Can you wear a Smart Watch while Swimming?


    One of the best workouts for getting in shape and keeping it is swimming. You can benefit from swimming in several ways, including for cardio, relaxation, and muscle strengthening. For swimmers who want to put the strength of best waterproof fitness trackers on their wrists, a variety of water-resistant smart watches are available. Measuring and keeping an eye on their activity levels is beneficial, whether it is heart rate, distance, or even the amount of time spent in various energy zones.

    The good news is that if you like to work out in the water, there are now a ton of fitness trackers and fitness smart watches available that can carefully monitor your swimming and let you evaluate stats after you leave the pool. These waterproof devices provide something for everyone, whether you just need something to keep track of your laps, want to know how many calories you burn while exercising to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, or just want to know how efficient your pool is. With the finest swimming watch, keeping track of your lengths, distance, heart rate, and other statistics is simple. The majority of contemporary fitness trackers and running watches aren’t designed for anything other than a quick swim or shower, despite almost all of them being water-resistant to at least 50 meters. 

    Who is the swim watch worn by?

    Who will wear the timepiece is the first item to think about. Swim-specific watches are made for pool athletes, whereas triathletes and open water swimmers are better suited for GPS and Multisport watches. Swim watches can measure stroke length as well as offer features like lap and stroke counting. A swimmer’s speed or pace in open water can be tracked by GPS and multisport watches, which can also calculate their total distance in miles or kilometers.

    Can a Smart Watch be worn while swimming?

    Hand with watch under the sea

    Indeed, you can, of course. The good news is that there are now a lot of fitness trackers and fitness best waterproof smart watches with a good battery life that can carefully monitor your swimming and enable you to review figures once you’ve left the pool, whether you prefer swimming in a pool or open water.

    Nowadays, nearly all smart watches are water-resistant and can tolerate swimming in a pool or even in open water. These smart watches are designed for use while exercise, such as jogging and swimming. Wearing a smart watch while swimming can help you keep track of your heart rate as well as laps, distance, and other metrics. In the lake, pool, or ocean, these smart watches function as GPS devices. As a result, you don’t need to remove your smart watch before swimming in a lake, pond, or pool because they are waterproof.

    What Characteristics of a Smart Watch are you looking for?

    image of watch hand swimming pool background

    Since each of these timepieces serves a different function, it’s critical to choose which one is most significant for you, your training, and your competition goals. Whether you’re training for Masters Nationals and require a certain “workout function” to stay on track or you’re taking part in a local triathlon and require knowledge of your “SWOLF count” to maintain your distance covered per stroke.

    Dimensions, Form, and Color

    Younger swimmers and beginners benefit more from the more traditional Brilliant Swim Pace Watch since it helps them get acclimated to reading a pace clock. If you’re a swimmer looking for a slimmer, lighter option, narrow down your favorite watch forms and weights before making a purchase. Others like a watch with a larger face, such as the Suunto or Garmin models, which have more visible numerals that are simple to see “on the go.”

    Apps & Training Logs

    Athletes can monitor their progress by connecting the majority of open water swimming, GPS-enabled, fitness trackers, and multi-sport watches to their own online training logs and programs. If you’re an athlete who likes to train using numbers and statistics, this should be at the top of your list of must-have items.


    Sports watches with GPS can accurately calculate your distance traveled, which might be challenging when swimming in open water (however, this feature may vary between watches and brands).


    Performance improvements can be measured with objectivity. A good swim watch will keep track of factors like speed, distance, and heart rate and store the information in a user-friendly app. This will enable you to compare your performance between swim sessions quickly and determine your level of improvement.


    An excellent swim watch should only need to be purchased once as long as you take care of it. It’s not a one-time purchase, but it’s something you’ll probably only buy occasionally (especially if you intend to upgrade to other brands in the future).


    Many sports watches employ gamification to enhance enjoyment and provide an interactive experience. Some people may find it less difficult to follow their swimming training schedules as a result. You might be able to share content on social media using your sports watch. This might provide some people more motivation and maybe even more accountability.

    Battery Life

    Finding a smart watch with a long battery life is also recommended. Wearing it in this way while swimming can be beneficial. Check the smart watch’s battery life before you buy it to determine whether it can last for the typical amount of time you are away from any charging points.


    There are many choices available for swimmers and occasional swimmers who want to keep track of their pool activities. Many fitness and swimming trackers are not designed for swimming and cannot record heart rate or distance while underwater. Choose a device or smart watch for swimming that includes a swimming setting rather than one that is only waterproof if you want to track your swimming. While without holding your phone, each of these smart watches can assist you in tracking, recording, and monitoring your physical activity as well as displaying call and message notifications. We hope that this list of features may help you in your search for the ideal waterproof smart watch. 


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