Cleaning Hacks for Busy Parents


    Cleaning a house and maintaining it at the same time is not only a tedious task but tough as well especially if you are a busy parent. While you have to look after your kids and career as well, cleaning even the smallest of things around the house can be tough. The problem is that no parent wants to spend all day cleaning or stressing about the mess existing everywhere. Luckily, we have some important cleaning hacks to share with you. 

    One Thing at a Time

    The first thing you need to consider when it comes to cleaning your house is that you should remember not everything can be cleaned at once. You cannot expect to clean your house every other day knowing that you are short on time and have to look after other things as well, especially your kids. Therefore, take it easy and light. You can focus on cleaning items and objects that gain the most amount of attention and live with it. You will atleast have the peace of mind that something was done right during the day and you can continue with cleaning other objects the next day. As a result, you will not have to spend hours everyday and can focus on resting and carrying out other chores as well. 

    Use a Timer

    Majority of those people who want everything tip top and shiny each time will spend hours during the day without realizing that they are working themselves out excessively. If this is the case at your end as well, it needs to stop. We understand that a well-cleaned and maintained house gives off a different type of vibe but you cannot do this regularly as a busy parent. Therefore, be efficient and smart instead of working hard. Use a timer and time yourself while performing the cleaning process. 

    This will ensure that you are not spending too much time at one place or on a specific item. Simply clean a particular item and move on. Set a timer for 20 minutes and start cleaning the most important things in the house until it dings. Once our conscious knows that we have a limited amount of time, our brain as a result turns the body into a panic mode, in a good way. You can create a fun activity out of it as well with your kids. 

    Use your kids

    This might sound weird but if you have kids playing around the house, ask them to help you out with cleaning. As mentioned previously, you can turn it into a fun activity and reward them as well. However, do not let them near fragile items. Hand them over different areas of the house and tell them to clean as fast as possible and the one who cleans the most items and objects wins. This is a great way to educate and make your kids learn about cleaning as well, which will become a part of their grooming. 

    Once they are done cleaning, observe the cleaned items and give them a thumbs up. If you find that some items have not been cleaned properly, give the kids a break. There is a first time for everything. You do not want to scold them as it will bring their confidence down. Instead, motivate and encourage them so that they are available with the same energy the next time as well. 

    Have Less Stuff

    Most homeowners do not realize that sometimes the mess is all due to the accumulation of stuff around the house that you really don’t need or use. In such cases, since you are not using the items or objects and are just laying around, they will catch dust and you will be off to cleaning as soon as you realize they need a good wipe. 

    This is a preventable situation if you were to take some of the stuff out and store them in a storage room because if you are not using them, cleaning them either is not productive as well. You are simply going to waste your time and effort. This is one of the most important cleaning shortcuts that homeowners realize after spending years cleaning unnecessary objects. Therefore, we want you to avoid that beforehand to keep things easy. 

    Establish Cleaning Schedules

    While there are many important life hacks you should consider when it comes to cleaning your house, establishing cleaning schedules is going to help the most. The aim of cleaning schedules is that you will be programming yourself and your brain to clean the house at specific times during the day. Therefore, all your other house chores will revolve around that. Once you become used to the schedule, it will be easier for you to manage since you will be mentally prepared. If you have a working schedule that changes regularly, you can make changes to the cleaning schedule every week as well. 

    Final Word

    Remember, you need to find a balance between cleaning and productive life. With that being said, the cleaning hacks mentioned above are going to help you make your house look clean regardless of your busy schedule.


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