Best Portable Blenders for Travel and Sports

Are you a smoothie or work out drink enthusiast who needs to make your drink on the go? Or you’re busy with work outs and practices and don’t find enough time to keep up with your nutritional needs?To solve these issues, portable blenders for travel and sports might just be the right solution.

Portable blenders for travel and sports are the bottle-sized blenders with blades and battery powered. You can put the ingredients in the bottle, press the button and within minutes you have your drink ready. You can carry them in your bag while travelling or going to the gym.

Features to Consider When Buying Portable Blenders for Travel and Sports

Some key considerations to keep in mind which picking the right option for you:

Size and Weight of Bottles

Almost all portable blenders come with travel and sports bottles. But you need to see if the size is large enough for the drink your mixing and the weight of the bottle won’t be a problem while carrying it around.

Blades and Motor Power

Portable blenders are less powerful than the standard blenders. In general, most options on the market have similar motor capabilities. There are different options for blades including type of material and if removable for cleaning.


Always choose products with BPA free plastic so that you never compromise on your health. Plus, blenders coming with the dishwasher-safe feature are always preferred.

Best Portable Blenders for Travel and Sports

With those considerations in mind here are some great options for your consideration.

Where to Buy
Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend
Keemo Personal Professional Nutri Blender
Supkitdin Portable Blender, Personal Mixer Fruit Rechargeable with USB
Housemile Personal Blender with Travel Lid and Two Travel Sports Bottle
Comfee 250W Personal Blender
Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Silver
PROMIXX 2.0 Stylish Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle
Portable Blender, Smoothie Juicer Cup – Six Blades in 3D by BILEYCHA

1. Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend

Oster My Blend offers one-touch blending using its 400 watts power with 250 blending watts. It is made up of BPA free durable plastic and strong enough to stand the wear and tear of travelling around with you. It is portable and offers 20 ounce serving sizes for one individual with its 6″ length. In case it overheats, it has a built-in resettable fuse which protects the blender and takes 15 minutes to revive the motor. You can put your favorite ingredients or follow the recipes in the Oster My Blend manual. Additionally, its dishwasher safe, have stainless steel blades and can fit most car cup holders.
Pros :

  • Easy to use and dishwasher-safe
  • Compact dimension
  • Portable with its sip-lid
  • Crushes everything
  • Can be used as a water bottle

Cons :

  • When overfilled, it can damage the rubber and the base
  • It might leave few food portions unblended if you don’t cut the vegetables to manageable size
  • Have no on/off button but one-touch system

Best for: Its best for students, travelers and gym enthusiasts who want to serve themselves with nutritional drinks on the go.

2. Keemo Personal Professional Nutri Blender

Kemo Personal Professional Nutri Blender has 20-ounce capacity, 300 watts blending power, compact size and durable BPA free.
Its one-push action saves your time and effort and you can prepare your favorite smoothies, protein shakes andother drinkswithin a few minutes. This blender for travel and sports offers the 1-year quality warranty.

Pros :

  • Easy to use and wash
  • Perfect single individual capacity
  • BPA free plastic
  • Stainless steel blades

Cons :

  • Base is not dishwasher safe
  • Doesn’t work for solid food items

Best for: The Keemo personal professional nutria blender is best for workers, students, travelers and sports people who want the in-a-minute solution for their nutritious intake.

3. Supkitdin Portable Blender, Personal Mixer Fruit Rechargeable with USB

This portable blender was designed with 6 PCS 304 stainless steel blades and a strong power system. It was built with a powerful copper motor and is really quick in making vegetables and fruits into smoothies in just 1 minute. This juicer includes 2000mAh rechargeable, high-quality batteries that can be recharged in various ways, such as charging by power bank, AC Adapter, and computer. This juicer’s charging time is 3-5 hours and can produce 15-20 cups of juice when fully-charged. The Supkitdin Portable Blender is perfect for making nutritious smoothies, juice blends, mix fruits and vegetables, coffee, milk powder, protein shake, and supplementary foods for babies. It can be used as a common bottle as well.

Pros :

  • One-touch action
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be charged with power bank, computer or any device through its USB port
  • Is not noisy

Cons :

  • You can’t easily take the blade off, and its bottom part is hard to clean

Best for: Generally, it is best for everyone, but for people who don’t have time to blend at home, they can take Supkitdin Portable Blender with them fully charged for making their smoothies wherever they want.

4. Housemile Personal Blender with Travel Lid and Two Travel Sports Bottle

The Housmine personal blender meets both in-house and travel requirements with its modern design and technology. This single-serving blender for travel and sports works with a single touch and executes the grinding, blending, mixing and mincing within minutes. The BPA free and dishwasher-safe personal blender package comes with an electrical blender, base with two sets of blades, 2 bottles, 2 travel lids and one grinding cup. Its 300 watts motor facilitates the perfect and silky blending of fruits, vegetables, ice cubes and other food items. Its small dimension occupies a little space on your counter and you can carry the bottles in your bag.

Pros :

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with multiple bottles and cups
  • Can grind frozen food items

Cons :

  • Can’t work consistently for more than 2 minutes
  • No on/off switch

Best for: Housemile personal blender is best for those who want the all-in-one solution for their house and travel needs.

5. Comfee 250W Personal Blender

Comfee personal blender for travel and sports comes with 20 ounces capacity and BPA-free cups. Its 250 watts power and 20,000rotations/min can serve you with evenly blended smoothies, juices, shakes and other drinks. Its machinery offers you a full control over the process with on-off button and you can carry the bottles anywhere by changing the regular blender lid to travel-lid. Its SUS301 blades are detachable and all parts are dishwasher-safe.
Last but not the least; it comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Pros :

  • Portable
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Powerful
  • Compact design that occupies little space on your counter

Cons :

  • Only works for regular drinks with soft or finely cut food items such as fruits
  • Large ice cubes and frozen berries are not an option

Best for: This blender for travel and sports is best for those who can spare some time to cut fruits and vegetables and can wait few seconds between blending.

6. Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Silver

This blender for travel and sports offers you regular 24 oz or small 18 oz drinks with complete nutrient and vitamin extractions. It’s pro stainless steel blades crush ice, seeds, fruits and vegetables finely and come with a portable cup and sip lid.

Pros :

  • 900 watts power
  • Portable cup with the 24oz capacity
  • Light Weight
  • Works with ice and frozen barriers

Cons :

  • Overfilling can damage its parts quickly

Best for: It best for those who want the long lasting blending partner for travel and sports.

7. PROMIXX 2.0 Stylish Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

Promixxer efficiently blends and mixes ingredients of your shakes and smoothies. It’s lightweight and quiet. Coming with the rechargeable battery and portability it can offer you smooth and silky drinks anywhere you want. Its parts are dishwasher safe and it takes only seconds to make a drink. It’s durable and aesthetic stainless steel blades enhance its functionality.

Pros :

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Portable and BPA free texture
  • Light Weight

Cons :

  • Doesn’t work with large ice cubes and frozen fruits

Best for: Its best for people who need regular soft blending while travelling or hanging out.

8. Portable Blender, Smoothie Juicer Cup – Six Blades in 3D by BILEYCHA

This high-end cordless travel blender is guaranteed safe as it is made of food-grade PP & ABS material, BPA-free, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Aside from blending all kinds of vegetables and fruits, the Portable Blender, Smoothie Juicer Cup – Six Blades in 3D by BILEYCHA is also perfect for making delicious milk shakes and even baby foods. This blender takes pride in its six powerful and durable 304-grade stainless blades and a 3.7V motor powered by a 2000mAh battery. When fully charged, this blender can produce 10-12 cups of your favorite smoothies.

Using this blender is a no-brainer since it employs a single- button operation system, and cleaning this blender is so easy as well with its automatic cleaning feature that only requires one cup of water.

Pros :

  • Rechargeable and portable
  • 380 ml capacity
  • 304 stainless steel blades

Cons :

  • Doesn’t work consistently


For those who take long trips and can’t plug the blender anywhere, the Bptops portable blender is the best fit with its rechargeable battery. While for those who want blenders only for their outside activities such as classes, short distance travel and sports training the Oster and Keemo blenders are two solid options. However, those who want both at-home and out-of-home solutions, the Housemile, Comfee, FUNBOT and PROMIXX personal blenders are strong options to consider.