Best Gardening Gifts for Die Hard Gardeners

Gardening is one of those good hobbies that can ease the stresses of daily life and provide a colorful identity to homes. If you know someone with a green thumb and want to gift him/her the best gardening gift, then you are in the right place. In this article, we have gathered the best gardening gifts for die heart gardeners who will surely love them. Let’s check them out:

Note: These gifts are in no particular order, and all of them belong to different categories related to gardening.

Where to Buy
Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, 8 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa
AeroGarden Ultra LED - Black
Mkono 2 Pack Glass Hanging Planter Air Plant Terrarium Home Decorations for Succulent Candles, Globe and Teardrop
Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Working Gloves for Women and Men. Ultimate Barehand Sensitivity Work Glove for Gardening, Fishing, Clamming, Restoration Work & More. S, M, L, XL, XXL (1 Pack M)
Carrot Design Cape Cod Weeder Hand Garden Weeding Tool - Stainless Steel
Haws Spray-N-Sprinkle Gift Box Set with Dark Blue Watering Can and Nickel Mister
Nature's Blossom Exotic Vegetables Growing Kit. 4 Unique Plants To Grow From Seed. Beginner Gardeners Starter Set To Start Your Own Unusual Home Veg Garden. Gardening Project For Kids and Adults
Survival Garden 15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety Pack by Open Seed Vault
Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse Raised Flower Planter Protection (35.4"X31.3"X23.0")
Palram HG5508PH Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse, 6' x 8', Silver, Plant Hangers Included
WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow/Yard Cart/Dolly, 18" x 12" x 42", Orange, Black, and Silver
Greenes Fence 2 Ft. X 8 Ft. X 10.5 In Raised Garden Kit, Cedar
Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter, Black
Excalibur 3900B 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator with Adjustable Thermostat Accurate Temperature Control Faster and Efficient Drying Includes Guide to Dehydration Made in USA, 9-Tray, Black


Garden-Opoly Board Game

If your loved one loves gardening and board games, you can gift them Garden-Opoly. This game is a good way to spend time with friends and family. It is similar to the monopoly game, but everything in it is about plants and flowers. Just like the monopoly game, the player can buy different elements and trade them for greenhouses, unlike real estate (in monopoly game). Two to six players can play this game, and to make it as competitive as monopoly, the player can add an aphid infestation in someone’s greenhouse.

Another best thing about this game is that you can find interesting information for each plant on every card.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Gift this Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller to someone who is a die heart fan of gardening and smart devices or technology. This smart controller will help them have more control over their sprinkler system, conserving more water. This device can virtually replace any existing central command center, and connect to the Rachio mobile app, allowing on-the-go control of this timer.

The user can even sync the system to weather forecast, making it easy for the sprinkler system to be active according to the weather. The manufacturer guarantees up to 50% reduction in your water bills if you use this sprinkler controller in your lawn. The best thing about it is that anyone can install it in their garden, without the help of any special tools or expertise. For more convenience, you can link this up with smart-home platforms, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

AeroGarden Ultra LED

Aerogarden is a smart countertop garden that can help your loved one grow fresh herbs, veggies, salad greens, and flowers year around. They can grow up to 7 plants at a time, but one thing to remember is that these plants will grow in water, not soil. For maximizing photosynthesis, growth, and abundant harvests, there is a high performance, full spectrum 30watt LED lighting system over the countertop garden.

For more convenience, its interactive LCD screen control panel tells you when the plants need water, automatically turns lights on and off, and reminds you to add patented nutrients (included) when required. Not just this, but the panel also provides you with timely tips and on-screen help functions. Not to mention the seven pod gourmet seed kit that comes with the package, which includes Genovese Basil, Thai Basil, Thyme, Mint, Curly Parsley, Chives and Dill and 3oz patented nutrients.

Mkono 2 Pack Glass Hanging Planter Air Plant 

You can’t take your lawn wherever you go, but with this air plant, your die heart gardener friend can grow plants, flowers, and salad greens at home and office. To make this gift look more attractive, you can decorate it with seashells, moss, or other accessories according to your creative imaginations. It has a flat bottom for tabletop and top loop so the receiver can hang it with rope.

The package includes one Teadrop terrarium, one globe terrarium, and jute robe for hanging. The size of Teadrop-shaped terrarium is 7.5″H×3.5″W, and Globe-shaped terrarium is 4″in diameter. The material used is High boron silicon heat-resistant glass.

Bamboo Work and Gardening Gloves

If your friend or family member loves gardening and you care for them, then this bamboo working gloves by Pine Tree Tools can be an excellent gift for them. They are breathable and will keep your loved one’s hands warm in winter and cool in summer. These gloves are best even if their chores require finger sensitivity because they will fit in their hands like a second skin. They won’t even need to remove the gloves for texting or browsing anything on their phone.

These gardening gloves are available in four different sizes to choose from; you can get the right one according to the person you want to gift them to.

Carrot Design Cape Cod Weeder

This Cape Cod Weeder by Carrot Design is a hand garden weeding tool that is so versatile and an all-time favorite choice for gardeners due to being useful around the garden. It comes in handy from weeding in a vegetable garden to clearing the cracks around the sidewalk.

This weeder tool is 14 inches long and will definitely be admired by your loved one who loves gardening.

Haws Spray-N-Sprinkle Gift Box Set

Classic gardening lovers will love this Spray-N-Sprinkle gift box set because of its classic green watering can be paired with a brass mister. This set is a great choice for watering and hydrating indoor plants, especially orchids, African violets, and seedlings. The mister that is paired with the can is nickel plated for enhanced, long-term performance.

The best thing about this set is that it comes gift boxed, which means you don’t need to pack before giving it to your loved one.

Exotic Vegetables Growing Kit

If your loved one loves growing vegetables instead of flowers, then this exotic vegetables growing kit makes a perfect gift for them. The kit includes five different exotic vegetables, including black corn, purple carrots, rainbow Swiss chards, Romanesco broccoli, and yellow cucumbers.

The package also includes a detailed gardening guide, biodegradable potting plants, potting soil discs, biodegradable potting plants, and plant labels. The supplier claims to have the highest germination rates in their seeds, which is sourced from farmers of the USA. The person you are gifting this growing seeds can grow them both indoors and outdoors.

Survival Garden 15,000 Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

These vegetable seeds by Open Seed Vault includes 32 varieties of all-natural vegetable seeds that are non-hybrid, no GMO, heirloom. This kit includes these vegetables (and more): Tomato, cucumber, corn, radish, radish, broccoli, carrot, onion, lettuce, pepper, and lettuce are some of the seeds that come in the pack.

Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame

This wooden cold frame by Giantex is amazing for growing food in the fall and winter in a space that is relatively small, or keeping your seedlings warm and protected outdoors. If you know someone who is a fan of gardening and want to push their season or start their own seedlings outdoors while it is freezing, this portable frame makes a fantastic gift.

The best thing about this frame is that it can be set up in no time and no tools are required – good for people who are gardening lovers, but not DIY-ers.

Palram HG5508PH Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse

If you are not on a tight budget and want to send a gift to a person who is a serious gardener, then consider getting a hobby greenhouse – they will never forget it. With a hybrid hobby greenhouse, such as Palram HG5508PH on hand, your friend or family member can do several things, such as start their seasonal seedlings months ahead of time or grow different types of plants that are otherwise difficult to grow in their climate zone. This hobby greenhouse is virtually unbreakable as its construction includes 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels that also work great in blocking up to 99.9% of UV rays and diffusing sunlight.

It has 48 square feet of growing space that is more than enough for home gardening. For more convenience of the user, the package includes an adjustable roof vent, plant hangers, lockable door handle with magnetic door catch, rain gutters, and a galvanized steel base for enhanced structural support.

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 All-Purpose Wheelbarrow/Yard Cart/Dolly

If you think that gifting a wheelbarrow sounds weird, then you should ask about its importance from a gardener. This one is a versatile choice as it can be instantly and easily converted from wheelbarrow to a dolly and more. It features a patented design that adjusts the center of gravity so the wheelbarrow can remain balanced and be easily carried.

The package also includes a flower pot strap, cylinder holder, bag holder and a mesh rock mover.

Cedar Raised Bed Kit

If your loved one is just getting started as a gardener, then this Cedar Raised Bed Kit makes a fantastic gift for him/her. Wondering why would this be a good option for a gift? A person who is just a beginner gardener finds it difficult to make a well-constructed cedar raised bed from scratch, especially if he doesn’t have a truck to haul the lumber or a store nearby to get cedar lumber, but with this gardening gift, they won’t have to do all this hard work.

This bed kit’s dimensions are 2 x 8 x 10.5 inches.

Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter

If you know anything about fertilizing the soil or organic gardening, then you might also be familiar with the importance of worms for gardening. The best way to tap into all the goodness that worms have to offer is by converting your food scraps to worm castings. For this purpose, this worm composter makes a great gift for a gardener. This can improve the soil and plant health, ultimately making your loved one happy.

This worm factory has a standard 4-tray size that can be expanded up to 8 trays, depending on the requirements of the garden. For more convenience, the worm factory also features built-in worm tea collector tray and spigot for convenient draining.

Excalibur 3900B 9-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator

If your loved one grows hundreds or thousands of pounds of food in their yard throughout the year, this Excalibur dehydrator makes an excellent gift. To use that harvested food throughout the year without ruining them, canning and dehydrating is essential. For example, sun-dried tomatoes, fruit leather, smoked pepper powder, etc.

To make canning and dehydrating possible at home, you can gift this 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator to your friend or family member. The product is backed up by a 10-year limited warranty, and it also features a 7-inch fan for better air circulation.

Where to Buy
Corona BP 3180D Forged Classic Bypass Pruner with 1 Inch Cutting Capacity, Size 1
Corona AL 8482 High-Performance Orchard Lopper, 36-Inch
Corona FL 3450 Compound Action Anvil Lopper with Extendable Handles, 1-1/2" Cut, 21" to 33" Length
Corona AC8300 Sharpening Tool
Corona RazorTOOTH Saw, 14 Inch Pruning Saw, RS 7395
Fiskars Softouch Garden Tool 3 Piece Set, 70676935J
Forged Adze with Fiberglass Handle
Adam's Headwear EXTREME CONDITION HAT - UPF 45+ - 6 Colors
La Crosse 705-109 Waterfall Rain Gauge
Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set - Gardening Tools with Garden Gloves and Garden Tote - Gardening Gifts Tool Set with Garden Trowel Pruners and More - Vegetable Herb Garden Hand Tools with Storage Tote
Hori Hori Multi-use Japanese Garden and Camping Knife/Digging Tool–(A Gardeners Dream) Thick Sharp Stainless Steel Blade - Heavy Riveted Leather Sheath - Whetstone Sharpening Stone
SOMMERLAND Vertical Garden Planting Cylinder Display System for Succulent Cactus and Small Plants, Metal Base
TAKE ME Solar Lantern Lights Outdoor,Garden Hanging Lights Metal Leaf Pattern Lights Lamp for Patio,Outside or Table (Leaf.)


Quality Garden Tools

There are basic garden tools, and then there are quality garden tools that are used by professional gardeners. If your loved one is serious about gardening and you want to gift them something that will make them happy and help them become a pro gardener, then you can gift them these high-quality garden tools:

1. Corona BP 3180D Forged Classic Bypass Pruner

Top Features:

  1. Provides smooth cutting up to a 1-inch diameter
  2. Heat-treated, forged steel alloy construction blades
  3. Provides close and clean cuts
  4. Equipped with a wire-cutting notch for enhanced safety while using

2. Corona AL 8482 High-Performance Orchard Lopper

Top Features:

  • Equipped with high-strength, elliptical 36-inch aluminum handles
  • Features new and improved locking nut that eliminates nut-retaining clip
  • Specially designed blades for reducing the force required to cut
  • Lasts and holds a sharp edge longer
  • Can easily be re-sharpened

3. Corona FL 3450 Compound Action Anvil Lopper

Top Features:

  • Features a fully heat-treated cutting head
  • Has a cutting capacity of 1-1/2-inch diameter
  • Equipped with strong fiberglass handles that can be extended from 21 inches to 33 inches

4. Corona AC8300 Sharpening Tool

Top Features:

  • An excellent choice to sharpen all type of straight blades
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Features a 5-inch super carbide file
  • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty

5. Corona RazorTOOTH Saw

Top Features:

  • Has 3-sided razor teeth for enhanced cutting experience
  • The blade is 14 inches long
  • Produces less friction
  • Replaceable blade
  • Ergonomically designed handle

6. Fiskars Softouch Garden Tool 3 Piece Set

Top Features:

  • A versatile tool that can be used for digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting and more
  • Features curved heads and forked tines
  • Has cast-aluminum heads that can easily resist rust for an extended period
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Some More Gardening Gifts Ideas

Forged Adze with Fiberglass Handle

Top Features:

  • High-quality drop-forged head
  • 14 inches of length
  • A great choice for weeding, grubbing, digging, and cultivating job for gardening
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Equipped with a weather-resistant Fiberglass Handle

Adam’s Headwear Extreme Condition Hat

Top Features:

  • Made from UPF 50+ Protective Fabric
  • An excellent choice for protecting your loved one’s neck and ears
  • Has elastic cords that can be attached to the shirt, so the hat doesn’t get lost

La Crosse 705-109 Waterfall Rain Gauge

Top Features:

  • An excellent gadget for measuring backyard rainfall
  • The frame is made of plastic
  • Measures up to 6 inches of rain
  • Can be mounted on a deck, fence rail or top of the stake

Vremi 9 Piece Garden Tools Set

Top Features:

  • Includes nine pieces – a trowel shovel, rake hoe, weeder, spade, cultivator, pruning shears, watering spray bottle, and a pair of protective gloves.
  • Features comfort grip handles that are also rust-resistant
  • Comes with a heavy-duty tool organizer bag
  • The water bottle it includes is BPA-free
  • Makes a perfect gift for both men and women gardeners

Hori Hori Multi-use Japanese Garden and Camping Knife

Top Features:

  • A versatile knife that can do digging, weeding, transplanting, root cutting, dividing, furrowing, sawing, and prying
  • Heavy-duty blade
  • Concave design for digging
  • Two-sided blade – the first side is serrated for cutting root and small branches, weeding, scaling fish etc., and the other side is straight and sharp for cutting vines, cord, dividing perennials and general cutting.
  • The handle is made from African Rosewood
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee

Vertical Garden Planting System

Top Features:

  • A beautiful design to display succulent or small plants
  • Features premium surface treated planting cylinders
  • Vertically shaped for utilizing limited space
  • An excellent choice for art-loving gardeners

TAKE ME Solar Lantern Lights Outdoor

Top Features:

  • Solar-powered
  • Batteries are included in the package
  • Automatically turns on at dusk
  • Provides 7 lumens of warm white light
  • Eco-friendly and durable
  • Makes an excellent choice for decoration of garden, table, balcony or outdoor

Final Verdict

Gardening is an amazing hobby that doesn’t just soothe your mind but also provides you with productive results after hard work. If you have someone in your family or a friend who is a die heart gardener, you can gift them the gifts mentioned above. All these gifts are best and belong to different categories. Even if you don’t know a thing about gardening, you can choose one or more best gardening product(s) from the list above and gift them your loved one.