Best Wireless Chargers for Your iPhone or Android

You sneak up a hand in your bag while entering the home, trying to steer clear of all the clutter so that your hand can instantly grab your phone’s charger. Only some are lucky enough to master this technique and not get their charger’s wire all tangled up. If you still use the old chargers with wires, it is time that you amp up your device game and get yourself a wireless charger. In other words, when everything is going wireless, then why not your phone’s charger?

However, going all wire-free in terms of phone chargers is not as easy as it sounds. This is because not all smartphones are compatible with this new technological dream. Wireless chargers are mostly compatible with the newer and latest smartphones such as iPhone 8 or later and Galaxy S10 to the Pixel 4. Moreover, although Google Pixel 2 does not originally support wireless charging, buying a special back case made for it will make wireless charging for this phone possible. 

Why Make The Switch?

For any technology lover, this question would sound absurd. Wireless chargers are here to change your whole lifestyle. They bring style to your life with ease. Can you imagine an easier way to charge your phone then just having to place it on the charger? As simple as that – you just have to put your phone on the charging pad or stand, and that is it! 

Your phone is going to be all set for you to take it along in the morning. Welcome to a new era! 

Before you go on a tech frenzy and get your hands on this amazingly innovative technology for your smartphone, be sure to check out some of the important factors that we have gathered. These factors are more like a guide for you. By considering them, you will be able to make a well-informed decision. 

Important Considerations 


You would not go and buy a hairpin if you are bald, will you? It is as clear and simple like that. As mentioned earlier, compatibility is probably the first and foremost consideration before you go on and buy yourself a wireless charger. Make sure that your phone supports wireless Qi charging or buy a new phone that does. 

Transmitting Power

Then comes another most essential and unavoidable consideration that is checking the transmitting power. If you compare wireless chargers with the wired ones, you will note that the former is slower. This is the reason why wireless chargers are made to provide 7.5 watts at the very least. Make sure you get the one that has a transmitting power of 7.5 watts or more so that you would not regret making the switch. 

Additionally, the latest Samsung phones are claiming to have up to 15 watts of charging capacity. So, make it a rule to decide according to what the future might hold for you and get the wireless chargers with 10 watts or more transmitting power. 


For buying phones or smartwatches brand name should be one of the top considerations. The most talked-about wireless charger brands that are known to deliver results are Anker, Samsung, Ted Baker, and Belkin. Ensure that your money is well spent on devices that are actually worth their name and price.

Our Top Picks

Note: The list is in no specific order.

Where to Buy
Ted Baker Luxury Real Leather Wireless Charger
Belkin Boost up Wireless Charging Dock (Apple Charging Station for iPhone + Apple Watch)
Samsung Wireless Charger DUO Pad, Fast Charge 2.0 
Twelve South HiRise Wireless | Fast Charging 10W Wireless Vertical Stand
Fuse Chicken Gravity Touch Wireless Charging Base
Belkin Boost up Wireless Charging Stand 10W
Anker Wireless Charger, PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand, Qi-Certified

Ted Baker Luxury Real Leather Wireless Charger

For all the classy people out there, this latest Ted Baker wireless charger is an essential item on this list. Just like your other phone accessories, this beautifully designed wireless charger is an esthetic treat to the eye. The polished aluminum finish on it gives an outclass tint of brushed chocolate. It goes amazingly well with an impeccable interior and sits beautifully on your countertop or nightstand. 

This wireless charger is Qi charging supported and is compatible with the iPhone and most Android devices as well. It worked flawlessly with Nokia 9 PureView and Huawei P30 Pro in addition to iPhone XS Max. The package also includes a Ted Baker carved USB cable along with the charger. For satisfying the esthetic soul in you, you can also get a matching case for your iPhone XS Max or supported phone. 

Belkin Boost up Wireless Charging Dock (Apple Charging Station for iPhone + Apple Watch)

Belkin’s Boost up wireless charger is the most popular amongst all in this list. It is like a one-stop solution to all the charging problems that you ever faced. Having two Qi-standard charging bases, the Belkin’s Boost up wireless charger can charge your Apple smartwatch or iPad along with your iPhone!

It is an ideal accessory that you can easily adjust on your nightstand as it comes with an alarm clock feature as well. With its dim and soft display, it is perfect for nighttime charging without any hassle. It delivers Qi-enabled Apple Watch at 5 watts and iPhones at 7.5 watts. Indeed, an ideal accessory made for your iPhone and Apple smartwatch or iPad/AirPods. 

Samsung Wireless Charger DUO Pad, Fast Charge 2.0 

If the last item made you sad because you wanted the same thing for yourself and you are a Samsung user, fret not. Samsung users can now also have their two phones or one phone along with a smartwatch charged simultaneously. This advanced Qi wireless charger by Samsung provides fast charging without having to get tangled up in wires while connecting two phones. 

This wireless charging pad is an all-time favorite for the tech junkies as it can charge smartwatch along with the Samsung phone. Just place the two devices on the pad and voila! Upon placing your devices on the charging pad, you can shake off any worries about overheating the charger or the devices as it comes equipped with a fan inside that controls the temperature. 

Moreover, if you have both Samsung galaxy phone and iPhone, you can charge both of them on this if they are both Qi-compatible products.  

If you are an avid sleeper who cannot bear any bright light in the room at night, then this is the ultimate solution for you. The little LED indicator featured on this wireless charger would not disturb you at all.

Twelve South HiRise Wireless | Fast Charging 10W Wireless Vertical Stand

If style had a name, it would surely be suitable for this handy wireless charger by Twelve South. This wireless charger has a high rise stand for charging your devices. The stand sits comfortably on a horizontal disc that has anti-slip rubber finish at the bottom. The sleek disc and the high rise charging stand are beautifully coated with chrome finishing, making you want it at any cost. 

How many times have you had difficulty in checking out a message or notification while your phone is on charge? With the high rise wireless charging stand, you will never have to compromise on your comfort. Checking out notifications is seamless with this high rise wireless charger. 

Moreover, if you travel a lot and would like to take your wireless charger with you, you can easily detach the high rise stand and take it with you as a portable wireless charger. One of the best things about this wireless charger by Twelve South is its ease of use. You can plug this charger anywhere – whether it is any USB powered port on your computer or any other outlet or even your phone’s wired charger. 

Fuse Chicken Gravity Touch Wireless Charging Base

This wireless charger looks very comforting for your phone. Appearing as a wooden base, the Fuse Chicken wireless charger is compatible with iPhone as well as android phones supporting Qi-standard wireless charging. It has a rubber finish at the bottom to provide a firm grip so that your device is safe while charging. 

It subtly indicates the charging with a blue LED light flickering near the USB port. It has a mighty transmitting power of 10 watts which speedily charges your phone. Because of the perfect dimensions of this charger, the phones sit perfectly on the disk, implying that you do not have to fiddle to find the right spot for charging. 

Belkin Boost up Wireless Charging Stand 10W

If brand names could define themselves, then the Belkin’s Boost up wireless charger would have defined itself as the king. Whether you are a style-oriented person or not, Belkin’s range of wireless chargers is bound to make you a loyal customer. Delivering up to 10 watts of charging power, the Belkin’s wireless charger stand is compatible with most of the Qi-supporting latest smartphones, including iPhone XS, XS Max, X, XR, 8, 8+, Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note9 and more. 

Looking utterly stylish with black matt finishing, this wireless charger is a must-buy for all the technology enthusiasts out there. It is designed to deliver the fastest charging possible, which is 7.5 watts for iPhone and 9 watts for Samsung phones. This amazing gadget is also backed by a 2-year warranty and Qi Certification. 

Anker Wireless Charger, PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand, Qi-Certified

Yet another name in the industry that can come at par with Belkin or Samsung, the Anker wireless charger claims to take 10 percent less time than the 5W wireless chargers to fully juice up your phone. This wireless charger is unbeatable in versatility. You can charge your phone vertically or horizontally and keep track of your notifications right from your comfy seat. 

The most amazing thing about this wireless charger is that it comes with a built-in program to protect overheating. When you place your phone on this beautiful wireless disc, it does not only recharge your phone but takes away all your worries about having to turn the charging off when your device is fully charged. 

Final Verdict

The world out there is changing – within minutes. If you do not change with time, then you are going to have to make your peace with the old devices and accessories which in some time might go obsolete. Therefore, an endlessly exciting world awaits the ones who wish to update themselves – and wireless charging is clearly the way to such a dream place.

Go through our list and get yourself the one that you find fit according to your requirements and budget.