Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

A dining table can be a very long-term investment, as well as being the statement piece of furniture in any living space. Due to this reason, it is important to take a lot of different factors into consideration before buying your table. It should be sturdy, stylish, and the material should be long-lasting. It is always a good idea to stick with the classics but modern interior designs demand differently. Here is a buying guide for some of the best dining tables. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

The Size

If you’re buying a dining table, the first thing to do is to measure your available space. Always be sure to buy a table that leaves room for movement around it. There should be about 3 feet of room on each side of the table. This will allow people to eat comfortably, and move around. A little space around the sides of the table is also necessary so the chairs can be pulled out when people sit in them. 

To get an accurate measurement of size, measure the length and width of your room. Subtract 6 feet from both measurements. The answer is the length and breadth of your table. A table should also be an adequate distance away from other pieces of furniture. The dining table is a statement piece, and overcrowding the room with furniture, might make it look claustrophobic. 

If you’re short on space, you can use a table with a folding mechanism. You can find a lot of advertisements for these online or look for the one we have mentioned below. However, make sure the mechanism isn’t too complicated, as that increases the chances of something going wrong. 


The Shape

Dining tables come in a variety of shapes. The most popular of these shapes is a rectangular table. Rectangular dining tables are perfect for large rooms, and large gatherings. They are elongated and narrow, so people sitting across from each other are closer. This also allows rectangular tables to seat a lot more people. A rectangular table should be at least 32” to 42” inches, so people sitting on both sides have space to keep their food. 

Square Dining tables are perfect for square rooms. While they are usually used for restaurant booths, square tables can also be used at home in case you have a small family. They are perfect if you have a small space, and don’t want to go for a round table. Two square tables can also be placed side by side to make a larger table. They are good for small gatherings, as they normally seat only 4 people. 

A round dining table goes very well with a square dining room. They are also perfect for casual settings because no one is the head of the table. People are able to converse easily and usually sit very close. You might have seen one or two in a coffee bar.

Oval dining tables are the perfect balance between the clean edges of a rectangular table and the elegance of a round table. Note that an oval table should always go in a rectangular room. Also, while rectangular tables are very large, their rounded edges give the illusion of occupying less space. 

Here is how you can choose the perfect type of dining table – Types of Dining Tables


The Material.

Dining tables are made from a lot of different materials. Your choice of material should be based on your circumstances, and the purpose you want it to serve. If you are looking for a table for a formal dining room, or want something to give a rustic and vintage look, wood is perfect. Not only this, wood is very sturdy too. Buying a wood table is a good idea if you want something that will last you decades. 

Hardwoods offer more strength and longevity than softwoods. This is why hardwoods like Oak, Maple, Walnut, Pine Wood, and Mahogany are some very good choices. Wood can also be reversed to its former glory, using polish, varnish, and paint. This makes wood tables very popular. 

If you’re worried about choosing the perfect dining table, glass is another good material with a combination of stainless steel. Unlike wood, glass does not experience wear and tear by nature. It stays shining and new forever. However, glass tables can be fragile so you need to be extra careful. While tempered glass is very strong, it is equally expensive. Glass tables are perfect if you have kids. This is because, unlike wood, glass does not retain stains. It is very easy to wipe clean. 

Marble tables are another recent trend in the market. They are easy to clean like glass, however, they are not as fragile. Marble very rarely gets damaged. Nonetheless, marble tables are very expensive and heavy, and cheaper fakes are available in the market. Other stones are available in the marble, however, they are porous and absorb spills. If you accidentally chip the stone top, it is near impossible to repair. 

Plastic, and laminated tables, are a safer and cheaper alternative to glass tables. They don’t stain, last a long time, and are very easy to buy. However, they may be perceived as cheap and tacky in some settings. 

For the longest time, metal was used in making table bases. However, metal tops are very quickly becoming popular too. While metal is durable and is very hard to damage, it is even more difficult to repair. Also, because of how shiny the surface is, fingerprints and other smudges can be seen on them. 


The Price and Construction

The price point is another very important factor. When choosing the perfect dining table, always be sure to get the best material you can afford. However, there are some ways to save money. 

Wood tables are the most expensive tables in the market. This is because hardwoods like oak, mahogany, and walnut are very costly. Other than that, wood tables require a lot of craftsmanship and are usually made by hand. All these labor costs also swell the price of the table. 

If you’re looking for a stone top, but still want to keep things cheap, avoid marble. Marble tops are extremely expensive and heavy. Choose some other stone-like cast stone (cement), or a quartz composite. If you decide to opt for faux marble, make sure to read the instructions and warnings. Some faux marble can crack from the heat of hot plates. 

The second thing to take special care of is the construction of the table. Look carefully at the joints of the table. If the joints move or are starting to split, the table isn’t sturdy. Wood joined with wood is the strongest. The more breaks and joints there are, the weaker the table.  Some very cheap tables may even be stuck together using glue. Set a little weight on the table, to see if it wobbles. You can also move it around a little. 


The Table Supports

The top of the table is quite big so the area under it should be spacious too. Your guests should have enough room to stretch their legs. To do this, you should pay attention to the table supports, when choosing the perfect dining table. 

A pedestal table support is perfect for a lot of space under the table. It also helps squeeze in an extra chair, which trestles don’t allow. Pedestals are only an option for round tables. Rectangular and other tables only allow you to choose between either leg or trestles. 

Best Dining Tables for Modern Homes

Where to Buy
Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table with Two Benches
Walker Edison 6-Piece Black Solid Wood Dining Set
Meridian Furniture Casper Collection Dining Table

1. Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table with Two Benches


Espresso Wood Dining Table with two benches

Most of the dining tables you see have a dark brown finish. This is because it goes well against the light contrast of the walls and the floor. For sure, one of the best dining tables is this one which has been made out of pine wood in a rectangular shape. The Espresso finish gives it a graceful look and classic charm to make it the perfect choice. This dining table set is perfect for a small family of four as it comes with two benches as well. 

The dimensions of this dining table are 45 inches by 28 inches by 29 inches while the benches have a dimension of 39.3 inches by 14 inches by 18 inches with the length x width x height formula. The best part is that you won't have to call in a carpenter to assemble it as you can do it yourself at home with some basic tools. 

Another variant is also available which is called “The Farmhouse” and you can select that from With all other features being the same, it has a two-tone wood with a light brown top and pure white bottom and legs of the table and benches. Regardless of whatever model you choose, you will have a stress-free purchase because of the worry-free 1-year warranty offered by the company

2. Walker Edison 6-Piece Black Solid Wood Dining Set

Walker Edison 6-Piece Black Solid Wood Dining Set

For those who are good to go on a higher budget, this option becomes the perfect dining table for a modern home. It is well crafted to perfection with a design that is inclusive of chairs and bench, both. Walker Edison is already a brand that has been getting some exceptional customer response because of the outstanding products and this dining table is just another addition to the list. The best part? The dining table is extendable as well. 

Made with solid wood, this dining table is surely going to last for a long time and bring you durability. The butterfly leaf is also provided for extra guests. This is a complete dining table set which is why it is expensive. In case you just want the chairs, bench, or table individually, you can get it as well. There are two color choices of black and antique brown. For modern homes, antique brown would give a classic look. Some Spanish house designs have black dining tables. Unlike the first option, this one has a 30-day manufacturer warranty only which is an important thing to consider when purchasing dining tables. 

It can easily seat up to 8 people when the dining table is fully extended. A big family or even guests with a small family can be accommodated easily. The dining table dimensions are 60 to 77 inches length by 40 inches width by 30 inches height. The bench is 60 inches in length

3. Meridian Furniture Casper Collection Dining Table

Meridian Furniture Casper Collection Dining Table

If you are looking for something different that presents a real classy image from your dining table, this one seems like the perfect choice. Although it is slightly more expensive than the dining tables mentioned above, the price is justified by the exceptional quality and long-lasting durability factor. This dining table consists of stainless steel and acrylic glass instead of wood. Therefore, it gives a shine like none other. It is available in Chrome and Gold Color. 

The glass top is 12 mm thick which is quite sufficient for even the heavy items you might put on it. Those who bought this dining table were satisfied with their purchase because it has a rich design and smooth texture. The dimensions of this table are 36 inches by 60 inches by 29.5 inches. However, one thing you should keep in mind before making your purchase is that it is made in China. Order it soon because the stocks run out at peak season!

Comparative Analysis

  Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table with Two BenchesWalker Edison 6-Piece Black Solid Wood Dining SetMeridian Furniture Casper Collection Dining Table
MaterialPine WoodSolid WoodStainless Steel and Acrylic Glass
Dimensions45 x 28 x 29 inches60 - 77 Length x 40 Width x 30 height (Inches)36 inches x 60 inches x 29.5 inches
Price RangeLowHighMedium
ColorEspresso, FarmhouseBlack, Antique BrownGold, Chrome
Warranty1 Year Warranty30 Day Manufacturer WarrantyNot Specified
Maximum People486


Based on the detailed comparative analysis as well as product reviews, we believe that the Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table with Two Benches is the perfect solution for a small family who does not plan on spending too much on a dining table. It may be cheap but with the warranty coming with it, you will surely have a stress-free purchase experience. The Walker Edison 6-Piece Black Solid Wood Dining Set is also a great choice but only for those who can spend a good chunk of money on a dining table. We recommend it highly because of the modern design which allows you to extend it easily as well as the fact that it comes with benches and chairs. 

The last option should only be considered by those who are not a fan of wooden dining tables and are more interested in getting something rock solid with a shine and elegance like none other. However, we do recommend that you inquire with the seller regarding the updated warranty policy and only place an order if you get some sort of warranty.


Choosing the perfect dining table can be very hard, however, the main points to focus on are material, price, shape, and size. Color can also play a very important role. If you’ve got a small space, a very dark table will make it look smaller and congested. It is best to go with lighter shades then. Glass tables are also perfect for small rooms because they don’t obstruct the view of the floor. This gives the illusion of space. Hopefully, the above options will have helped you make an informed choice.