Easy Nail Art Designs Using Tape


    Nails are undeniably one of the most loved body parts in a human. Most people contest this, however, since they say that nails are just an extension of the fingers. These could also be the same people who might have a hard time opening small lids or getting into containers. Long nails are an asset that not all people can appreciate. However, this lack of appreciation can be easily swept away by the aesthetic value of perfectly painted nails. This is the reason why many people go to nail salons and schedule expensive and long consultations with a nail technician!

    Taking care of your nails definitely comes as an advantage if you’re going out or need to upsize your appearance. Nail art can make a big difference for any fashionable and well-groomed person! Whether painting your nails a new color or getting a refreshing manicure or pedicure, there’s something about long and nice nails that can make you feel good about yourself. 

    In case you need more convincing, here are some reasons why doing your nails is necessary! 


    Why you should do nail art

    1. Way to relax and destress 

    Although just a simple activity, painting your nails and putting on nail art can be a simple and cheap way to relax and destress. After a long week at work or school, you would deserve a fun break from homework or work. With different designs, you can try various colors of nail polish you can play with. Especially when you’re new to nail painting, other hacks in nail art can be more useful. For example, you can use tape to do certain designs! You can start with simple lines across the nails or polka dots! Once you get through the uncomplicated designs and the basics, you can start playing around with more intricate patterns. 

    2. Important for overall hand health 

    Taking pride in your appearance also necessitates paying close attention to even the smallest details. You’ll also have to put importance on taking care of your nails so they grow healthy-in appearance and hygiene. It goes without saying that nail hygiene is significant to overall hand health. You wouldn’t want to have dirty nail tips because this can lead to further infection, among other problems! 


    3. Boosts your confidence 

    Overall appearance includes everything – from the tips of your hair to the end of your fingertips! Perfect nails play a big part in your overall appearance. Nail art, in particular, can boost your confidence. It goes without saying that well-manicured and styled nails make it appear that you’re put together and well-polished. Nail art designs, regardless of the length of your nails, can show off your personality. If you’re looking for a boost in your confidence, you certainly won’t regret giving yourself a manicure!

    4. Won’t go out of trends in fashion

    Expressing yourself comes in different forms, but nail art is one of the most trendy and stylish ways of doing so! You can always customize your nails to accustom them to your mood, outfit, or occasion. Different and unique techniques can help you achieve your fun designs. You can also use different methods and hacks that make it easier to try, especially when you haven’t tried any nail art yet.  

    5. Helps you build a good impression

    Nails play a big role in appearance because they are also one of the most noticeable features in the human body. Even scientific studies show that having polished nails can make you look competent and trustworthy. When heading out for a big date or an important meeting, it’s better to take your time spoiling your nails by giving them the best design to fit the occasion!  

    Do you think you’re guilty of neglecting your nails? You’re definitely not alone! Many still think their nails don’t matter, but that’s not the case. Being one of the first things people see when they meet you, nails can really tell a lot about your personality. Having learned all of the benefits of well-manicured and polished nails, are you ready to get a good impression? 

    If you’re looking for one quick and simple way to improve your nail appearance, you should try using tape for nail art designs! Want some inspiration for your first or perhaps next manicure and pedicure? Check out these quick and easy steps!

    A stunning daisy nail art design

    Using Scotch Tape for Nail Art

    If you’ve been following nail trends lately, you’re probably wondering how they get perfectly crisp lines and flawless patterns. With this, you can assume they could’ve used simple materials such as tape. 

    You don’t need to buy fancy nail tape to make nail art. You can paint nail colors freely when the scotch tape makes a nice, straight outline. Craft scissors can also be used to create other patterns. With scotch tape, you’ll have to wait for the base coat to dry completely before putting it on your nails. Make sure to take off some of the stickiness of the tape by putting it on the back of your hand so that it won’t peel the base coat when you remove it. Lastly, apply the tape firmly when you’re using it as a guideline for painting nails just to ensure that there aren’t gaps in between. 

    Taking these tips into heart, you are now ready to learn about some of the most common nail art designs you can easily create using scotch tape!

    1. Two-tone Diagonal Nail Art

    This is easily one of the best nail art you can do using tape. You can make simple but strikingly eye-catching art on your nails by using two contrasting colors and a more striking color for a more subtle effect. With this design, you can also play around with textures and finishes like a matte or glittery finish.   

    Multicolored blue nail art

    2. Colorful Geometric Manicure

    It’s also fun to make geometrical shapes from your existing tape! Using scotch tape, you can make your nail stickers by cutting perfect-line strips, triangles, and circles. With this fun geometric-styled manicure, you can match it with any crazy outfit for an occasion you have!

    3. Checkered Nail Art

    You can treat yourself to a fun manicure experience with this pretty fun and simple nail art design that has a big impact! It’s easy to use black or white, and pair this with another color of your choice to make a striking checkered pattern. Whatever the season, you’ll find it a great time to have this design on your nails! 

    4. Lace Nail Art

    If you want to deviate from the usual straight-lined and geometric designs, you must check out this design! Especially if you want delicate, feminine, and chic nail art, you can try adding some lace design to your nails. 

    Ornaments Nail Art Design

    You don’t have to make it hard on yourself when you’re in the mood to paint your nails or give life to your fingers. Just watch out for these easy nail art designs that you can simply mimic using scotch tape! Just like that, your hands can never go out of style. 



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