Cool Car Accessories


    Taking care of and keeping a car requires both enjoyment and maintenance. You can enjoy driving much more if you have the car accessories listed below. You’re going to be so excited about these revolutionary road trip necessities that everyone, from seasoned travelers to long-haul truck drivers, would love to take with them.

    1. Phone Holder

    For any car without an integrated navigation system, a good phone mount is a necessary item. A phone holder that allows you to use the GPS while keeping both hands on the wheel. This one works with the majority of smartphones, allows you to change the angle, and is simple to insert and remove your phone from.

    2. Trunk Organizer

    Trunk Organizer, Loaded Car Trunk

    Are you worrying too much about your goods in the trunk whenever you drive? Worry no more! With this collapsible organizer in your trunk, you’ll be the most organized person heading to any soccer match of your sons. The sturdy box contains many pockets for smaller goods, an open top, one large compartment, two smaller compartments, and more. Apart from that, it folds flat for simple storage when not in use and has a sturdy Velcro closure to keep everything secure while driving.

    3. Seat Cushion

    Seat Cushion. Car Seat Cushion

    How you configure your car seat has a significant impact on how comfortable you are. You should take your time and experiment with the various driver’s seat adjustment options. It might just be necessary to adjust the height, back angle, distance from the pedals, and lower back support. Being at ease while driving will make your journey safer and more enjoyable. The seat itself is a separate matter. The seating surface might not be the comfiest. For that, you can top off your seat with an ergonomic seat cushion. You’ll need to adjust your seat later because this will cause you to sit up higher. These cushions resemble the ones you may put on an office chair. Since they are comprised of memory foam, they will keep you comfy even if you sit for a long time.

    4. Hanging Diffuser

    Car Diffuser, Fragrance Bottle

    Are you very particular about the smell of your car? Well, why not purchase a cute hanging diffuser? We assure you that this can transform your car into a mobile spa. Diffusing essential oils in your car is a fantastic method to give your vehicle a natural scent while getting rid of any unpleasant odors. Some of these items also function as humidifiers, which in addition to the advantages offered by essential oils, provide therapeutic advantages. You can add more oils to the little jar, which hangs from your rearview mirror. Make your choice from a variety of seasonal and distinctive smells, and then get ready to amaze your passengers.

    5. Seat Belt Cover

    Car Seat Belt Cover

    Perhaps the discomfort you’re experiencing while driving is caused by your seat belt. The belt could snag on something or pull too firmly against your lap. The more lumbar and seat cushions you add, the worse the problem seems to get. The addition of a seat belt cover will solve this issue. These gentle textile strips fit over your seat belt. The seat belt will no longer be pressing against you; instead, soft material will. It stops your seat belt from uncomfortable cutting into your neck, chest, shoulders, or other body areas. It also avoids creases in clothes! Additionally, the Seat Belt Cover can lessen irritating pressure points and chaff from your seat belt.

    6. Car Seat Headrest Hooks

    Car Seat Headrest Hooks, Car Seat Twin Hanger Multipurpose Hook

    Do you have a messy car? Our preferred car headrest hooks will help you miraculously tidy your car and put an end to the mayhem within. The bells and whistles that organizing an automobile formerly required are no longer necessary in the modern world. You only need some of the best vehicle headrest hooks; you don’t need to get your life together. You may hang your bags and other stuff from this headrest hook and be all set. The straightforward addition is simple to install and does not affect how you rest your head on the rest.

    7. Blind Spot Mirror

    Blind Spot Mirror

    A blind spot mirror gives you a clear picture of the space that neither the side mirrors nor the internal rearview mirror can. Having a blind spot mirror might not be a bad idea, especially in an urban setting where pedestrians and bicycles frequently roam around. Get some eyes on your blind area with simple but dependable addition. Even though it only has a 2″ diameter, this little mirror adheres firmly to the side mirrors of your automobile and allows you to view many more feet than you otherwise could.

    8. Car USB Charger

    Car USB Charger

    Today, almost everyone expects their car to have a charging station for their mobile devices. Since it has grown so popular, USB connections are now integrated into the dashboards of the majority of new cars and SUVs. A car USB charger is a compact converter that connects to the accessory port or cigarette lighter available in almost all cars and offers one or more USB outputs. The car USB charger changes the nominal 12-volt output from the cigarette lighter/accessory port to the 5-volts needed for the USB supply. 

    9. Windshield Cover

    Windshield Cover

    By covering the windshield with a protective cover while the car is being stored or parked, you can lessen the risk of breakage due to weather and falling items. All seasons, including fall, spring, and summer, attest to this. Additionally, a windshield cover helps save your automobile from frost-freezing, particularly in the winter. The night before a significant storm, place the easy screen on your windshield; in the morning, simply remove it. No scraping is necessary.

    10. Car Mats

    Car Mat

    Without floor mats, corrosion may cause white spots to appear on the carpet of your automobile. To safeguard your car’s carpet and avoid the development of white stains, adding floor mats is essential. We advise picking rubber floor mats for your automobile instead of carpet when you’re making this choice. They are simple to clean and may shield your automobile from dirt and moisture better than the standard carpeted mats found in most cars. Rubber floor mats can help your car maintain some of its value over time and are more durable and long-lasting than typical carpet ones. You could also make your own by custom cut vinyl as an option.


    Whether you have a brand-new automobile or the new-car smell has long since faded from your ride, adding a few smart car accessories will help your ride feel more modern and unique. The accessories we’ve found here will add a little bit of entertainment value to your car. Some improve an older car’s functionality while others apply to all types of automobiles. Others can customize your vehicle and make you more noticeable on the road. Even better, these extras make wonderful presents for another vehicle enthusiast.


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