Cool and Unusual Lighting Options


A lot of people prefer to turn off the lights at night, whether to sleep or just lying in bed. Some people also prefer to use lamps. However, if you’re looking for a unique way to fully express your artistic side, instead of using plain lamps, there are various lighting options ideas which you might want to try. Here are some of the cool and unusual lighting options.

Solar Powered Jar Light


Solar Powered Jar Light


This Jar has won several of design awards because of its ingenious principle, which is that this jar stores energy during the day and releases light at night. Producing light in this way is fun, sustainable and makes it easy to do your bit of the environment.

Aside from being an innovative light source, this jar light is also a social business model. Completely hand-crafted products, these solar-powered jar lights are made in South Africa by the hands of more than 60 previously jobless people. The company who manufactures these jar lights also helps in promoting their employees’ training and education. By purchasing this product, you have helped these people even in your own small way.

This solar-powered jar was developed and designed as a source of light for several parts of Africa that have no access to electricity.


Water Drop Solar String Lights


Water Drop Solar String Lights


This water drop solar string lights provides fairy lighting effect. The whole light is waterproof, suitable for outdoor use, no worry for rain drops, and has 8 hours working time after fully solar-charged, which you can enjoy the lighting for the whole night.

The romantic lighting effects illuminates during night, and is ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, etc.


Starry Night LED Projector




You don’t have to wait any longer to witness a star-filled night sky with this awesome projector. This orb is small yet compact, and it is easy to operate. It displays the amazing and beautiful glow of the moon and stars on your bedroom’s ceiling. It also gives you the option to rotate it for a more mystical and magical effect. If you have troubles of putting your kids to bed, this product can be a great start.


Multi-Color Bottle Light


Multi-Color Bottle Light

Dress your table or bar in the shimmering glow of this multi-color bottle light which changes color by simply rotating the light. You also have the option to fix one solid color or set it to change through a rainbow of colors.

Give your home a VIP treatment by classing up its appearance with this multi-color bottle light.



Portable String Lights


Portable String Lights

No current? No problem. Illuminate your world using these portable string lights. These string lights can be bent to any shape you like, as they are easy to twine around flower, bottle, or photo frame, and even some vehicles like bicycles, as these lights are totally waterproof. These battery-powered lights come in a thin cord and measure seven feet long. If used continuously, these lights can last up to 48 hours.


Kaleidoscope Light Show Projector


Kaleidoscope Light Show Projector


Turn this projector on and have an instant party. This rotating light show projector displays three colors on the ceiling: red, green, and blue. The dome is multi-faceted and rotates, which creates a moving kaleidoscope of colorful shapes, and is approximately 3 inches in diameter, and features a black base. This is powered by a battery pack that uses 3 AA batteries which attaches to the base of the dome by means of a small cord.

Make this the newest addition to your party room or use it as a night light in the hallway or a children room.


Relaxing Waves Projector


Relaxing Waves Projector


Transform your living room, bedroom or AVR into a calming and tranquil underwater haven with this relaxing ocean waves projector. This is a perfect item if you feel stressed and you are looking some meditative outlet, or are looking for something to help you sleep better. This device is small and compact, making it ideal to put on any type of surface.

Turn the lights off in your room and then turn the projector’s light on. Behold at the mesmerizing and hypnotizing flurry of vibrant but cool colors that make as if you’re swimming under the ocean.


Post Modern Art Cloud Chandelier


Post modern art cloud chandelier


This art-inspired chandelier uses a polymer material and has a realistic appearance of nimbus cloud. It has a light transmittance of more than 95% and lets you choose a variety of colors of light bulbs to decorate it.

This chandelier can be hung in any part of your house, and it is compatible with the world-wide voltage that ranges from 110v to 240v. If you are looking for an awesome lighting and a conversation piece to wow your guests, consider this cloud-like chandelier!


Give your ceiling some added dimension by lighting up your room with this domino ceiling light. The futuristic-looking cubed design lures the eyes and radiates an impressive 5850 lumens, which makes it ideal for large rooms.

This ceiling light will surely grab attention of guests coming into your house.


Starfield Simulation Light


Starfield Simulation Light


Transform your home into a majesty ad beauty of the heavens vibe with this starfield simulation light. This is an ideal gift for astronomy enthusiasts, which features a rotating base that projects a map of the stars onto the walls for an accurate and in depth look at the cosmos.


Star Shaped Twinkling Edison Bulb



These twinkling Edison-inspired lights add some whimsical touch to your front yard’s holiday ambiance. These star-shaped Christmas lights emit a warm yellow glow that is reminiscent of Edison’s most famous invention, the light bulb.


Multicolor Light Show Lamp



Ever had dreams of creating your own music-and-lights show? Rev up the party mood? Or you just want to chill out by having an awesome light to illuminate your living room or bedroom? You can do them all with the Multicolor Light Show Lamp, which is perfect in every almost environment and situation.

This compact gizmo can easily fit on any stand or surface. Choose any of the four music programs to match your musical preference and mood, and the lights will dance with more than twenty various color and light combinations.


Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Floor Lamp



If you are a Star Wars geek we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss this Star Wars Darth Vader Floor Lamp! Show your adherence to the Dark Side of the Force by turning on this floor lamp’s bright LED glow. The light’s intensity can be adjusted by the simple touch of a remote control.


Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp


Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp

Feel the Force entering your living room or bedroom with this badass Star Wars Lightsaber Lamp. This lampshade features dynamic characters from the iconic sci-fi franchise, and an illuminated stand consisting of incredibly detailed light sabers that glow in three colors — red, blue and green. The silver-colored base of the lampshade bears the “Star Wars” logo.


LED Rechargeable Light Up Furniture

Create the perfect party mood for you and your friends to enjoy! These glow-in-the-dark rechargeable LED furniture can light up any party or gathering. From a touch of a button or a remote, you will be able to set these multi-colored LED furniture pieces into various settings and color changes of your preference. Perfect for both indoors and outdoors!

Plus, they’re waterproof so they’re also great to use for swimming pools and gardens, etc.




Swap your lamp with these some of the cool and unusual lighting options that could add life to your bedroom, or any room.