Can You Take a Coffee Maker with You While Traveling?


    Like a lot of other people, we are huge fans of coffee. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, this is always a part of our morning ritual, whether we’re on the road, in the great outdoors, or simply relaxing at home.

    Obviously, there are many varieties of coffee, and not all coffee beverages are made equal. When we are at home, it is simple for us to prepare a delicious cup of coffee, but when we are traveling, this is not always the case.

    When you’re on the road, it might be difficult to track down a decent cup of coffee. Why not brew your own coffee if you want it to be exactly as you want it? Making coffee while traveling is easy and may be done in a variety of ways. From French presses to travel coffee plungers to stovetop brewers, there is certain to be a portable coffee maker that meets your needs.

    Portable Coffee Makers

    Travel-friendly and lightweight, portable coffee makers let you brew delicious coffee wherever you are. Coffee machines that are portable are often compact and sturdy, occupy a minimal amount of space, and may be readily transported in a bag.

    You can take your favorite coffee with you everywhere thanks to portable brewers that let you brew it anyway you want it. 

    The following is a list of some portable coffee makers that you can consider for your travels:

    1. Percolator Coffee Maker

    percolator coffee maker

    You can get either an electric or a non-electric coffee percolator. The non-electric kind is popular with campers because you can use a campfire or a camping stove to make coffee. Coffee is brewed by adding water and coffee grinds to a central basket, then heating the whole thing up. The number of coffee grounds and the size of the grounds both affect the coffee’s potency. Your coffee will taste harsher if the grinds are too fine. Stronger coffee is often brewed by coffee percolators than by conventional drip coffee makers. Therefore, some trial and error may be necessary before determining the exact ratio of grounds to water.

    2. Pour-Over Coffee Maker

    Pour-over coffee makers are the most portable and lightweight camping coffee makers. The only necessary equipment is a cup and a pour over canister. You can use the campfire to heat the water in them, making them ideal for camping. The coffee canister is placed on top of the cup, then coffee grinds are added, and hot water is poured over the top. Your cup will fill with drippings of hot water as it seeps through the grounds. 

    There is a wide range of options available in terms of the size and style of pour-over coffee makers, and the fact that they do not need electricity makes them an excellent option for bringing on camping trips or traveling. A portable pour-over coffee maker allows you to prepare a fresh pot of coffee whenever you choose.

    3. AeroPress

    brewing coffee using an AeroPress

    Even if you’re deep in the woods or in the rear of your camper van, you can still make yourself a delicious cup of coffee with the help of the AeroPress. When it comes to portable coffee makers, the AeroPress is probably the most well-known brand. Even though it is mostly made of polypropylene and is mostly made of plastic, it is surprisingly durable. The AeroPress has a chamber where you put the ground coffee and boiled water and a plunger that pushes the steeped coffee through a filter and into your cup. It works like a combination of a French press and a syringe. It has a paper filter that fits into the chamber. The unit also comes with stacks of paper filters. 

    Additionally, the AeroPress brews coffee with a robust flavor quickly and easily. The optimal brewing time is just thirty seconds, yet the resultant beverage has almost the same flavor and concentration as espresso sold in coffee shops. 

    4. Moka Pot Coffee Makers

    The Moka pot is a low-cost alternative to a full-fledged home espresso machine. It makes a thick, delicious brew that pairs well with creamers, flavored syrups, or foamy steaming milk. The Moka pot is also a popular brewing gadget among campers who like to brew on a camping stove or over an open fire. This style of coffee machine brews rapidly and creates coffee that tastes like espresso.

    5. Handpresso

    On the road with an espresso? Oh yes!

    Handpresso is the most-used portable espresso maker in the world. Handpresso’s manual and electric portable espresso makers are made to be as easy to use as possible and strong enough to handle the ups and downs of travel and a busy lifestyle.

    This is the best option for people who want good espresso wherever they are.

    6. French Press Coffee Maker

    French press coffee maker

    The use of French Press coffee machines is gaining popularity, and it is not difficult to see why this is the case. French Press coffee machines let you to prepare a cup of coffee that is full-bodied and delicious with very little effort. A cup of freshly filtered coffee may be made by filling a French press with ground coffee and hot water, waiting a few minutes, and then pressing the plunger down. The ensuing brew has all the flavor of regular coffee with none of the bitterness.

    A French press is very portable and can be used almost anywhere. It just consists of one component, can be conveniently transported in luggage, and enables you to prepare delicious coffee regardless of where you are.

    7. Collapsible Coffee Dripper

    If you are a low-maintenance, lightweight traveler who enjoys brewed coffee, the collapsible coffee dripper is ideal for you. Because of how compact it is, this device won’t need a lot of room in your luggage. It is made of silicon but there’s no need to fear; unlike plastic or rubber, it won’t impart any of those flavors to your coffee and it won’t soak up any of the coffee’s essence.

    Additionally, you will need a paper filter and a cup. Simply insert the paper filter into the collapsible coffee dripper and position it over your cup. Place the ground coffee grounds in the dripper, pour hot water over the grounds, and just wait for the coffee to drip into your cup. Simply remove the collapsible coffee dripper from the top of your cup and savor the aroma of freshly made coffee whenever and wherever you choose.

    Things to Think About Before Purchasing a Portable Coffee Maker

    There are certain factors to think about before making a final decision on a portable coffee maker. There is a wide variety of coffee machines available, each producing its own unique flavor. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of what to look for prior to making a purchase. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a travel coffee maker.

    1. Brewing Technique & Coffee Type

    As you probably already know, there are many different ways to make coffee. Some of these are coffee made with a French Press, drip coffee (also called filter coffee), Turkish coffee, pour-over coffee, and espresso.

    You most likely already have a favorite coffee style, which will have a corresponding brewing technique. Choosing a travel coffee maker that can produce your chosen sort of coffee is crucial, particularly because not every travel coffee maker can make every kind of coffee, so it’s important to choose the one that fits your needs the best.

    2. Weight and Dimensions

    This is one of the most important things to think about when choosing a travel coffee maker. The first thing you need to think about is how big your luggage is overall and how much room you want to give your coffee maker.

    Choosing the right size and weight depends on how you’re getting to your destination, how big your bags are, and how much weight your airline will let you bring.

    3. Coffee Brewing Time

    There are occasions when you need a cup of coffee in a hurry! Coffee that is tasty and smooth to drink on the go, with none of the hassle or waiting required. How much of a hassle are you prepared to go through in the morning to get your cup of coffee, and how long does it take you to make a cup or a pot of coffee? When looking for your new portable coffee maker, you should keep this in mind as an important consideration.

    4. Coffee Makers Versatility

    The ability to switch between several brew settings is a huge perk of portable coffee makers since it means you can do more with your money. Some coffee makers exclusively accommodate certain coffee varieties, while others are adaptable to K-cups, ground coffee, and even instant brew. And the same holds true for the many coffee beverages they may brew, such as espresso, Americano, drip, and so on.

    Finally, consider if the product will be beneficial in other situations besides travel. Can you imagine using it for a picnic at a nearby park, a hike, at work, or at home? If the coffee maker can be used for a variety of different things, then you will have more opportunity to utilize it.

    5. Cost

    The cost of a coffee maker depends on how much you want it to do and how long you want it to last. Look for the best coffee maker for traveling that fits your budget. If it is of high quality, it will serve you well during your travels for a much longer period of time.

    Find The Best Travel Coffee Maker for You

    You do not have to sacrifice all of your comforts just because you are away from home. If you have a portable coffee maker, you will always be able to enjoy your preferred brew, regardless of where you are.

    What makes the finest portable coffee maker for you is a combination of your preferred coffee, your travel preferences, and the amount of time and work you’re prepared to put into making the perfect cup. Once you find a good one, a travel coffee maker will be a great addition to your list of things to pack for any kind of trip. 

    You may also read our Guide to Picking the Best Coffee Maker for You for some of the best tips and recommendations.


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