Beach Resort Outfit Ideas


    Throughout summer, almost all of us will hit the beach at least once. Who doesn’t love sitting outstretched on the sand or poolside sipping pina coladas—or, at least, pineapple juice? Whether you’re actually planning to attend a beach resort or just intend to get the most out of summer, there are so many ways to soak it up in style. From dresses both midi and maxi to skin-baring ensembles, we’ll show you how to dress yourself up beach resort-style. Read on for our top recommendations.

    Midi dresses: appropriate across all resort dress codes

    If you’ve ever attended a beach resort, you’d be aware of the varying dress codes. Bring a midi dress and this will fit the bill for all four: resort casual, resort evening wear, elegant-casual, and formal resort attire. Dress codes aside, midis make for surefire summer staples. They’re a free-flowing, relaxed fit perfect for summer, providing better sun protection than a mini dress. They’re also great for the beach because they’re short enough to not catch or drag along the sand.

    Some beautiful, easy-breezy midi dresses ideal for a beach resort. The neutral tones make them easy to dress up or down to the dress code. Images: Alamour The Label

    If you are attending a beach resort, bring a few white or neutral-toned midis. This way, it’s easier to dress them up or down across all four dress codes. For a laid-back beach vibe, we recommend additions such as tinted sunnies, a crossbody bag in straw, and high-quality sandals or rattan wedges. As you can see, straw or oversized sunhats also add a rustic finishing touch.

    Maxi dresses: suitable for all resort dress codes and body types

    Lengthen the midi dress’s stance to ankle length or lower and you’ve got yourself a maxi dress. Maxi dresses are wonderful, versatile alternatives to midi dresses. Not only do they also fit all four resort dress codes, but they flatter and elongate your figure, as well. Maxis tend to have an A-line cut, and even if they don’t, they will likely be long and flowing enough to mask any personal ‘trouble spots’. And this is done in such a way that somehow still outlines your curves!

    Beach resort dresses or dresses fit for a night on the town? Style them the right way and these maxi dresses could be either!

    Maxi dresses are great for events both low-key and formal. From casual brunch catch-ups and shopping sprees to any summertime parties, the maxi dress will have you covered—literally. Thanks to its longer skirt, you’ll have the most stylish form of sun protection going around. Like the midi dress, you can also dress it up and down depending on the context. If you’re attending a beach resort, keep a maxi dress or two up your sleeve. The more neutral they are, the more versatile they will be. Sleek, blue floral patterns (like those pictured above) will only add more visual interest.

    Be the queen of the crop (top)

    If you’re wanting to show a little skin this summer, a crop top may just be the key to unlocking the look. Crop tops are like bikinis you can wear anywhere. They show off the torso and can be paired with skirts or trousers. Plus, depending on what you pair them with, they can fit most (if not all) beach resort dress codes.

    Three different crop tops: three different cuts; three different colour schemes. Mix and match these three ensembles in any way for a winning combination. Images: Alamour The Label

    These three crop top sets look fab. If you look closer, you’ll notice that white and yellow are evident in the pink floral print. In other words, if you were going to mix and match outfits, these would be the three to do it with. You could totally swap out either half of that floral outfit for a yellow or white piece and it would look fab. If you’re keen on a dual-toned ensemble, you could always make like a pina colada and go one-half coconut and the other half pineapple. Whatever will help you relax!

    Mini dresses: show some leg

    We’ve covered midi dresses; we’ve covered maxi dresses. Let’s finish off with the other skin-baring essential: the mini dress. Unlike crop tops, mini dresses don’t typically bare the torso. Because they end above the knee, their focus is on flashing a little leg from the thigh downwards. They’re pretty much the opposite of a maxi dress. If they’re formal enough, you may be able to get away with wearing this across all beach resort dress codes. It really depends on the dress.

    A little black dress versus a white, romper-esque dress versus pretty in pink. There is so much variety in these minis, from the cut and colour to the necklines. Images: Alamour The Label

    All three of the pictured mini dresses would look fabulous at a beach resort, but if we had to recommend one, it would be the white one. Why? For one thing, neutrality equals versatility. But the main reason? Resort casual and resort evening wear dress codes love dresses and rompers—and, at a glance, you could mistake this dress for a romper. The little black dress probably fits the elegant-casual category a little better. And the pink dress, which has a similar level of formality to the white one, is a pretty, girly addition just because. And sometimes, ‘just because’ is a fine excuse to expand your summer wardrobe!

    Get beach-ready!

    So there you have it! There are so many ways to expand your summer wardrobe, and there are so many ways you can mix or match your garments. When choosing items for the warmest season, neutrals and pastels tend to do the trick. This may be surprising, especially considering the light and warmth associated with summer. However, another thing you see throughout this season is haze. This colour scheme replicates that hazy, toned down way of seeing things from afar.

    From this post, you likely learnt the many different ways to dress for a beach resort. So whether you’re staying at one or you’re just after some resort-inspired attire, we hope this article has been enlightening. Even if you’re not going anywhere special, it never hurts to look great. Head to the beach in one of these outfits and see how many heads you turn!


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