Best Animal Picture Books for Toddlers

Toddler books, particularly those with pictures and colors, are an excellent resource for entertainment and education. Children love illustrated tales of nature. Animal books for toddlers are both entertaining and academic for them. It is even more fun if parents read these books aloud with animated sounds and acts.

Animal tales or animal figures have protracted tradition in children’s literature. There are a plethora of animal-themed picture books available. Within this subset of fiction, they represent many categories: educating children about animals and ways of living through animals as stand-ins for humans. They also demonstrate how animals and other people coexist. There also are books written from the attitude of animals.

We have curated an assortment of some animal-themed picture books for toddlers below. We hope you enjoy them!

Where to Buy
The Grizzly Bear Who Lost His GRRRRR!
Duncan the Story Dragon
I've Loved You Since Forever
Blue Chicken
I'll Love You Till the Cows Come Home Board Book
Black Dog


1. The Grizzly Bear Who Lost His GRR!

Rob Biddulph wrote and illustrated the book.

Recommended age:4-8

It is about a bear named Fred. Fred possesses a variety of incredible abilities, with his grr being the loudest of all of them. He spends plenty of his time alone preparing for competitions. His grr has him surrounded by his medals and prizes all the time. However, one day, Fred wakes up with no grr voice. A replacement bear also arrives to compete for the traditional trophy of Fred. 

Fred is worried about his reputation as now he is the bear with the simplest grr. Soon, new friends assist Fred in recovering his roar and determining what happened to his most cherished characteristic. Amidst this, Fred discovers that healthy partnerships are more important than winning prizes. The book is written with a fun rhyme, making it convenient to read aloud. The drawings are vivid and vibrant, and Fred is often lovable, while he is not the most admirable character. The ending is ideal, with both Fred and the villain realizing what proportion they require and want one another.

It is unclear why all of the animals spontaneously became friends with Fred because he had not taken the time to be friendly before, but they united to assist him. Therefore, the story involves a satisfying conclusion that readers of all ages will appreciate. While most kids are not in an exceedingly position to decide between friends and prizes, this adorable book portrays the strengths of friendships sweetly. 

2. Duncan the Story Dragon 

Written & illustrated by Amanda driscoll

Recommended Ages: 3-7

Duncan the Dragon is a voracious reader. But the stories pique his curiosity so much that his imagination—and his books—combust, leaving him with unanswered questions. Will the captain be able to rescue the ship? Will the world be invaded by aliens? 

He loves his reading world so much that he reads everywhere. Duncan reads inside the refrigerator, in front of his electric fans, and even in the bathtub filled with ice. 

None appears to work. Duncan asks a mate to read him a book. However, the raccoon, possum, and bull all say no. Duncan is crying and about to quit when one of his demonic weepings split-splat into a rat — a book-loving mouse! They fight sea creatures, dodge icebergs, and conquer new areas alongside, creating an everlasting attachment. Driscoll’s warm drawings are pencil images drawn in Adobe Photoshop; she distinguishes full-bleed paintings of vignettes made of white and imagined scenarios made in monochrome. 

Duncan is green, horned, and flaky, but his snout is unobjectionable bovine, and he prefers red shoes with his shoelaces knotted with great technique of weakness. While there are many odd connection tales in picture books, this one is likely to be a storytime favorite due to the bright colors, animated expressions, and comedic imagery.

3. I Have Loved You Since Forever

Written by Hoda Kotb & illustrated by Suzie Mason

Recommend Ages: 4-8

Many love books are available for new parents filled to the brim with affection for parenting children. This one is about stars to show a timeless connection. It steps into the well-trodden book terrain of kids. The book begins with a standard discussion of a bird soaring over a rainbow, and the pacing is a little off-kilter, with several near-rhyming words like trees, bees, and we. 

It conveys the calming and comforting idea that parent and child intertwined before existence. They were waiting for the day our stars would intersect, and they would turn into them. The warm illustrations of animal parents and infants, such as a monkey sitting on its mother’s back, elephants twining trunks, a female bird preparing her nest, and otters rubbing noses, bring energy to the tale. She draws spreads of glistening night stars to suggest the cosmic bond, emphasizing the notion that both parent and child were out there sparkling.

4. Blue Chicken

Written & illustrated by Deborah Freedman

Recommend Ages: 3-5

 It tells the true story of an unknown artist whose life-size pencil and brush lie over a barnyard sketch with a gently darkened and drawn cow, chicken coop, and wheelbarrow but just a diagram of a farm. Today is ideal for painting the barn. But hang on a second: would one of the chickens want to assist? 

A tiny white chicken pecks its way out of the coop and into the white backdrop, creeping up onto the side of a paint pot—and turning it over. Blue paint splatters throughout the paper, splashing on both completed and incomplete portions of the original sketch. It pours down on the wimps, the chicks, and now the cow, whose moo awakens the chickens. They are grumpy and blue. Annoyed blue chickens race each other through the now-all-blue shows, while the main chicken who just tried to lend a hand is embarrassed and genuinely sorry. The brush-rinsing water jar is tipped out by the chicken, drenching and cleansing this world back into order. 

5. I’ll Love You Till the Cows Come Home

Written by Kathryn Cristaldi & illustrated by Kristyna Litten

Recommend Ages: 4-8

This animal picture book is a soft and humorous novel. It features imaginative animal scenes with witty words.  The book has a soothing meaning and warm ending — with grazing cattle and astronaut cows under the identical light of the moon, making it a great bedtime book. 

Throughout the novel, all animals demonstrate their love for the reader.  They are not reluctant to travel off to lengths. For instance: I will love you before the sheep start to sail on a visit to the Isle of Kale, past manatees, and a humpback.  

6. Black Dog

Written & illustrated by Levi Pinfold

Recommend Ages: 4-8

The Hope family notices a black dog outside their house one by one, all identifying it as bigger and more frightening than the last. All of them run away from the dog. However, the youngest member of the Hope family, referred to as Small (for short), moves outside to face it. Small bravely confronts the massive beast inside the tempera sketches while her family cowers within. She takes it on a path through the forests, under a bridge, and across a frozen stream and a playground. The only variety of folkloric sorcery underscores the conflict. She begs it to shrink in size all the time, and it does until it’s sufficiently small to suit through a doggy door at her home. Small’s family greets the dog and celebrates her courage until they’re inside. She responds succinctly, “There was little to be petrified of”. She and the dog are warm by the fireside within the final scene. It is followed by a thumbnail portrait of the family within the book, giving readers a satisfying illustration of familial contentment.


With these picture books, help your children learn in a fun way. We have mentioned the recommended ages and author names for ease in buying. Click on the links above to buy which you prefer!