A Guide to Measuring Spoons

It does not matter if you are a novice or a pro at cooking and baking, measuring the ingredients exactly as instructed is one of the key requirements of ending up with a perfect dish. Failure to adhere to the measuring instructions might result in the disaster of a century – as a little less baking powder or cocoa can render a floppy cake or cookie lacking the chocolaty taste we all die for.

Relying on measuring spoons to level out the amount of every ingredient you need is not a sign of weakness; instead, it is a professional practice that leads to perfect cooking. Of the numerous brands offering a wide variety of measuring spoons, it is essential to look for a set that should last you long. This guide will help you choose the best deal for your money as it entails the pointers you should look for when buying a set of measuring spoons.

Important Things to Consider

Dishwasher Safe


Ensure that the material of the spoons is dishwasher safe. Since you will use the spoons for dry and wet ingredients alike, you need to make sure that washing those stubborn stains should be easy. Plastic measuring spoons generally do not withstand the hot water – they might warp, go out of shape, and render incorrect measurements.

Engraved Measurements


Make sure the measuring spoons have the measurements engraved. Painted measurements tend to fade away after you wash them a few times, and that is not something you would want to work without when aiming for exact measured ingredients.

Size of Measuring Spoons


Another important aspect to keep in mind is buying a set of small measuring spoons if you have jars with small mouths. This is a big source of frustration as you cannot dig in the small-mouthed jars with big-sized spoons.

Easy Storage


Not everything is supposed to sit on the kitchen counter and take up extra space. Measuring spoons that come with proper storage ways, such as a ring to hold them all together and hang them. Also, a ring around the spoons is a great idea not to lose any of them.

Measuring System


Finally, you should buy measuring spoons that reflect the system of measurements you are acquainted with. If most of your time is spent, for instance, in converting pints into cups, you can never be on time with your cooking or baking.

Where to Buy
Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons with Magnetic Snaps, Stainless Steel
Spring Chef Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Metal Measuring Spoons for Dry or Liquid, Fits in Spice Jar, Set of 6 with bonus Leveler
Farberware Color Measuring Spoons, Mixed Colors, Set of 5
1Easylife 18/8 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons, Set of 6 for Measuring Dry and Liquid Ingredients
CIA Masters Collection 6 Piece Measuring Spoon Set
Norpro Mini Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons, Set of 5 (tad, dash, pinch, smidgen and drop)
MEKBOK Set of 8 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons - With 1/8, 1/3 and 1/16 Teaspoon, 1/2 Tablespoon - Metric and US Measurements - The Complete Set for Your Kitchen


Our Top Picks

1. Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set

This set by Cuisipro is the best one out there if you are looking for a durable yet affordable one. They are made of high-quality stainless steel with stylish designs. One of the best features this set offers is the oval shape of the spoon heads, which makes it easier to use them in small mouth jars.

For more convenience and high readability, the measurements on these spoons are stamped on the handle. They also come with a sturdy and reliable stainless steel ring that holds all the spoons in place. Washing these is also very easy as they are rustproof and can be washed with hot water.

2. OXO Good Grips Measuring Spoons

This set of measuring spoons by OXO packs an efficient combination of high functionality, reliability, and comfort. The set entails four spoons with different measurements having soft grips for convenience. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about using these spoons with slippery hands. Moreover, this set has color-coded measurements that look esthetically pleasing and are convenient to use.

With OXO good grips measuring spoons, there is no need to worry about them slipping as the spoon heads are designed flat to tackle this problem. Moreover, the spoons are dishwasher safe and hence can be easily cleaned.

3. Spring Chef Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Metal Measuring Spoons

This set by Spring Chef is an amazing combination of durability and ease. The spoons are made of high-quality stainless steel that does not rust or bends out of shape. It is perfectly safe to be washed in the dishwasher with warm settings.

If you face the hassle of trying to dig your spoons in narrow jars, then this set is the best for you. It has spoons with rectangular heads, making it easy to dig in deep jars with narrow mouths. Also, the measurements on these spoons are engraved and guaranteed never to come off.

All the spoons in this set offer secure and easy storage as they come with a ring that can be used to hang them on a hook. You can use these spoons for dry ingredients and liquid alike.

4. Farberware Color Measuring Spoons

Having a little fun while cooking never hurts anyone, right? Brighten up your cooking or baking routine with these bright-colored measuring spoons with clear markings. This set by Farberware comes in five different colors, which make it easier to remember which spoon you were using.

Though the spoons in this set are made of plastic, the material is extremely durable, lightweight, and dishwasher safe. Nothing can be compared to the convenience of washing utensils in the dishwasher.

5. 1Easylife Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

If you are a sucker for antique looks and elegance that sets your choice apart, then this 1Easylife stainless steel measuring spoons set is the one for you. Its faded satin tinge on premium quality stainless steel material sets the bar high for other brands aiming to produce eye-pleasing utensils.

The spoons in the set have a round head with deep cups to provide accurate measurements. Moreover, the shape helps you in scooping up your dry ingredients or filling up your liquid ingredients with ease. Forget the guesswork while working your way around the kitchen as they are there for your assistance. A lifetime warranty of being rust-free is another plus for serious buyers.

6. CIA Masters Collection 6 Piece Measuring Spoon Set

Have you ever been so nervous about cooking or baking that your hands shook while putting the dish together? Well, with the CIA Master Collection of 6-Piece measuring spoons, you can let your fears fade. These measuring spoons come with extremely durable and convenient handles or grips that can absorb all the shakings! The spoons are shaped perfectly to be dipped in narrow mouth and deep jars.

The use of high-quality stainless steel in making these spoons guarantees a lifelong commitment to you. Investing your money once in a couple of years in something reliable and durable is always the best. These spoons are rust-free and can last for a long time. Also, the grips of the spoons serve as levelers, so there is nothing not-so-good about them!

7. Norpro Mini Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

Fun is what helps take the burden of cooking off your shoulders. If you have been searching for a measuring spoon set for small ingredients, look no further than the Norpro Mini stainless steel set. It comes with an interesting and fun way of describing measurements: a pinch, dash, drop, tad, and a smidgen.

You can get this mini measuring spoons set along with any other set, as this one is only suitable for small ingredients. The shape of the spoons is ideal for fitting into narrow and deep jars. The ring holding all the spoons together is super sturdy and is used to hang the set for drying and storing.

8. MEKBOK Set of 8 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

From 1 tablespoon to the 16th part of a teaspoon, this MEKBOK set has it all. Now, there is nothing that can go unmeasured in your dishes. Try any recipe and venture any type of dish with this detailed and durable measuring spoons set. It is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that guarantees rust-free usage for a lifetime.

The measurements are engraved on each spoon, so you do not have to worry about faded readings after a couple of washes. Besides buying for yourself, this set also qualifies as a considerate wedding or housewarming gift. Your besties or family will love something so durable, offering convenience and precision in cooking.

Final Thoughts

Cooking is something that does require not only skill but also precision. Using high-quality utensils to make your cooking better is the best practice. Such utensils help you get the best out of your talent and are worth every penny spent. Purchasing a set of measuring spoons might seem very easy; however, it is important to judge the quality of the material carefully and other important points enlisted in the article. It is important that you make an informed choice and for which the article entails several different brands of measuring spoons set.