Cool and Unusual Lighting Options


    Lighting fixtures serve as the room’s jewelry. It shouldn’t be an afterthought because it adds bling to the entire ensemble. Lighting adds character and helps to bring your style to life, just like furniture and décor do. 

    Lighting serves a purpose as well. It can be direct, illuminating the way and enabling you to continue working long after the sun has set, or indirect, playing more of an ambient role. To properly illuminate a space and give you a variety of radiant options, direct and indirect lighting should always be mixed in most spaces.

    Here are some cool and unusual lighting suggestions to think about as you prepare to design and install your next light fixture.

    Cool and Unusual Lighting Options

    1. Ambient and General Lighting

    To evenly brighten any given space, ambient, and general lighting work best when combined. used preferably in the space where we carry out our daily tasks. These types of lighting are ideal for living spaces where we spend time together.

    2. Task Lighting

    Task Lighting

    Task lighting provides the desired illumination for carrying out particular tasks, such as studying, working at a desk, cooking, or baking. By minimizing the strain on our eyes and reducing magnification, proper task lighting aids our vision. The best examples of task lighting are the spotlight on your kitchen counter or wardrobe, the table-led lamp on your study tables, and so on.

    3. Accent Lighting

    Accent lighting is typically used to direct light toward a specific space or object to draw attention to the things you want people to notice. By emphasizing artwork, picture frames, doors, plants, and textured walls, it makes dramatic points. If accent lighting is installed properly, it can add coziness and warmth to the room.

    4. Mood Lighting

    Mood lighting is used to enhance your favorite corner and create a welcoming atmosphere. After a long day, mood lighting can improve your mood by reducing stress and boosting motivation. By playing uplifting music and a lovely light display, you can set the mood using color-changing lights, led strips, fairy lights, etc.

    5. Pendant Lights in Unique Materials

    Pendant Lights in Unique Materials

    Small lighting fixtures known as pendant lamps are suspended from the ceiling by a rod or cord. To provide direct lighting above countertops, such as over a kitchen island or in a bathroom, they can be grouped in small groups. Alternatively, pendant lights can be used as a focal point to draw attention to space and establish a vignette, such as above a cozy banquette or a kitchen sink. Pendants come in a variety of materials, from rattan to hand-blown glass, and can add texture and personality to your space.

    6. Eye-catching Chandeliers


    Chandeliers are the glitzy diamond necklace of ceiling fixtures, being bigger and typically more expensive than pendant lights. Chandeliers combine numerous bulbs into a single eye-catching fixture, whereas pendants by definition have just one light bulb. Chandeliers are typically hung as a focal point above formal dining tables or lofty, opulent entryways where you want a lot of light and want to make a big style statement.

    7. Flush and Semi-flush 

    While flush and semi-flush fixtures are ideal for lower ceilings with limited headroom, chandeliers are designed for large spaces. Semi-flush fixtures have a few inches between the ceiling and the fixture while flush lights are installed flush with the ceiling. Basements or hallways are the perfect places for these fixtures because of the low ceilings there. Look for fun patterns like colored glass, geometric shapes, or other designs.

    8. Track Lighting


    Track lighting is useful for many different rooms and purposes because you can change the direction of the heads to highlight artwork or illuminate a part of the room that requires more light. You can easily change the direction of the light coming from your track lighting system if you rearrange your furniture or make other decor changes. Stylish track lighting can be installed above a billiards table in the game room to light up your game, in a hallway to highlight artwork, or over a kitchen island to highlight meal preparation.

    9. Recessed

    Consider installing recessed lighting if there isn’t enough light from a single ceiling light to illuminate your room. These lights, which are concealed in the ceiling and have a variety of diameters, have a simple appearance, and you can group several of them in a room to get the most lighting. They also function well in places like basements or hallways where there might not be enough headroom for a hanging fixture. In this instance, the dramatic effect it creates is more important than the fixture itself.

    10. Sconces

    Sconces are frequently installed in groups of two or more and offer great accent lighting for a space. In a dim hallway, you can use them to illuminate your path. Or, install them in place of table lamps on nightstands around your bathroom vanity or on either side of your bed. Additionally, sconces are excellent for small spaces, saving you from wasting space with a table or floor lamp.

    11. Light Strips

    Ambient lighting has advanced significantly, giving way to enjoyable uses like LED strips. You can also use an app or even your voice to control these light strips thanks to smart technology. You can display your art or book collection on radiant shelving. Ambient lighting strips along the walls of a bar can enhance the ambiance. Apply LED light strips under cabinets or in glass-enclosed cabinets for kitchen cabinetry lighting to add a layer of muted, indirect light. Additionally, you can create a secure walkway and a glowing effect at night without using harsh overhead lighting by lining your staircase with light strips.

    12. Backlit Led Panels

    Flexible lighting panels, made possible by recent developments in LED lighting, can now be used to illuminate semi-transparent stones like onyx or quartz. For a luminescent glow, these panels can be applied to walls, backsplashes, fireplaces, or underneath bar tops or kitchen countertops.


    Since it can change the aesthetics of your space, lighting is essential to interior design. Given that they can cause irritability, tired eyes, and lighting fatigue, lighting types, and intensity should be properly taken into account. You can select the lighting option you like best using these cool and unique options.

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