Crackers and Other Sides to Go With Cheese


    Cheese boards are cherished additions to any table, whether we like cheese as a snack or as a component of a meal. These platters typically include a variety of cheeses that have been cut into slices, cubes, or full wheels and placed on the platter. Crackers, sliced fruit, and other accompaniments for the many types of cheese are included on the side. To make the overall experience better, there are also some dips and sauces.

    Different Types of Crackers

    Crackers, Different Delicious Crackers

    Crackers are everyone’s go-to complement to cheese, whether they’re served on a formal plate or as a late-night snack. Crackers that won’t fully crumble when you bite into them are the finest kind to serve with cheese. Fortunately, there are many different crackers that satisfy this fundamental need. Below, we’ll go over some of the best:

    1. Club Crackers

    The excellent butter and salt flavor of club crackers implies that some cheeses could be overpowered by them. To complement them, choose a cheese that has a distinct flavor all its own. Club crackers are the best option if there are several different types of cheddar cheese on your board or platter. Extra-sharp cheddar has a unique flavor that goes well with other foods.

    2. Crostini

    Creamy cheeses are not all created equal. Since true “Brie” is only produced in France, the majority of what we purchase here in the United States is actually just Brie-style. The good news is that it retains its deliciousness. Simply put, American-made Brie leans more toward buttery flavor whereas French-made Brie tends to taste more vegetal. The crostini is a fantastic choice because it is sturdy enough to support the weight without compromising flavor. Win-win.

    3. Multigrain Crackers

    Gouda has a butterscotch and caramel flavor that makes it taste like cheese candy. So it need a cracker that can both hold a strong cheese and counteract the sweetness. It works with your favorite multigrain cracker. Its crunchiness will improve the texture and flavor and it is less yeasty than other crackers.

    4. Multigrain Crisps with Berries

    Despite the unsettling nature of blue cheeses, even skeptics will enjoy this combination. The greatest aspects of the cracker and the cheese are enhanced by multigrain crisps flavored with berries. Just bear in mind that a creamy, sweet blue cheese is preferable than one that is crumbly and difficult to spread when paired with a delicate, flavor-packed cracker.

    5. Triple Cheese Crackers

    Because triple cream cheese is created with more than 75% butterfat, think of it as a lighter, airier version of Brie cheese. Because they are so light and thin, water crackers serve as a neutral delivery system for all of that flavor and we suppose that’s kind of the goal.

    However, some people might have grown weary of the constant supply of fruit and crackers. Since cheese pairs nicely with many different cuisines, breaking convention is not all that difficult. When entertaining guests, we want to differentiate ourselves from other hosts, and switching up your cheese board is a simple and delectable method to do that. The options below may be useful if you want to serve something other than the standard cheese board selections:

    Crusty Bread

    Crusty Bread, French Baguette

    Slices of crusty baguette could be served as a dish to complement your cheese board or platter. Although still a classic option, this will offer a more satisfying experience than those thin crackers. We particularly appreciate that these slices go well with brie cheese, which may be spread, as well as hard cheddar cheese. 

    The baguette is best baked at home or purchased freshly from a reputable bakery in your neighborhood. Considering that this might not always be possible, purchasing a baguette online is another possibility.

    Pita Bread

     Pita Bread, Traditional Pita Bread

    Small, flattish rounds known as pita bread are typically served with hummus and other Middle Eastern cuisines. Pita bread, on the other hand, offers a beautiful, soft option for pairing with cheese. Pita bread that has been warmed or lightly toasted before being cut into triangles will improve the experience. This will facilitate dipping and give your cheese board a good appearance.


     Naan Bread, Naan Flatbreads

    Another type of flatbread that may not initially appear all that different from pita bread is naan. This is a more rustic, crunchier product, though. There is no reason why you shouldn’t utilize this standard as part of your cheese platter even if it is typically served with Indian food.


    Breadsticks, Salt Breadsticks

    Crispy breadsticks are another option if you want some crunch without the nuts. These are affordable, taste great even on their own, and go beautifully with any type of cheese arrangement. They will be impressive, accessible, and will free up room if you put them in a plain mason jar. 

    As a flexible alternative, breadsticks can really go well with both your cheese plate and the assortment of dips and sauces on the table. Get some gluten-free breadsticks if you’re seeking for a healthier alternative.


    Almonds, Bowl of Almonds

    Pairing cheese with nuts could provide a slight shift in the flavor that someone is seeking. For individuals who don’t want to eat crackers or any kind of bread, this would offer a unique texture and a low-carb, gluten-free alternative.


    Dates, Dried Dates

    Perhaps the typical approach for cheese boards is to serve up slices of apples, grapes, and other fruits. Dates are really energizing, therefore everyone will easily feel full after eating them. If you purchase some pitted dates for the cheese board, you might be able to save some time.


    Figs, Dried Figs

    Figs are a wonderful desert fruit alternative that can be purchased fresh, dried, or preserved. A hard cheese slice can be placed on top of a dried fig, while fresh bits of fruit can be added on top of a cream cheese mixture. If neither of these are available, fig preserves go well with brie.


    Olives, Olive Nuts

    Even though cheese and olives go together pretty frequently, you can always switch up how you serve them. For example, you can combine different varieties into one bowl to create an enticing appearance. Purchase a jar of pickled olives, marinated olives, or some other preparation as an alternative. Additionally, some recipes call for toasting the olives with a little oil and rosemary. When paired with any type of cheese, the outcome will be exquisite.


    Honey, Jar of Honey

    A dream come true might be organic honey drizzled over a variety of premium cheeses. You get that delightful contrast of sweet and salty flavors, each of which brings out the subtleties of the other. Any kind of honey or cheese can fine, though for the best flavor you might want to use an aged, nutty variety.  


    A cheese board might be necessary for a little get-together, a huge holiday party, a romantic evening, or even as part of the feasting on game day. Whatever the situation, a few distinctive adjustments might turn this straightforward dish into a memorable feast. If you have everything on hand, cheese boards are adaptable, simple to put together, and don’t take too much time. In accordance with the number of attendees, they can also be scaled up or down. The next time you throw an event, try serving a cheese board with a twist and see how well it goes. If you’re also providing crackers, purchase a couple packs before the event and experiment with them and different cheeses to find the ideal pairing.

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