Guide to Wall-Mounted Vacuums

What Is a Wall-mounted Vacuum Cleaner?

Wall-mounted vacuum cleaners are one of the most powerful vacuums you can find. They are designed to have their base mounted on a wall and attached to a large hose, which can be used to clean. They are mainly used for medium to large-sized spaces because they have powerful motors with high suction power that can clean such large areas. Usually, you would find wall-mounted vacuums in shops, garages, or workshops. 

Such vacuums’ hoses are lengthy and span between 10 to 60 feet. Therefore, you can easily navigate around a large space without much trouble. Furthermore, such long hoses make vacuuming much easier and more dynamic. 

These vacuums also have many additional functions, such as inflating an object or blowing leaves, which may be helpful in outdoor settings. Therefore, they are much more powerful and long-lasting than indoor vacuums and are typically used to clean large spaces.

Why Do You Need a Wall-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaning car's interior

If your garage is where you do most of your messy DIY tasks, then chances are you need a strong vacuum with a powerful suction that can easily clean up small and large messes. In such cases, a wall-mounted vacuum is the best option. There are many benefits of owning a wall-mounted vacuum.

Save Space

Wall-Mounted vacuums save space because they are hung on the wall away from all the clutter that usually occupies garages. Therefore, it frees up floor space. 

Most wall mount vacuums come with a wall mount, but if they do not, you can easily purchase one online and use it to hang your vacuum on the wall. 

Easy To Use

Wall-mounted vacuums are extremely easy to use because all you have to do is plug them in and press the power switch to get them working. Some high-end wall-mounted vacuums also come with a self-cleaning filter. Therefore, you don’t have to manually clean the filter or the tank after every use. Wall-mounted vacuums can also easily draw dirt and dust without having to go over the area repeatedly. 


Wall-mounted vacuums are extremely powerful as they are often used in places with a lot of dirt and dust, where they need a lot of suction power to clean large messes. Therefore, these vacuums can easily clean dirty garage floors and even messy cars. Even though you can use hand-held vacuums for your car, a wall-mounted vacuum is best for a thorough deep cleaning.

The wall-mounted variety is much more powerful than standard hand-held vacuums, which is why they are much better at deep cleaning your garage and areas. They also have large bags and excellent filtration, so they can suck up much more than your average vacuum cleaner. 

Keep Your Car and Garage Clean

Wall-mounted vacuums come with various attachments that allow you to clean every nook and cranny of your garage and car. These attachments include extension wands, upholstery tools, crevice tools, utility nozzles, and more. 

Some wall-mounted vacuums have extra features, such as interchangeable leaf blower attachments. Furthermore, such vacuums are also perfect for people with pets or kids who make huge messes in the car, as wall-mounted vacuums are built to deal with messes of all shapes and sizes. 

The Difference Between a Wall-Mounted and a Regular Vacuum Cleaner 

Feature Wall-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner Regular Vacuum Cleaner
Storage They are mounted on the wall so that they do not take up floor space. They can be stored in cupboards out of sight when not used.
Hose The hoses are much longer. They are between 10 to 60 feet long The hoses are around six feet and thus not very long. 
Variety They typically come in one type but can do various tasks. They come in a wide variety and include cordless, corded, wet-dry, upright, etc.
Capacity They have much larger capacities and can be used for longer without the need to empty its bag. They have small capacities and are not suitable for cleaning big messes.

How To Choose a Wall-Mounted Garage Vacuum

When purchasing wall-mounted garage vacuums, you must keep some key features in mind to buy a device that best fits your needs. 


With wall-mounted vacuums, you don’t need to move them around much because they are mounted on the wall. However, you should ensure that the wall mount is easy to take off in the scenario that you move homes and need to take it down. Therefore, ensure that the vacuum is easy to install and take down. 


The suction power of a wall-mounted vacuum is one of the most crucial factors to look for because it determines the type of messes that you clean using it. If you choose a vacuum cleaner that has low strength, then it will have trouble cleaning larger messes such as wood shavings. 

Therefore, if you intend to clean large messes with your wall-mounted vacuum cleaner, choose one with a higher wattage output, as those have the most powerful suction. A stronger motor will also assist in cleaning challenging types of debris, such as wet substances and smaller dust molecules. 

However, suppose you do not intend on using it for intense tasks. In that case, you will benefit from choosing one with less wattage because they are comparatively cheaper. 


The filtration system of wall-mounted vacuum cleaners is designed to separate the dirt from the air as it passes through. The dirt is then deposited into the dustbin. Therefore, your vacuum must have a robust filtration system if you want to clean your space thoroughly. 

The most efficient filters are HEPA-graded filters that can filter a remarkable amount of dust and catch anything from allergens, dust, and dirt. Furthermore, filters are primarily reusable, provided that you wash them from time to time. HEPA filters are also crucial if you have allergies or asthma because they can easily catch allergens.

Therefore, ensure that the vacuum you purchase has an excellent filtration system. Preferably HEPA, but some others provide the same level of filtration and work just as well.

Bin Capacity

Bin capacity is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a wall mount vacuum because the larger the bin is, the less often you will have to empty it out. Generally, wall-mounted vacuums have large capacities, but such models are also more expensive. 

You will benefit from a large bin size if your vacuum usage is high. However, suppose you know that you will occasionally use your wall mount vacuum for small cleanups. In that case, opting for a vacuum with a small bin capacity is better. 

You also have the choice to get bagged or bagless bins. Bagged bins are easier to maintain as you can unclip them and empty them in the trash can. However, with a bagless bin, you will need to take your trash can to the wall-mounted part of the vacuum and empty it. This method can get messy, but in the long run, bagless bins are cheaper as you do not need to replace the bags.

Therefore, before purchasing a vacuum, consider your usage. It would not be practical to buy an expensive bagged bin wall mount vacuum if you will only be using it for small cleanups. A vacuum with a smaller bin capacity will be much cheaper and serve you well. 

Hose Length

Since the body of wall mount vacuums stays in one place, your hose must be long so that you can easily clean a large area without straining to reach the edges of the space. Therefore, before picking out a wall mount vacuum, you must consider the size of the room. 

To get a clear picture of how long your hose should be, measure the room length from where the vacuum is mounted to the opposite side. You can also measure from corner to corner. 

Once you have that measurement, separately measure the distance from the mounting location to the ceiling. Whichever of the two readings is larger should be the length of your hose. However, you should remember that longer hoses can reduce a vacuum’s suction power. Therefore, you mustn’t buy a vacuum with an extremely long hose.


Most wall-mounted vacuums come with multiple cleaning attachments, which are necessary to increase the usability and versatility of the vacuum. Before purchasing a wall-mounted vacuum, assess all the tasks you will be undertaking with the vacuum and choose a vacuum that offers all the attachments you need. 

Some popular accessories that come with wall-mounted vacuums include a crevice tool, an upholstery extraction tool, a dusting brush, a car nozzle, an extension wand, a car nozzle, and a tool with a blower function. 

A crevice tool and a dusting brush are essential accessories for your wall-mounted vacuum. They are useful in cleaning tight spaces and corners that you would not have been able to clean with a standard attachment. 


If the messes you plan to clean using your vacuum include wet and dry messes, ensure that your wall-mounted vacuum handles both. Depending on your needs, you may need to clean damp dirt on the ground, large amounts of dust, or both. In such cases, a wet-dry vacuum will be most helpful.

Wet-dry vacuums simplify cleaning by using a single machine to clean various messes. However, you must know how to properly use it to not damage the vacuum. 

To maintain your wet-dry wall-mounted vacuum, ensure that you detach the unit from the wall bracket before cleaning it. Liquids are heavier than dry messes, and the extra weight could strain the wall bracket and break it. Additionally, you should use the correct filter when you use your vacuum to collect fluids.

Noise Level

Considering the noise level of your vacuum is essential when purchasing wall-mounted vacuums because these machines are extremely powerful and noisy. However, you do not want the device to make too much noise. Therefore, you should always check the decibel value and choose a vacuum with a quiet motor labeled with a low decibel value. 

You may have to sacrifice suction power if you want a quiet motor because vacuums that make low noise have a less powerful motor. 


Wall-mounted vacuums are a significant investment; therefore, ensure that your vacuum offers a long-lasting warranty before making your purchase. Usually, such vacuums have a warranty that lasts from one to five years, but it is suggested that you choose a warranty that lasts at least three years.

Furthermore, a comprehensive warranty lasting for a couple of years shows the company has confidence in its devices. Therefore, you can be assured that your vacuum will last at least a few years.

Additional Features

Wall-mounted vacuums are versatile appliances that allow you to clean various surfaces with ease. You can also carry out wet and dry vacuuming and even convert it into a blower. 

Even though cleaning wet spills is a job for wet-dry vacuums, many wall-mounted vacuums also offer you the ability to clean wet messes. The blower feature is an additional feature found in wall-mounted vacuums. It is extremely useful if you have to deal with undesired leaves or dust that you want to blow out of the area where your vacuum is hung. 

Therefore, you must choose a wall-mounted vacuum that has a lot of different features so that you can get the most out of the deal.

Ease of Use

The wall-mounted vacuum you choose must be easy to use because it will allow you to do your tasks much quicker and without much hassle. Wall-mounted vacuums are generally easy to use, and the easier the devices are to use, the more often you will use them. Therefore, you should pick a vacuum that has a user-friendly interface. 

Pros and Cons of a wall-mounted Vacuum 

cleans car interior

Pros Cons
It has a powerful suction power Air filtering is average and needs extra filters.
The hose is long and allows you to move around freely It is bigger and heavier
It can handle bigger messes. They can be used for 2 to 3 tasks.

Where To Mount Your Vacuum Cleaner

Central vacuum cleaner hose

One of the biggest advantages of a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner is that it can be hung on the wall. You do not need to worry about moving the machine’s body as you clean. However, choosing the correct placement for your vacuum cleaner is essential because you want the hose to reach every corner of the room.

Choosing a position to mount your vacuum cleaner is tricky, but the best place is in the center of the rear wall. This position allows you to have an even reach between the left and right areas of the space. If your hose is long enough, you can also place it in a corner. 

Suppose your wall-mounted vacuum has a 20-ft hose, then placing it in the center will work best as you can easily reach both ends of the space. Therefore, before permanently mounting your vacuum cleaner, test out the hose to ensure you reach every corner of the room without straining the hose. 


When purchasing a wall-mounted vacuum, you should consider which brand you are buying from because the quality, durability, and features change depending on your chosen brand. Some famous brands that sell wall-mounted vacuums include Bissel, GarageVac, and VacuMaid.


Bissel wall-mounted vacuum cleaners are some of the most powerful vacuums on the market because they use high amp motors that provide great suction of dust and debris. These vacuums also have an adequate 2-stage filtration that ensures they pick up all the dust, dirt, and allergens on a specific surface. 

Furthermore, on average, Bissel vacuums have long hoses of around 32 feet and can easily reach all corners. Most Bissel vacuums also come with seven or more accessories that allow you to clean cars, floors, and other surfaces. One of the most popular Bissel vacuums is the Bissel Garage Pro Garage Vacuum. 


GarageVac wall-mounted vacuum cleaners are the industry’s most portable and easy-to-transport vacuums. Their vacuums come with shrinking hoses, making them easy to store. Many of their models have 40 feet-long hoses, which shrink to only eight feet and take up minimal space.

GarageVac also uses HEPA-type filters, perfect for people with asthma, as they can vacuum up fine particles, dust, and dirt. Additionally, most models of this brand also come with a built-in tool caddy, which can store the tools that the vacuums come with.

Some of the most popular GarageVac wall-mounted vacuum cleaners are the GarageVac GH120-W Wall-Mounted Vacuum Cleaner and the GarageVac GH120-E.


VacuMaid wall-mounted vacuum cleaners are some of the quietest vacuums available. They are designed to be easy to use and ensure that all of their models have long hoses to reach every corner of your space easily. Furthermore, their dustbins have huge capacities, so you do not have to empty them out regularly. 

VacuMaid’s filters are high quality, as they are sealed HEPA-styled bags that can trap fine particles and prevent messes when you empty the tank and clean it. Therefore, VacuMaid vacuums are perfect for those with asthma. Some popular VacuMaid wall-mounted vacuums include the VacuMaid GV50PRO wall-mounted Vacuum and the VacuMaid GV50BPRO Professional wall-mounted Garage And Car Vacuum. 


1. Can I use a regular vacuum in the garage?

Yes, you can use a regular vacuum in your garage. Still, indoor vacuums are not very powerful and may struggle to clean up large or wet messes. Therefore, you should purchase a wall-mounted vacuum, which is way more powerful than indoor vacuums and allows you to clean wet and dry messes. 

2. Can wall-mounted vacuums be used on concrete?

Yes, wall-mounted vacuums can be used on concrete to clean all sorts of messes. Most people prefer to clean concrete in a two-step process. First, they vacuum it to remove all the dust and debris, and next, they mop it for a thorough clean. 

3. Are wall-mounted vacuums good?

Yes, wall-mounted vacuums are extremely powerful with long hoses, enabling you to clean all sorts of wet and dry messes easily. Most wall-mounted vacuums also have large bin sizes, which reduces the number of times you need to empty them out. 


Wall-mounted vacuums are powerful devices that use a heavy-duty motor to produce enough suction to clean up all kinds of messes. These vacuums are incredibly versatile as most come with various attachments allowing to clean crevices, upholstery, and many other services.

However, with so many options for garage vacuums available on the market, you must keep a few key features in mind. These include the hose length, filters, powers, warranty, and attachments to ensure that the vacuum you purchase fits your needs.