Easy to Prepare (and Eat) Snacks for the Game Day Party

There are a wealth of ideas when it comes to cooking and preparing food. While there are complicated-to-make dishes, there are also easy-to-make ones. The latter ones are perfect for certain occasions such as game day parties, not to mention an NFL watching party. These three “F”’s – friends, food and football, that is – are the keys to an ideal Sunday night.

These snacks, as they should be called “snacks,” do not require eating with utensils such as a spoon, a fork or a knife. Quick and easy they may be to make, these finger foods are nonetheless tasty, delicious and great with a bottle of beer! You will definitely be coming back for more in seconds, while not missing out on that momentous touchdown!

Mozzarella sticks

1) Breaded mozzarella sticks
Almost every American loves mozzarella, so why not include that on your game day snacks menu? Coat the mozzarella sticks with Italian breadcrumbs or tempura breading, deep fry them, and then voila! Pick those sticks up, dip them in pomodoro sauce, sour cream or catsup, and enjoy eating!

2) Baked garlic parmesan potato wedges
For game-loving couch potatoes, these baked garlic parmesan potato wedges are the perfect finger food! Get those potato wedges sprinkled with salt, pepper, or garlic powder, then drizzled with olive oil. Oven-roast those babies until they become perfectly golden. Serve with sour cream. Pick, dump into dip, and enjoy!

Buffalo wings

3) Classic Buffalo wings
Get some protein to your game day snack platter with the classic spicy buffalo wings! Although the traditional recipe calls for many flavorings, preparation is surprisingly easy. It is usually served together with celery. Common dips include ranch or blue cheese.

4) Cheese boat
This might be the easiest and cost-effective centerpiece of your game day snacks spread! Carve a deep crater on top of the bread (a big Italian or French bread) to make a “bread boat,” then put a generous amount Cheddar cheese into it, as well as other additional fillings like corned beef, ham or chopped sausages. Bake and wait until the cheese starts to bubble. This is best served warm with tortilla chips.


5) Nachos
Everybody’s favorite finger food is often too messy to eat, but that’s where the fun factor comes from. You can dress those nachos chips in any way you like – the classic trio of beef, beans and cheese sauce. Or you can make your nachos deluxe with bell peppers, olives, even bacon and egg… the possibilities are endless!

6) Stuffed jalapenos
Want something spicy to kick off your game day party? Why don’t you try stuffing jalapenos with cheeses and ground beef? They will put a zing on your game-watching session!


7) Cheeseburger sliders
These miniature version of cheeseburgers are easy-peasy to make. They’re easy to eat, too, compared to standard-sized hamburgers. Just one plop of slider into your mouth, and you want to come back for more! You can make batches of them if you’re feeding a crowd of hungry guests!

8) Mini croissants
These bite sized versions of croissants can be versatile: you can fill them with something savory (ham and cheese, or bacon and cheese) or something sweet (chocolate or Nutella spread). Or serve them plain together with a chocolate or cream cheese dip.

Pizza breads

9) Pepperoni pizza breads
Also known as “calzone,” these folded pizzas are also delicious and incredibly simple to make! They will surely become a hit with your food and football-loving buddies! If you’re holding a football-themed watching party, you can mold your pepperoni pizza breads into the shape of little footballs.


10) No-bake cereal bars
No party goes without some sweet endings! These no-bake cereal bars may be easy and simple to make. But they are guaranteed to be the perfect way to wrap up an incredibly awesome game day party!

Hosting a football game day party can be overwhelming, but with these easy-to-make finger foods and appetizers, they will certainly take off the burden of your pre-party work. Not to mention that they’re delicious too!

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