Efficient Cleaning Methods: Saving Hours in Minutes


    Cleaning the house can seem like a neverending task, especially when there are kids around. It might seem like you’ve been doing nothing but clearing up clutter, sweeping away debris, and dusting all day long. It might take many long hours of your spare time to get the house looking halfway decent, but everything is soon topsy-turvy again.

    If such a situation seems familiar, it might be that you’re going about these cleaning cores in the wrong manner. After all, professional cleaners have several tricks up their sleeves to get a space sparkling in next to no time. Let’s take a look at how we can get some efficient cleaning methods under our belt as well:

    Do Away With Zone Cleaning

    A person wringing a cloth into a bucket: 

    One of the reasons why our cleaning might seem so slow is that we’re going about it room by room. Kitchens alone can take up hours, but you might be able to spruce up the whole house in the same amount of time. Clean wisely; there’s no point in doing a wonderful job with the counters if the stove is still left grimy overnight.

    The way towards efficient cleaning is to go with ‘task cleaning’, which means completing one chore at a time. Set the timer for dusting, and dust the whole house in one go. this way, you’ll also be walking more and getting a little workout in. Plus, since you get in the dusting mode, the job is finished much faster.

    Getting the Right Cleaning Supplies

    A microfiber cloth with broom:


    Even if you have a cleaning routine down pat, it won’t be very efficient if you don’t have the right tools on hand. For instance, you might be spending several dollars a month on paper towels for cleaning your windows when the best option is microfiber cloth. A pack of microfiber towels will cost you a fraction of that amount, with the units lasting for years.

    Next on your list should be a microfiber mop. this is much more economical than the disposable kind and can be used on all kinds of surfaces. It’s also the best way to pick up dust in awkward corners.

    A nylon bristle brush won’t splatter your walls, nor will it lose its bristles too easily. It will also serve as an alternative for sweeping your rug when getting out the vacuum seems too much of a hassle.

    Professional cleaners also usually opt for a backpack-style vacuum, or at least once with several handy extensions. if you’re thinking of upgrading your vacuum or buying one for the first time, keeping a lookout for these features is a good idea. This way, you can reach into several corners and even clean railings, walls, and other difficult spaces while your vacuum is running.

    Divide Up the Cleaning

    Mop, broom, and dustpan:


    Too many people make the mistake of leaving all their house chores for the weekend. This might seem like a logical practice in theory; you’re tired when you come home from work, so leave it all for days when you’re at home. However, this only means that you have a ton of work to catch up on during the weekends, leaving your feeling burned out and frustrated.

    Instead of this practice, try doing a little cleaning every weeknight. This will mean putting in less time, even if you combine all the hours you spend cleaning. For instance, get the dusting out of the way one night, clean all the surfaces the next, and go for the floors on the third night.

    By the time Friday rolls around, you have a pretty clean house to look forward to. This will give you time to relax, perhaps pursue a hobby, and even call some guests over. Plus, focusing on one task at a time means that you’ll probably do a better job of it.

    Invest in Some Gadgets

    Inside of a dishwasher:

    Woman using the dishwasher

    There are now several gadgets on the market that can help us with our home chores. We might not be aware of these tools, or simply avoid buying them because they’re expensive. However, do your research and see if these gadgets could actually save you a lot of time and hassle. Check out these smart products for saving time to begin with. (Smart Products for Saving Time)

    Some people might also think that using a dishwasher is a waste of electricity and water. This is a bit of a myth, as washing dishes by hand can actually use more water than the dishwasher option. Don’t reject the idea of a dishwasher right away, but calculate the usage and make an informed decision. See if any of these kitchen gadgets that save time and labor might also come in handy. (Essential Kitchen Gadgets that Save Time and Labor)

    Setting the Supplies

    A bathroom with cleaning supplies:

    cleaning supplies

    If you want to ensure an efficient cleaning routine, keep the cleaning supplies near their designated area. If you have the bathroom cleaning spray in a bathroom cabinet, you can spot clean whenever the time seems right. If you have to trek all the way downstairs to get that bottle, you’d probably keep putting off the chore.

    Enjoy the Process

    Black headphones connected to a smartphone:

    Black headphones connected to a smartphone

    We might often put off cleaning and organizing because they can get boring and monotonous. It’s all very well to say that we should put our mind to the task, but there’s just so much joy one can get out of dusting, polishing, and vacuuming.

    To make the time go by more quickly and pleasantly, consider distracting your mind with some entertainment while you clean. Perhaps having the television on isn’t a good idea, as it will tempt you to stay in one place. A better idea is to plug in your headphones and turn on a podcast or listen to your favorite tunes. You can even listen in to TED talks, motivational speeches, or anything that can enhance your experience and knowledge while you’re getting your chores done.


    When we’ve got an efficient cleaning routine all set up, we’d have more time for ourselves and our loved ones. Read up on some lifehacks for getting the most out of each day, and you’ll be able to be more productive with that free time.


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