Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

In addition to being the focal point of any living area, a dining table can be an extremely long-term investment. For this reason, it’s crucial to consider a wide range of factors before purchasing your table. It should be long-lasting, stylish, and made of durable material. The classics are always a good choice, but contemporary interior designs demand something different. Here is a selection guide for the ideal dining table. 

How To Choose the Perfect Dining Table

If you’ve already begun looking through the selection of dining tables on the market, you’ve probably noticed there are many options. But don’t let that hinder you; the first step is always to focus your search. Make a list of each suggestion and ask yourself the following questions. There’s probably a table out there that meets all the criteria!

Close-up of a small table and four chairs in an eat-in kitchen with a tile floor, a rug, a plant, and placemats

1. What purpose will your dining table serve?

1.1 Everyday Dining

The main priority will be on a sturdy, cleanable table

1.2 Mainly for Occasions

The best way to impress your guests is with a table that has a wow factor and a premium appearance. Table extensions will also be useful.

1.3 Doubling Up as a Workstation or Desk 

You should look for a table with a sturdy top and enough room for laptops and books.

1.4 Hub of Your Home

You need a table that will foster conversation among guests in a friendly atmosphere.

2. How many do you need to sit at your dining table?

2.1 2-4

If you’re a little short on space, this is a great option because many two-seater tables can accommodate up to four people.

2.2 4-6

If you have the space, having a table that seats six when you typically only have four people is a great option because you’ll always have room for visitors.


A dining table that seats six to eight people will be a necessary addition to your dining room. It’s certain to be a worthwhile investment.

3. What table finish would be best?

A table with a glossy or matte finish will look sharp and clean right away. The warmth and texture of timber or wood finishes will enhance your dining area. If you want to design a bright, airy, and contemporary dining space, a clear glass dining table is perfect. If you want a sturdy table with a soft, foggy appearance and a hint of color, pick a frosted glass table.

Do you need an extended table?
Yes, if:
  • You frequently host events.
  • You can fill the space
  • You’re looking for a flexible seating arrangement.
No, if:
  • You don’t have much room.
  • Additional seats are not required.
  • You don’t think the extension will benefit you.

4. What shape dining table would be best?

4.1  Round or Oval

Always feels social and is excellent at making the most of any area. A round table top takes up less space and allows for more flexible seating arrangements.

4.2 Square 

Gives the impression of being open and roomy and has many available tabletop surfaces. Simple to transform an empty corner into a welcoming dining area.

4.3 Rectangular

Many options are simple to fit in most rooms. An excellent complement to the dining benches.

How to Measure a Dining Table

Modern Scandinavian family table setting. Cozy home concept.

We recognize that selecting shapes, styles, and finishes is more enjoyable than measuring a dining table. But it must be finished! We’ve highlighted the key dining table measurements below to help make things a little easier:

1. Table height

This is an important factor to consider when selecting dining chairs.

2. Table length

You can use this information to determine how well the table will fit in your room.

3. Table width

This is particularly crucial if you intend to use the table ends.

4. Inner leg length

Not the length of the tabletop, but the length of the table from the inside of the table legs.

5. Apron

This is the depth of the tabletop, which varies significantly depending on the type of tabletop and the design of the table.

Dining Table Spacing

It’s a good idea to mark out your dining room before measuring your table. Cut out some fabric or card, and then lay it where you want your dining table to go. The simplest way to gauge how much actual space the table will take up is to do this. It is best to leave between 70 and 90 centimeters between the edge of your table and each wall, as well as between it and other furniture in the space. This makes it easy for chairs to be pulled out and provides space for people to move around. 

Dining Chair Spacing

Depending on whether you prefer a more intimate or expansive setting, allow between 60cm and 80cm per place setting. Don’t forget to measure the width of the chairs’ footprints as well. The location of the feet determines whether they will fit or not. To make sure your chairs will fit neatly under the table, measure the distance between the legs from the table’s narrowest point.

What Dining Table is Right for your Space?

 table set on a dining table, interior design

1. If you’re short on space

Choose a dining table with a pedestal base to save space. This will enable you to maintain the appearance of a spacious table base while giving you the flexibility to cram in and pull up a few extra chairs as required. The number of people you can seat at a round dining table is also a little less constrained, giving you a little more flexibility in a smaller seating area. A clear glass dining table will, from a material standpoint, be less visually imposing in space because of the transparency of the glass, helping to open up the look and feel of a smaller dining room.

2. If you entertain semi-regularly and have the room

It is best to expand. Choose a table that seats six if your household is made up of four people. Choose an eight-seater table if your household is six people, and so on. This is a wise choice for a table because the additional place settings won’t take up much more space and you’ll still have enough seating when you need it. Since everyone will be seated at an equal distance from one another, a square or round dining table will create a more intimate dining environment, making it a great option for sociable dining.

3. If you entertain semi-regularly but don’t have a lot of space, or if you don’t want a large dining table all of the time

Then an extendable dining table will satisfy all of your interior design requirements! This is so that you can add more chairs as and when you need them. Just make sure there is enough room for the table to extend completely. Additionally, you should determine whether the table extensions can be stored inside the tabletop and, if not, whether you have a place to keep them outside when not in use.

Dining Table Material

Modern Kitchen Interior With White Cabinets, Wooden Chairs And Parquet Floor

1. High Gloss Dining Table
  • The Look: Bright, fresh, and super modern.
  • Especially Good: For styling options. Due to their neutral characteristics, white and grey gloss finishes can be styled with a wide range of dining chair finishes and materials in your existing interior. Another very modern and sleek dining table finish is gloss.
  • Care and Cleaning: Use a damp, soft microfiber cloth. For tougher stains, you can add a tiny bit of mild detergent, like dishwashing liquid. After cleaning a gloss dining table, be sure to dry it. Most importantly, keep sharp objects away from the surface as they will scratch the gloss.
2. Matte Finished Dining Table
  • The Look: Soft, cool and contemporary dining.
  • Especially Good: For a calm family environment. Additionally, a matte dining table will seamlessly blend with various finishes, making it a quick style fix.
  • Care and Cleaning: Use a soft, damp cloth to clean furniture painted in matte, much like you would for gloss. After cleaning, be sure to dry the table, and avoid dragging anything pointed across it.
3. Tempered Glass Dining Table
  • The Look: Clear, crisp, and fresh.
  • Especially Good: Because glass gives the appearance of more space, it is a reliable, safe material. You can also choose bold chair designs and colors thanks to glass.
  • Care and Cleaning: A glass dining table can be used with antibacterial sprays, even those that contain bleach, as the glass is not porous. Then, use a lint-free cloth and a specific glass spray, such as window cleaner, to protect the surface from smudges. As an alternative, you can thoroughly clean the table with warm, soapy water and dish soap.
4. Frosted Glass Dining Table 
  • The Look: Soft, slightly hazy, and calming.
  • Especially Good: To make dining durable. Given that it is made of tempered safety glass, frosted glass is the most resilient type of matt finish. It is a smooth finish that is both opulent and useful.
  • Care and Cleaning: Use a soft, lint-free towel and a non-streaking window cleaner or antibacterial spray to clean frosted glass. Avoid dragging anything sharp across the table surface and avoid using hot utensils that have just come out of the oven.
5. Real Wood Dining Table
  • The Look: Tactile, warm, and textured.
  • Especially Good: For styling with more contemporary finishes. Dining tables made of real wood are strong and enduring. They will also create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any dining area.
  • Care and Cleaning: Apply dish soap and water with a damp cloth to wooden finishes. However, avoid repeatedly scrubbing the same area as this will harm the wood’s protective seal.


It can be very difficult to select the ideal dining table. There are numerous factors or things to take into account. You can use this guide to assist in choosing the perfect dining table for your home.