Creative Ways to Thank Your Neighbors

Even if you own the most beautiful house, you may not call it a lovely home if you have nasty neighbors. Having friendly, caring, and trustworthy neighbors who value your space and privacy is a big blessing. They look after your home when you are away, shovel snow off your driveway, clean up their pets’ messes if they reach your property, check if you’re okay during trying times and don’t get nosy with your family business.

If this sounds like your neighbor, appreciate them – they are gems! You cannot find good neighbors everywhere. Also, most Americans only know a few of their neighbors, let alone get along well with them. If you have an amicable relationship with your neighbor, make sure they know you are thankful for having them next door.

Here are some creative ways to thank your neighbors:

Write them a thank-you note.

A thank you note

Sometimes, the best way to say thank you is the simplest. With that in mind, why not send your neighbors a handwritten note to tell them how thankful you are for them? Thank them for something specific, or send them a general message of appreciation. You can also make your own card to show off your artsy side. Either way, this would be a personable way to express your sentiment.

Invite them for dinner.

Another great way to make their day is to invite them around for a delicious home-cooked meal. After all, everyone loves being cooked for. It’s a way to show your neighbors how much you appreciate them and to make them feel welcome at your home. You can spend some quality time around the table, swapping stories and getting to know each other more. If you feel like your house isn’t ready for guests, you can always invite them out to dinner at a nice restaurant.

Cook them something delicious.

A batch of soup

If you don’t feel like entertaining but still want to do something good for your neighbor, consider delivering something yummy to their front door instead. This is the classic way to welcome someone in your neighborhood, yet nothing is stopping you from doing it as a thank you as well. You could bake them a pie, banana bread, or a cake. You can also cook up a casserole, a hearty soup, or a batch of pasta dish. Whatever you take around, this is a thank you gift that’s sure to be met with gratitude from your neighbor.

Host a BBQ get-together.

Nothing says thank you like a good old-fashioned BBQ party. Organize a BBQ party in your background, or have a pool party if you have a pool, and open your house to your neighbors as a way to show your appreciation. It doesn’t have to be fancy unless you want it to be!

Offer help.

Sometimes, people would need help with things, but they have trouble asking. You can thank your neighbors by simply saying you’re happy to assist with anything they need doing. You can help mow their lawn in the summer, shovel their yard in the winter, or babysit their kids so they can have time away on the weekend. Whatever the task, you will make their life easier and show them that you care.

Give them a thoughtful gift.

You don’t need a special occasion to give your neighbors a gift! But of course, you can time your gift-giving during an occasion, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or their birthdays, to make sure your neighbor won’t refuse! Here are some thoughtful gifts you can buy, make or assemble for them:

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1. Mugs

Though it’s a common gift idea – everyone uses mugs, so it’s a welcome, useful gift. Choose mugs that have special statements in them to show your appreciation. You can buy a mug that says they are awesome or they are the “best neighbor ever”. You can also give a mug with a funny or a heartfelt message.

2. Recipe box

Is your neighbor a great home cook? Let them know you love their recipes and encourage them to write them down and put them in a box so they can pull from it for years to come by giving them a beautiful, hand-painted recipe box.

3. Chimes

Let them feel more at home by giving them these chimes tuned to the opening notes of “Amazing Grace.”

4. Cookie cutter set

Does your neighbor make the best cookies? Encourage them to keep making cookies for all seasons with this cookie cutter set. Pack them up in a mason jar that they can repurpose, then add a ribbon and a thank you note to add a special touch.

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5. Neighborhood plate

A traveling neighborhood plate is a wonderful item to give. All you need to do is to fill it up with goodies – a pasta meal or a batch of cookies would be a great idea – and gift it to the guys next door. It comes with a heartwarming message to express your love.

6. Cutting board and utensil set

A perfect housewarming gift to your good new neighbors, this bamboo cutting set with utensils will surely help them in the kitchen. Wrap it up with ribbons to make it pretty.

7. Keyholder

Gift this decorative key holder to your neighbors to help them organize their keys and mail. It looks simple enough to suit most interior design styles! Get creative and use black paint to write out their family name on it.

8. Coasters

Coasters are a small yet super useful gift for any neighbor who loves to entertain. Why don’t you make them a beautiful set of epoxy resin coasters to show how much you care?

9. Homemade cleaning products

Whatever helps a homemaker clean and maintain a home will be greatly appreciated. If there’s a DIY home cleaning solution that works for you, make some extra and give a batch to your neighbor. Check out this guide to making natural home cleaning products and its DIY recipes. Pack them in empty spray bottles and label them.

10. Skincare products

There are tons of skincare products and skincare sets you can give, and choosing the best products on the market will surely be appreciated by your neighbor. Know the steps to a skincare routine and decide what product you want to give them. This works well if you’ve been close enough to your neighbor to know what skin issues they have, and they won’t get offended. Add a personal note to make it special.

Be a good neighbor.

The easiest way to show your gratitude to your good neighbors is by returning their kindness. Be gentle and friendly. Listen to them and don’t judge too quickly. Be the kind of neighbor that you want.

Bottom Line

Having good neighbors is a cause for celebration. It’s a great blessing to have trustworthy friends to live near with, as it creates a sense of community, and they can offer practical support when you need it. If you love and appreciate your neighbors, let them know how much you are thankful for them.