topper 

This gadget by Rösle is very innovative. It is an efficient device that intelligently cracks the top of the egg so that you can easily take off the crack shell out without ruining it. You just need to place the egg topper on the egg, pull up the handle and release it. Moreover, it is made of stainless steel and comes with a silicone handle for more convenience.

Say no to the eggshells in the breakfast because you tried doing it without the egg topper. You can now enjoy your soft-boiled eggs with toasts or bagels. 

9. FJLyoupin Egg Yolk and White Separator

Countless egg recipes and types of omelets require egg yolks and whites separately. This portable egg separator is the best gadget that can help get rid of any spluttered egg yolk accidents. There is a filter attached to the cap of the bowl so you can easily crack open an egg and pour it into the sieve. The egg yolk is caught in the sieve while the egg whites are accumulated in the plastic bowl. 

It can filter two eggs at a time and is the best thing to buy if you are into baking. 

Egg-cellent Investments  

Even if you are into a habit of having eggs in various forms daily in the breakfast, it is good to invest in something that takes the burden off of your shoulders a little bit. You may even be able to preserve those egg shells for fun decorations like cascarones!  These gadgets might not be big or impressive-looking, but they are some of the best things to invest your money in. They ease up your cooking routine and make room for more things to do in the morning.

Above all, these gadgets present you with the best-looking and tasting eggs.