Best Dog Crates for a Puppy

Puppy crates are the same as dog crates but they are smaller in size. These crates are used in keeping puppies caged to prevent unwanted incidents such as chewing clothes, furniture, and other items. It can also help puppies avoid possibly hurting themselves while unsupervised. Aside from that, it can also be used in potty training your puppies because it will be a lot easier when they spend some of their time in a crate that only has enough space for them to sleep.

Puppy crates can also be used as a recovery space of your pet. Puppies that have been recently spayed, neutered, or undergone a surgical procedure will certainly find these crates helpful while they are recovering since the procedures they’ve gone through requiring them to be immobile for some time.

Most puppies also like to have their personal space especially when it is time for them to sleep. It gives them a feeling of security and protection. However, there are also some puppies that are impatient when placed in crates for a long time. For these puppies, it will be great to put some toys inside their crates which they can play and chew on.

There are so many crates available in the market and they come in different materials such as wire, stainless steel, fabric, or plastic with a pan where your pets can lay on. Some crates are built specifically to be used at home and others are best used when traveling. Since there are many kinds of crates to choose from, it is indeed challenging to choose the best one for your puppies. To help you out, we listed the best crates that you might want to consider for your loyal friend.


1. Guardian Gear ProSelect Easy Dog Crates

This wired dog crate features a single point of entry with an added double-latch system for security. It also has an optional divider that allows the crate to increase or decrease the space inside if needed. It can also be cleaned easily with its removable, slide-out floor tray.

It has a folding design which makes it easy to store. It is also portable for travel since it’s lightweight and has a top handle for easy transport. It is a perfect crate for puppies such as Boxers, Standard Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Labradors and similar.

2. PetMate Compass Plastic Pets Kennel with Chrome Door

This dog crate has a two-way large door that makes loading less stressful for your pet. The two-way opening door comes with dual turn-dial door latches to provide the ultimate convenience for the pet and pet owners.

It is designed with plenty of ventilation to make your dog feel more comfortable. It has a 360-degree ventilation on the top and bottom part of the crate. It also has a top handle for easy travel.

It features a slide and snaps structure for easy assembly, making it less stressful for you. It can be quickly assembled and no tools are required. This crate is recommended for puppies that are 7 inches in height and 15 inches in length or less.

3. Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor

This is a soft-sided but sturdy dog crate. It is made from tightly weaved mesh heavy-duty fabric over a steel frame which gives it extra strength and support. The handles are padded with strap for easy carrying and the windows are meshed to encourage airflow inside. It provides a more comfortable environment for your pet.

It has two doors which are in front and on top for easy access. It can also be rolled back with the included fastening strap for an open resting spot. It is made with industrial-strength zippers and latches to ensure the dog’s security.

Its interior is easy to clean because it is constructed with water-resistant materials. In case of accidents or spills, just wipe it using a stain and odor remover and it will be clean. Also, the entire fabric covering is removable and machine washable for extensive cleaning.

This fabric crate is ideal for puppies that are always on the go. It is super lightweight and easy to pack. This is suitable for traveling and doing outdoor activities. It is also recommended only for crate-trained dogs and those dogs who are unlikely to chew.

It is completely made safe for pets because it is made from non-toxic materials and does not contain any sharp or small pieces that could possibly harm your puppies. It is designed with rounded corners to protect puppies against accidental damage of interiors.

It is easy to set-up and easy to break down as well. It is also convenient for small spaces because it’s easy to store. The sizes range from 16 inches up to 36 inches. Petnation also has a variety of pet bed sizes that are compatible to fit in with any of their crate sizes.

4. Zampa Portable Crate for Dog’s, Cat’s and Puppies

 This is a versatile foldable dog crate that comes with a spacious main door and has an innovative and class design. There are also mesh windows that provide enough ventilation to your pets. Its design provides easier access to keep everything within reach especially when cleaning or arranging the bedding. It requires no assembly as well which means you can maximize your time preparing things you need when you travel.  Plus, it comes with a carrying case for a comfortable fetching of your furry buddy. 

Zampa’s portable dog crate was built with a high-mobility kennel which you can use as a permanent or temporary pet house when the need arises wherever you are. What makes this crate extra unique is that it is surrounded by soft space which makes this a very safe place for your pets to play. 

When it comes to cleaning, this dog crate is a rockstar as well. Since it is covered by a single steel frame only, you just need to remove it and the other washable cover at once and clean the crate in no time. 

5. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table

This is one of the most unique crates available on the market. It is very convenient and it looks amazing as well. In fact, it can be used as a furniture because aside from being a dog crate, its top can also be used as a table.

It is made from durable and sustainable rubberwood that will look absolutely amazing in living rooms. It’s easy to clean floor is waterproof and melamine-covered that eliminates absorption of liquids and odors.

It has a swing-through door that is secured with a stainless steel latch. The versatile door can be rotated outward or inward so it can be out of the way. It designed with a well-vented side for perfect airflow and also has a 360-degree view.

It is beautifully stained and lacquered finish with high-quality mortise and tenon construction. It is available with two finishes, espresso, and mahogany, to complement your house décor. It comes in two sizes that are perfect for small to medium-sized pets up to 45 pounds, and medium to large-sized pets up to 80 pounds.

Dog crates are certainly very beneficial for both the puppy and the owner as it can be used for potty training, for reinforcing house rules and boundaries, or for the dog’s own safety and security. It also gives your pets their own place to take a rest.

In buying dog crates, you have to be sure that your pet’s safety and security is the number one priority more than its appearance. Make sure that the one you’ll be choosing is durable and can handle your pet’s agility. We hope the options we shared will help you choose the best dog crate for your puppy.