Best Garage Floor Tiles and Mats

Its easy to recognize the importance of flooring for garages. It undergoes high pressure due to heavy vehicle movements frequently. The floor of your garage can get stained easily, making your garage look unattractive. Although there are a lot of options available when it comes to garage floor tiles and mats, not all of them are suitable for your garage.

In this article, we have put together a guide related to the best garage floor mats and tiles that will transform your garage into a functioning workspace. Plus, with quality garage mats, you will be protecting yourself and your family members from any potential slippages.

Types of Garage Floor Mats

1. Interlocking Polymer Tiles

As the name suggests, these types of garage floor mats are available in the form of jigsaw puzzle pieces that you can install over any surface, regardless of the shape of your garage. The polymer material that these mats are made of can resist wear and tear for many years. Not to mention the comfortable underfoot that these mats provide, along with a reduction in noise and dust in your garage.

2. PVC (Vinyl) Roll Out Flooring Mats

This type of flooring is easy to maintain, sustainable, and affordable. With these mats installed on your garage floor, you won’t have to clean any mud or snow off of your floor ever again.

Things to Look For When Buying a Garage Floor Mat

Easy Cut-up

If your garage has some weird corners and isn’t squarely shaped, then you want a floor mat that can easily be cut up in the desired shape. In this case, rolled vinyl floor mats are the winner here.


There is no point of buying a heavy-duty mat if you are always on the move and will be relocating soon. If you move a lot, we recommend you to purchase interlocking polymer tiles that are not just incredibly lightweight but easy to take apart and install as well.


If you are on a tight budget, we recommend going for cali bamboo vinyl. However, if you are willing to invest more on your garage floor, then epoxy floor coverings and garage floor tiles can be a great option to opt for.

Advantages of Using Garage Floor Mats

  • Keeps your floor safe
  • Keeps you safe from slipping on spills
  • Absorbs sound waves – you don’t have to listen to that annoying hollow echoing around your garage due to accidentally dropping tools on the floor
  • Hides marks on garage floors
  • Makes your garage look aesthetically appealing
Where to Buy
ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat, EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, Protective Flooring for Gym Equipment and Cushion for Workouts
Shield Family Floor Protector - Garage Mat - Floor Mat - Keep your floors clean! Size: 5ft by 8ft
ESP 1AMGPL Airmatrix Polypropylene Heavy Weight Maintenance Universal Absorbent Laminated Pad, 18" Length x 16" Width, Gray (100 Per Bale)
Drymate Charcoal AASMVC88100 Armor All Small Vehicle Mat-8'4" x 7'4", Gray
Pro Lift C-5006 Foldable EVA Mat - Anti Fatigue EVA Foam Sheet (6 fold) - Great for Garage, Picnicking, Gardening, Camping and Outdoor Activities, Black/Red
Drymate OSM2936C Black 29" x 36" Spill, Premium Absorbent Mat – Reusable – Oil Pad Contains Liquids, Protects Garage Floor Surface
AutoFloorGuard AFG7916 Black 7'9" x 16' AFG Compact Size Containment mat
Performance Tool W88989 24" X 24" Protective Diamond Shape Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Floor Mat (24 Square Feet)
IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls Coin & Diamond Roll Out Utiliy Floor Mats


Best Garage Mats

ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Garage Floor Mat

ProsourceFit garage floor mat is designed for strength and resistance training, which makes it a great choice to give the floor the protection it needs from adverse slipping. This mat is constructed from high-density EVA foam yet doesn’t contain any toxic phthalates. The feature that the users love the most is its water-resistant and non-skid surface that prevents slippage. An excellent choice for a sturdy mat under the vehicle when you are changing petrol or using weights.

It can cover a total 24-sqft of area, plus the best thing about this jigsaw mat is that its multiple pieces can be fitted together, providing you with a custom fit according to the shape of your garage. On the other hand, if you need wall-to-wall installation, then this foam mat is extremely easy to cut for reinstallation.

Shield Family Floor Protector

This garage floor mat by Club Clean may look simplistic; the high-quality construction of this model makes it one of the best mats on the market. The mat is specifically designed for small to large vehicles, and it protects your garage floor from inevitable dirt and grime. It consists of two tiers: the top one’s a microfiber layer for maximum absorption while the lower layer traps harmful liquids such as gasses, gasoline, coolant and battery acid.

It is the best way to protect your garage floor from going sideways due to garage works. It comes in a fixed size (5ft by 8ft), but you can cut it to any size that suits your needs. On top of everything, the manufacturer is also offering a three-year limited warranty.

ESP 1AMGPL Airmatrix Polypropylene Laminated Pad

Need a durable laminated garage mat in an affordable price? Look no more. You can bulk-buy these amazing polypropylene pads for such an incredible price. They are designed to be fire-retardant and minimize slippage. You can easily mop away any unwanted spillages without any problem. What we absolutely love about these pads by ESP is that they are made from 85% recycled polypropylene (eco-friendly).

If you are conscious about saving your planet and your garage floor, then purchasing these ESP 1AMGPL Airmatrix Polypropylene Laminated Pads is the way to go.

Drymate Charcoal AASMVC88100 Armor Garage Floor Mat

Available in five different sizes to choose from, the Drymate Charcoal AASMVC88100 Armor Garage Floor Mat has the power to transform your garage in an excellent way. Don’t worry if any type of liquid spills on your floor, if you have this mat installed, you are on the safe side because it can absorb five times its weight in water.

Plus, you don’t need to bang your head against the wall while cleaning the floor after a hectic garage session because you can power wash or hose off this amazing floor mat easily to keep it in brand new condition. It is an excellent choice for people who are serious about their work in the garage.

Regardless of your garage floor’s unique shape, the mat has an easy-to-cut material for fitting unusual corners perfectly.

Pro Lift C-5006 Foldable EVA Mat

If portability is your concern when buying the best garage mat, then Pro Lift’s Foldable EVA mat is the best option for you. It can collapse into 6-fold, so you can also work outside on summer days. Unlike other garage mats, you can move this mat from its built-in handle. The material used in its construction is highly durable EVA foam that is equipped with thick cushioning for added comfort.

The best thing about it is the versatility it offers – you aren’t confined to just your garage with this mat but can also use in several ingenious ways, such as a portable gardening seat and a sunbathing mat. It weighs only 1.63 pounds.

Drymate OSM2936C Garage Oil Spill Mat

Yes, this garage floor mat by Drymate might not be the prettiest but will work great in protecting your floor from costly stains. Its bottom layer has a non-slip backing that can keep the oil mat in place no matter how much weight you put on it. Plus, it features a waterproof layer that can trap harmful liquids, so your floor remains safe and sound.

The construction materials of this mat are fibers (over 50% are recycled, making it an eco-friendly choice) as well as phthalate. If you are looking for a budget-friendly, simplistic mat that isn’t much fancy but can do the job right, then Drymate OSM2936C Garage Oil Spill Mat is an excellent option to consider.

Some more garage floor mats:

AutoFloorGuard AFG7916  Containment mat

Top features:

  • Available in three sizes
  • Compact size
  • Made from commercial-grade polyester scrim fabric that doesn’t let wrinkles cramp its style
  • Meticulously designed secure corners
  • Comes with a complimentary 22-inch squeegee head for optimal cleaning
  • Easy installation – all you need to do is roll it out, and you are good to go
  • Easy clean-up

Performance Tool W88989 Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Floor Mat

Top features:

  • Available in four sizes: 12 square feet (interlocking mat), 12 square feet (roll), 24 square feet (interlocking mat), and 30 square feet (roll)
  • Can be cut or constructed into any shape according to your needs
  • Lightweight and water-resistant
  • For extended coverage, you can connect multiple packs
  • Easy to clean

IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls

Top features:

  • Made from 100% premium grade polyvinyl
  • Available in six different colors and various sizes
  • Easy to cut material – can even cover the most awkward corners of your garage
  • 5mm commercial-grade thickness for added comfort and durability
  • Heavy construction keeps the mat in place
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Weighs only 0.87 lbs. per square feet
Where to Buy
RaceDeck Free-Flow Open Rib Design, Durable Interlocking Modular Garage Flooring Tile (48 Pack), Graphite
Speedway 789453B-50 Diamond Garage Floor 6 Lock Diamond Tile 50 Pack, Black
BlockTile B2US4630 Deck and Patio Flooring Interlocking Tiles Perforated Pack, Gray, 30-Pack
IncStores Coin Nitro Garage Tiles 12"x12" Interlocking Garage Flooring (Graphite - 52-12"x12" Tiles)


Best Garage Floor Tiles:

RaceDeck Modular Garage Flooring Tiles

Want to transform your garage into a showroom? RaceDeck is probably the best option available on the market for garage flooring tiles. These garage flooring tiles are made of a high-impact copolymer material and are available in packs of 12, 24, or 48 tiles. They are non-toxic and extremely durable. The most common issues that you face with your garage floor are stains, color fading, and clean-up – all these issues can be handled quite well by installingthe RaceDeck Modular Garage Tiles over your existing garage floor.

These interlocking tiles are designed to be elevated slightly from the floor once assembled, which leaves a considerable space for maximum drainage and aeration. The people who have installed these tiles found them easy-to-remove when opting for a new design. Another best thing about these tiles is that they are available in ten different colors to choose from according to the look you want to give to your garage.

Speedway 789453B-50 Diamond Tiles

Top features:

  • Available in 11 different colors
  • Easy to clean and will last for many years due to their construction material (high-impact polymer)
  • Interlocking design
  • Six tabs per side make these tiles harder to slide or separate
  • A sturdy diamond-textured floor that can be used for garages to basements to small aircraft hangars
  • Leaves a considerable space on the floor when installed, for maximum drainage and aeration
  • Resistant to the most household or automotive chemicals
  • Easy to install and clean

Note: The things that we don’t like about these tiles are the noise they produce and their inflexibility – they will not work if your garage floor is not perfectly level.

BlockTile B2US4630 Perforated Tiles

Top features:

  • Available in three colors
  • Comes in a pack of 30 tiles
  • Provides 30 square feet of ½ inch thick high-impact polypropylene
  • Durable enough to bear the weight of an SUV
  • Features two-toned pattern for aesthetic looks
  • Resistant to stains and fading
  • Has a non-slip upper surface and grid structure underneath for better aeration and drainage
  • Offers easy assembly

Note: The only thing about these tiles that bothers many users is the material used. Hard plastic is undoubtedly sturdy, but it can be a little rough on bare feet. However, this is a problem for only those who work in their garage bare feet.

IncStores Coin Nitro Garage Tiles

Top features:

  • Available in 26 colors and two sizes
  • Made of high-quality, impact-resistant polypropylene
  • Less likely to fade or stain
  • Can bear heavy loads and most household chemicals
  • Leaves a considerable space on the floor when installed, for maximum drainage and aeration
  • Backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Compatible with other brands, making it easy for you to patch them with an existing tile floor
  • Has a thickness of 3/8-inch
  • Weighs 0.62 lbs. per tile

Note: These tiles can get a little loud when walked on, plus they cannot hold up well under the weight of car jacks. However, you can easily lift out the tiles to expose the bare concrete when using a jack.

Other Garage Flooring Options:

So, now you know about some of the best garage floor mats and tiles to start with. Here are some other flooring options that are considered best for the garage by many users:

  • Polished Concrete Flooring 

A polished concrete floor with an 1800 grit polish

Want the best flooring for your garage? Go for polished concrete flooring without thinking twice because it is hard and resilient. Concrete flooring performs great under high pressure without any wear and tear. Also, it is affordable and readily available to people with low budgets. On top of everything, polished concrete flooring looks graceful and elegant that compliments the entire ambiance of your garage.

Additionally, polished concrete is stain-resistant and easy to clean, making it the best option for garage flooring.

  • Epoxy Flooring 

Epoxy flooring is a robust and long-lasting coating that can easily be used over your existing flooring. It can be used over concrete floors, stone floors, or any floor to increase its durability and perform. The best thing about epoxy flooring is that it is available in many attractive colors to choose from according to your garage. However, before installing epoxy flooring, make sure that your existing floors are resistant to moisture, and there is no dampness.

  • Rubber Tile Flooring 

This type of flooring is available in the form of flexible tiles and mats. If you are a DIYer, you can easily install it without any professional help. Rubber tile flooring is flexible and comes in beautiful interlocking patterns, providing enhanced strength and stability to your garage floors. Rubber floor tiles are available in commonly two dimensions; 12 x 12 inches or 24 x 24 inches.

The benefit of this type of flooring is that it requires less maintenance and can be cleaned conveniently. Also, it can withstand any climate conditions without any wear and tear.

  • Vinyl Flooring 

If you have a low traffic garage that doesn’t have to face heavy pressure, then you can opt for enhanced urethane-coated vinyl tile flooring. This type of flooring is also flexible and comfortable. If you like giving your garage a unique look, you can opt for multiple color shades and vinyl composite tile flooring. This flooring requires very little maintenance, and you can clean it with the cleaning agents available at your home.

  • Stone Flooring 

Stone flooring, including graphite, sandstone, and flagstone, is an excellent choice for garages, but a bit on the expensive side. Stone flooring remains extremely cold in winter, so you should consider your total budget and local climatic conditions before installing it in your garage. On top of everything, stone flooring is extremely tough and resilient, and you can get it in eye-catching designs and pleasant colors.

Final Verdict

We have recommended different options for your garage flooring along with their advantages and disadvantages; now, it depends on you to choose the type of flooring/tiles/mats that satisfy your needs. To cover the existing floor of your garage, you can either use garage floor tiles or floor mats. However, for a complete replacement of the floor, you can consider the other flooring options we have mentioned above.