5 minute 5 product “no makeup” makeup look

It’s been a while since I talked about makeup over here on my little ol blog, which is kind of crazy, because makeup is a huge part of my every day life now. Back in January when I started this whole LipSense thing, I had no idea really that there was actually an entire makeup and skincare line that came along with it. I was just super excited about this magical lipstick that I’d fallen in love with. The rest of the makeup and skincare? Sure, I’d check it out eventually & see what it was all about. If only I’d known back then what I know now…which is that this brand, SeneGence, would be life-changing and totally take my makeup game to a whole new level. 

First off- let me give you the quick rundown of SeneGence and why it’s so freaking amazing. LipSense is just one product in their makeup line. It’s their number one seller and for good reason- this lipstick has taken the world by storm and the rest of the line is just as amazing as the lipstick, I promise! What makes it so awesome? Let’s see…it’s all long-wearing, water-resistant, vegan, cruelty-free (no animal testing or animal by-products), gluten-free, lead-free, wax-free, anti-aging, and is made in America! These are some huge key selling points here! We all know that LipSense basically stays on forever, right? But the foundations, eye shadows, liners, mascara, blush, etc…everything is made to last! Everything is either waterproof or water-resistant, which means it’s not going to smear, run, smudge, or sweat off. When you apply it in the morning it’s going to stay put and look just as good when you go to wash it all off at the end of the day. 
And on top of all of that, all of the SeneGence skincare and the cream based makeup products contain our potent anti-aging complex, SenePlex Complex. This incredible kinetic enzyme is kind of magical, and it’s unique technology that is only found in SeneGence products- there’s nothing else like it on the market. SenePlex Complex rushes new skin cells to the surface of your skin 23% faster than normal- a rate never before seen in the cosmetic and skincare industry! I mean, seriously, look at these statistics! When you’re wearing SeneGence makeup you’re also taking care of your skin at the same time…something you can’t say about other makeup brands! I’ve completely switched to all SeneGence skincare and makeup and haven’t looked back. My skin has never looked better  (plus I get everything 50% off, so that’s pretty cool too. Let’s chat if you want a wholesale account). 
So now that you’ve got the skinny on why SeneGence makeup is so amazing and why everyone in the world should be wearing it…let’s talk about HOW to use it! I want to show you my quick and easy, 5 minute, 5 product makeup look without looking like you have a bunch of makeup on. You’ll have gorgeous, flawless looking skin that glows from the inside out (because that SenePlex Complex is working on your skin while you’re wearing it all day!) These are my top 5 must-have products for gorgeous, glowing skin and a quick and easy flawless face.
OK, so here’s me, 100% makeup free. I took these photos at night, so the lack of natural light paired with my super bright ring light kind of makes my face really washed out and white when I was snapping these quick, in-progress photos. So excuse the bright lighting and ghostly skin tone:
Candlelight ShadowSense. SeneGence’s cream-to-powder eye shadows are one of my favorite multi-tasking makeup products and they can be used for so much more than just eye shadow. After doing my skincare routine, I use this shade, Candlelight, first under my eyes to cover my dark circles, as a concealer for any blemishes or dark spots I have, and on my eye lids to even out any discoloration and veins on my lids. (I dot it right where I want it and blend it with my finger, or you can also use a brush with it- it’s totally a personal preference! I use my fingers for certain things and then I use regular eye shadow brushes for others).  Sandstone Pearl is another great light, matte option for concealer too- it’s a bit lighter & less peachy than Candlelight. ShadowSense has a primer built right in to it, so it stays right where you put it with no creasing. And again, it’s loaded with SenePlex, so it’s going to help ward off lines and wrinkles, moisturize your skin, and do all of that good SenePlex stuff to your skin while you’re wearing it. If you’re going to be using makeup on and around your eyes, it might as well be anti-aging, right?
Put a few dots of Candlelight where you want it & blend with fingers or brush!
This is me with just Candlelight around my eyes & to conceal blemishes.
Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer. Next, I use a damp beauty blender and dot this creamy CC cream all over my face and quickly blend it into my skin. I know I just gushed about ShadowSense, and this product might be tied with it as my number 1 SeneGence makeup product. I love this CCTM! Since I’ve been using SeneGence skincare I just don’t need the coverage of a foundation anymore and our tinted moisturizer is seriously perfect! It’s sheer, lightweight, and magically adapts and blends in to your skin tone, all while counteracting any redness or discoloration in your skin with it’s natural mint undertone (because green cancels out red). This product can actually take the place of your daytime moisturizer and has an SPF of 15 in it, and of course it’s also full of SenePlex complex too, so it’s got the skincare built right into it. If you wanted fuller coverage you could follow this up with a foundation too, but I find the color correcting tinted moisturizer to be just the perfect amount of coverage I need without looking like I have anything on. I wear light, and it also comes in medium (and there is a rumor that a deep shade is coming out soon, too). I cannot say enough about this stuff- every woman needs to try it! If you wear a moisturizer, try this. If you wear foundation, try this. Just try it & you’ll love it!
Before Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer
After CCTM
Moca Java ShadowSense. Another product that is multi-tasking! Not only is this a gorgeous, matte brown eye shadow color, but I also use it for my brows and some basic contouring as well. I use a small eye liner brush to lightly fill in my brows (for darker brows try our Garnet or Onyx ShadowSense, or a mixture of these colors). Again, this stuff stays where you put it, so your brows won’t just wipe off or smear- ShadowSense is long-wearing and water-resistant. I also apply just a little bit of Moca Java to my eye lid crease with a fluffy shadow brush, just for a bit of natural looking contour and definition around my eyes to help “wake them up.” Then I apply two very small dots of Moca Java right under my cheekbone and blend it with a medium sized fluffy brush to contour my cheeks, around my forehead, my jawline, and sometimes I use a small shadow brush to contour my nose ever so slightly. Moca Java, along with Candlelight, are two of my must-haves for my everyday makeup routine. So versatile and quick!
Moca Java ShadowSense on brows, in crease, & to contour.
Mulberry ShadowSense. Again, with the ShadowSense! This creamy, mauve-pink shadow color is gorgeous on your eyes, but can also be used as blush for your cheek color. I use just a little dot of this right on the apples of my cheeks and blend it with a small stipple brush until it’s blended. Pink Posey ShadowSense is another great color that doubles as blush, so either one is great to have in your ShadowSense aresenal if you’re looking for multi-tasking products (which has really helped me cut down on the amount of products in my makeup bag!)
LashSense mascara. LashSense is SeneGence’s waterproof mascara, and it’s the only waterproof mascara that I can use and recommend to people. My usual complaint is that waterproof is clumpy, thick, crumbles and leaves fallout under my eyes throughout the day, and rips my lashes out when I’m trying to take it off at the end of the day, but LashSense is nothing like that! It goes on thinly- I like to apply 2-3 layers of it if I want extra volume and length, allowing it to dry between each coat. For a quick and natural look, one coat is perfect for definition and for making your eyes pop. It doesn’t budge either, and it never crumbles off or leaves flaky mascara pieces under my eyes like other brands. It also hasn’t caused me to lose any lashes when I remove it either, which is amazing. I don’t think I can go back to “regular” mascara now, because LashSense has been with me when I cry, sweat, or swim! 
With 1 coat of LashSense in black.
Finished off with a little Sand gloss to moisturize my lips!
That’s it! These five products take me no more than 5 minutes to apply and I’ve got all of my bases covered- flawless looking skin, under eye circles gone, brows lightly filled in, a little color on my cheeks, and my lashes are on point. It’s the perfect “no makeup” makeup look that makes you feel beautiful and confident without looking like you spent a bunch of time getting ready. If I wanted to change this up and look a bit more made up I might add some more ShadowSense eye shadow colors (we’ve got 21 colors available), eye liner (I use our black Onyx ShadowSense as liner), and some LipSense for a little extra color. I threw on just a little bit of Sand gloss to finish up this look and still keep it light and natural, plus our glosses are super moisturizing because they are full of shea butter and vitamin E (so toss the chapstick and switch to LipSense’s gloss!) I have all of these products in stock and ready to ship. Everything comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so if you don’t love it you an return it or exchange it for something else!
Here’s the quick 5 minute before & after:

If you’re interested in these products or want to learn more about SeneGence makeup and skincare (including LipSense!) I’d love if you’d head over to my Facebook group and join me! I update it daily with makeup looks, LipSense colors, specials I’m running, games, events, etc. It’s the best place to stay up to date on all things SeneGence and you can watch all kinds of how-to’s and live videos! I love interacting with my group so feel free to pop in and say hi or ask a question. You can also purchase products there. Just tag me and/or message me and I’m always down to talk about makeup or skincare with you!!! 
I’ll be sharing more makeup looks and some of my favorite makeup and skincare products here on the blog too!