Best Fantasy Books For Adults


    Are you looking for a new adult fantasy book to add to your collection?

    We have gathered some fantasy books, ranging from wizards and werewolves to strange underworld happenings. Some take place in weird and fantastic places, while others begin in our backyard!

    However, before you proceed to the list of new adult fantasy books, have a look at some of the elements of fantasy literature to help you pick the perfect adult fantasy book.

    Essential Elements To Look At Before Buying a Fantasy Literature!


     1. The Magic System

    It is the main element that distinguishes fantasy fiction from other genres. In a nutshell, a magic system refers to things that happen or exist in the story but cannot occur in real life.

    It had fantastical creatures hold supernatural talents, elements of magic, witchcraft, and enchantment.


    2. A Well-developed Setting

    It is yet another crucial component of fantasy storytelling. The narrative takes place in an entirely different universe when you read in this genre. Even if your fantasy is about Earth, it isn’t the Earth we are familiar with.

    You must thoroughly and thoughtfully choose a book to have the perfect environment.


    3. A Cast of Complex Characters

    In fantasy literature, it is the characters that get readers immersed in the plot.

    The backdrop, plot, and magic system may entice and fascinate readers, but none of this matter if they are uninterested in the characters and their results. So pick a book which characters fascinate you!


    4. A Central Conflict

    Conflict is at the heart of every excellent story. It is especially true in fantasy fiction, where the stakes for the characters are generally immense, and the tale usually spans numerous novels in a series.

    You should look at and explore a few different types of central conflicts in the story.

                                                    Types of Central Conflicts
    Inner conflict your characters have encountered
    Small-scale conflict between your characters’ experiences
    Large-scale conflict,  in which your characters get pitted against a formidable foe.

    While each of these conflicts is significant, the fantasy novel must have one from the types of central conflicts.

    5. A Power Structure

    There must be a well-established power structure in every fantasy world. It refers to a global governance system. The only exception is if they created a universe in which the system is a complete mess. However, this would result in chaos, which would be impossible to mold into a meaningful plot. So it’s better to avoid such books.

    If you’re seeking a fantasy book series for adults with many books, look no further!

    Best Fantasy Books For Adults

    1. Who Fears Death (2018)

    Who Fears Death (2018)

    Written by: Nnedi Okorafor

    Nnedi Okorafor’s award-winning science-fiction and fantasy novel Who Fears Death exists set in Sudan! It is about the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. There is genocide and misery between two warring tribes, and Onyesonwu is born in the midst of it all — the name means “who fears death?” in an ancient language. Onyesonwu is unique, possessing a wide range of magical abilities from an early age. This book is a spellbinding combination of magic, folklore, love, and spirituality. If you like to read a book before seeing an adaptation, you should read it soon after it airs on TV.

    Moreover, Who Fears Death will be soon an HBO television series.

    2. A Court of Thorns and Roses (2020)

    A Court of Thorns and Roses (2020)

    Written by: Sarah J. Maas

    Imagine Beauty and the Beast, but with more romance and fantasy! Beauty as a huntress and the Beast as a fanciful faerie lord, and you have A Court of Thorns and Roses.

    Sara J. Maas may have drawn inspiration from a classic fairytale for this epic fantasy romance, but it’s a fantastic novel in its own right. It’s so popular that it inspired a best-selling series of the same name. Feyre, a huntress, kills a wolf to feed her family in A Court of Thorns and Roses. It was no average wolf, though. Feyre must face the consequences of her brutal acts because she wasn’t a wolf at all. It is a YA (young adult) novel, but don’t let that fool you; it has a sizable adult following.

    3. The Power (2017)

    The Power (2017)

    Written by: Naomi Alderman

    Although The Power is an all-rounder-science fiction, we’ve included it among our fantasy picks because what could be more magical than every woman in the land suddenly being able to electrocute men? Yes, you’ve read it right.

    However, not by any weapon but their fingertips. That is The Power’s piercingly clever and expertly explored idea. It allows us to imagine what might happen if the world’s current balance – or, more accurately, imbalance – were shifted in favor of women. In a fortnight, would we be living in a peaceful utopia? Would we be confronted with the same issues as before? Or would there be a slew of new difficulties to overcome?

    4. The Fifth Season (2016)

    The Fifth Season (2016)

    Written by:  N. K. Jemisin

    Let’s get started talking about The Fifth Season’s vast premise and scale because there doesn’t appear to be a high place to start.

    This story exists based on a planet called Stillness. It has one gigantic supercontinent.

    The fifth season, a period of cataclysmic climatic change, happens every few hundred years. There are various races, animals, places, and castes with different powers throughout the Fifth Season. It includes conflicts and a slew of other things that you won’t understand unless you read the book.

    When you get introduced to this new realm, expect to be a little overwhelmed. Jemisin Hugo Award-winning novel is the first in the Broken Earth series, and succeeding works have received Hugo Awards on their own merits.

    5. Riot Baby (2020)

    Riot Baby (2020)

    Written by:Tochi Onyebuchi

    Riot Baby, set shortly, maybe a fantasy narrative with magical aspects, but it explores very real, relevant, and vital topics of race and bias algorithms. Kev, a young Black man in prison, is the riot baby in this book. Ella, his sister, possesses many extraordinary abilities, including the ability to see into the future. Riot Baby is a novella in length. Ideal for anyone whose attention span has dwindled. It’s written in a fast-paced style that makes us feel like we’re watching memories rush before our eyes.

    6. Kindred (2018)

    Kindred (2018)

    Written by: Octavia E. Butler

    Some may consider Octavia E. Butler’s wonderful Kindred to be science fiction or speculative literature. It got included on the list since Butler regarded it as “a kind of sad fantasy.”

    It is a time travel story, but we bet it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Kindred tells the narrative of Dana, a woman who is transferred from Los Angeles in 1976 to a Maryland plantation in 1815, where she is presumed to be a slave.

    It has surreal, time-traveling components, like any good fantasy and science-fiction. It acts as a platform for a passionate exploration of racism, power, and gender. That statement is just as important and necessary today as it was in 1979 when Butler originally published it.

    7. The Lies of Locke Lamora (2006)

    The Lies of Locke Lamora (2006)

    Written by: Scott Lynch

    Renaissance Venice meets fantasy, with the twists and turns of a well-written crime book thrown in for good measure. Scott Lynch creates a captivating fantasy metropolis that is rich in detail and grit. There are no brilliant heroes or wistful princesses to be found here. Instead, there are criminal groups, corrupt politicians, and the risk of being mugged in a back alley. The sleight of hand is Oceans 11 meets Venetian masquerade, and if you blink, you’ll miss it.

    In this novel, fantasy is virtually an afterthought, and the focus is on character development and storytelling. There are shark bullfighters and alchemist alcoholic fruits, to be sure. Moreover, to mention the mysterious Elderglass work as a backdrop rather than plot drivers. They all work together to produce a subtle and captivating story.

    Although this is the first installment of a trilogy, you’ll want to read the other two to find out what happens next in Red Seas Under Red Skies and A Republic of Thieves.

    8. Earthlings (2020)

    Earthlings (2020)

    Written by: Sayaka Murata

    This dark fantasy comedy from the creator of Convenience Store Woman is hard to categorize and will most likely leave you dumbfounded by the end. Natsuki and Yuu are cousins who have been preparing to be abducted and returned to their home planet for a long time. So far, everything has been childish, but they grow up and, the plan continues. Meanwhile, they must strive to operate in normal society, finding mates and employment while avoiding bringing attention to themselves. Earthlings encourage little acts of disobedience against what society says we must do, leaving no taboo untouched.

    9. Circe(2018)

    Circe (2018)

    Written by: Madeline Miller

    Circe, the Titan sun god Helios’ daughter, is overshadowed in the halls of the gods until she learns a new power: witchcraft. After being banished to a deserted island for abusing her magic and being continuously let down by the men she trusts, Circe must forge her path as a goddess, a witch, and a woman. Circe’s centuries-long saga sees her emerge at the birth of the Minotaur, face off with the goddess of battle Athena, and host hero Odysseus on his long journey back from Troy, according to Miller’s novel. Circe is mythology like you’ve never seen it before, with larger-than-life characters and an action-packed plot.

    10. The First Law Trilogy (2006 to 2008)

    The First Law Trilogy (2006 to 2008)

    Written by: Joe Abercrombie

    Joe Abercrombie is a master at character development. His The First Law Trilogy immerses you in a muddy of violent, visceral, and gritty experiences, whether it’s the story of an elderly berserker, a torturer, or a pompous lord. Even if it is not the God-blessed heroes and heroines you may imagine, you will see the glory of combat in all its bowel-spitting ineptitude and futility. However, there is always someone to root for.

    Three standalone books and a compilation of short stories revisit some of the Original Law’s main characters. Moreover, a supplementary setting, which you’ll eagerly devour once you’ve finished the first trilogy.

    Bottom Line

    Reading fantasy books is a must to get rid of this world’s unenjoyable hustle. If you are tired of reading realism-based fiction, the books mentioned are the ideal way to go.

    The elements of good fantasy literature were discussed in the article so that you can figure out which ones you should choose.

    We recommend checking out top fantasy books for kids.


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