7 Gifts Ideas for the Fitness Lover in Your Life


    When it comes to giving the gift of health and wellness, there is a wide array of products and services for you to choose from.

    However, when you have a loved one who is an avid athlete, it can be challenging to know which products are going to boost their training sessions. From fitness tops for women to technology that helps you go further, read on for the seven best gift ideas for the fitness lover in your life.

    1. Fitness Tops

    What you wear to exercise plays a significant role in your performance and helps make training sessions more comfortable.

    For this reason, the fitness lover in your life must always have the appropriate gear. The right top can be the difference between beating your last record and slowing yourself down. Therefore, when choosing fitness tops for women, you must consider the cut, the material, and technology.

    Some fabrics are constructed to handle intense sweat sessions as they wick the moisture away from your body. On the other hand, some materials hold on to the moisture, making the wearer feel sweaty and gross – thereby affecting their athletic performance.

    The Ale Color Block Women Short Sleeve Jersey comes in a minimalist style and is constructed from soft and fresh performance fabric. With a silicone waist hem and a reflective logo that provides additional visibility, this fitness top will help women look, feel, and perform their best whenever they put it on.

    For men, consider the 2XU Compression Sleeved Tri Top, which boasts graduated compression to improve circulation and stabilize key muscles. This technology ensures that the wearer can train as hard as they want while not having to be as concerned about the risk of injury.

    2. Calf Guards

    Calf guards are incredibly effective at increasing how far individuals can go as they aid their calves and legs by boosting circulation throughout.

    In addition, calf guards also work to fight gravity by increasing pressure and reducing fatigue in the lower legs, thanks to less muscle oscillation. The compression technology also limits swelling, protects legs from scratches and abrasions, and helps to maintain body temperature.

    The 2XU Elite Mcs Compression Calf Guards provide exceptional strength and protection against muscle shocks, while also extending recovery gains post-exercise. Because of the powerful compression they provide to the calves and shin, these calf guards are on every athlete’s wishlist.

    3. Fitness Watch

    As technology has improved, fitness watches have become more important for runners and cyclists. When using a fitness watch, individuals are able to stay accountable to their fitness goals by tracking all of their important stats.

    This, in turn, also provides motivation as it offers a visual guide to progress and accomplishments. Moreover, they can use the fitness watch to track other related activities, such as sleep and their resting heart rate.

    The Polar Grit X outdoor multi-sport watch boasts a lightweight design and top training features and has proven to be incredibly durable. Featuring a built-in GPS, compass and altimeter; this watch has everything needed to ensure that the wearer is ready to take their training to the next level.

    4. Hydration Belt

    Keeping yourself hydrated is a significant concern for all athletes, and nothing helps them more than having a hydration belt. When wearing a hydration belt, individuals can ensure that they replenish their body with electrolytes lost through sweat; however, it won’t slow them down, as they are designed for easy, single-handed access. Moreover, hydration belts don’t get in the way while the user is on the move.

    The Nathan Swift Drink Bottle Hydration Belt is a fantastic option as it is fully adjustable and offers enhanced elasticity and stability, as well as a lighter-than-ever fit. With its angled, streamlined molded holster and gusseted power stretch mesh pocket, this hydration belt is ideal for athletes of all levels.

    5. Headlamp

    At some point, some fitness enthusiasts will find themselves in need of a headlamp, particularly when training outside for hours.

    No matter what type of activity they are doing, your loved one will benefit from owning a high-powered, lightweight, waterproof headlamp that is able to keep up in the most demanding of conditions.

    The Knog Bilby Headlamp offers multiple light options and a 5-hour runtime on full power and over 105-hours on the dimmest setting. Not to mention that it is also rechargeable with an integrated USB.

    6. Speed Sensor

    If you are looking for a gift for a cyclist, then you may want to consider a high-quality speed sensor. These pieces of equipment have an odometer function that tracks the cyclist’s distance as they pedal. This helps to track the distance of a ride and the speed based on the wheel’s circumference.

    The Smartspeed Speed Sensor BCP-65 is an easy-to-install wireless, and magnetless dual-band speed sensor that is compatible with all Bluetooth® enabled devices. As it doesn’t require professional or complicated installation or alignment, this speed sensor is straightforward to install, maintain and move between bikes.

    7. Helmet

    While on the subject of cyclists, there is no better gift than an upgraded helmet that offers cutting edge ventilation and pure speed.

    Wearing a helmet is necessary for every cyclist, and the one they have must fit their head well in order to protect their face, head, and brain. For this reason, a helmet should be snug but not too tight, and it should sit level on the rider’s head with a slight front edge to protect the forehead.

    The Tithon Helmet BHE-08 offers cyclists the best balance of aerodynamics and thermodynamics. In other words, when cyclists wear this helmet, they can reap the benefits of the top aero performance and excellent ventilation.

    Between the airflow cooling system (ACS) design, five air vents, and the Venturi channelling for optimum airflow, this is the helmet every cyclist dreams of.

    Are you looking for fitness gifts for your friends and family? Which of these products do you think your recipient would like? Or, are there any other items they (or you) have on the wishlist?



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