25 Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Is cooking and baking more than just making food for you? Do you love a well-organized and smoothly running kitchen? Do you enjoy finding gadgets that make things simpler and better? Then here we are, with some simple yet very effective kitchen gadgets. These tools each have a unique function so take a look!

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TNK Barracuda 5 in 1 Kitchen Multifunction Cooking Tool
Hot Dog Slicer
The Dipr The Ultimate Cookie Spoon
GarlicZoomGarlic Chopper
The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl/With The Spiral Slide Design ‘n Grip
Spaghetti Twirling Fork
Plug Egg Separator

1. TNK Barracuda 5 in 1 Kitchen Multifunction Cooking Tool:
This barracuda-inspired kitchen tool is an all-in-one kitchen buddy. This functions as a pasta tong, rice scoop, egg scraper,  salad server, and keeps your kitchen counter clean with its automatic ‘sit up’ mechanism. Its handles are made of pure stainless steel and can resist heat up to 460°F. The handle also has rubber pads to allow better grip and comfortability.

2.  Hot Dog Slicer: Save yourself from trying to make the perfect hot dog slices and get your hands on this one. This fun dachshund shape slicer can cut hot dogs evenly, without having a blade cutter. It also includes a condiment bowl for sauces and dips. Have fun while the real dog slices your hot dogs for a perfect lunch.

3.  The Dipr The Ultimate Cookie Spoon: Children, milk and cookies are a wonderful combination; nutritious, delicious but certainly messy. This cookie dipr was invented keeping in mind the untidiness your children make while dipping cookies and Oreos into milk. Now you can enjoy the combo any time of the day without worrying about the mess.

4.  GarlicZoomGarlic Chopper: One of the more dreadful kitchen tasks is peeling and chopping garlic. This garlic chopper makes half of your task easy. Simply put garlic inside the plastic ball and roll the wheels at the bottom over any surface and you’ll witness the amazing chopping. We are sure you wouldn’t miss out on garlic in any recipe now.

5.  The Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl/With The Spiral Slide Design ‘n Grip: No more soggy cereals at breakfast. This cool non-soggy cereal bowl consists of two separate compartments, one for the dry cereals and the other for milk. You can enjoy the crispiness and get your breakfast table ready a little earlier now.

6.  Spaghetti Twirling Fork:
Get this battery-operated twirling fork and watch the magic. This easy to use, removable and dishwasher safe fork will twirl the perfect bite of spaghetti for you.

7.  Plug Egg Separator: All the bakers out there, you will love this tool. You can separate egg yolks from already cracked eggs with this suction egg separator and make as many cakes as you want.

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Spread that! Heating knife
One-Click Stick Butter Cutter
Citrus Juice Sprayer
Dumpling Cube
Corn Peeler
Sammons Preston Pour Thing, No Lift Pouring Aid for Half Gallon and 2 Liter Jugs


8.  Spread that! Heating knife: Ever heard of a heating knife? Can you recall the struggle of cutting cold butter to spread on your bread every morning? Get spread that!heating knife and spread some melted butter.

9.  One-Click Stick Butter Cutter: Every time you want to add butter and cheese sticks to your dish, get your hands on this smart gadget, the one-click stick butter cutter. The perfect sticks every time, in less time and no mess.

10. Citrus Juice Sprayer: Insert the sprayer onto your fruits and get fresh juice to be sprayed on your salads. It’s a multipurpose tool; you can also use it as fresh fruit facial spray.

11. Dumpling Cube: Dumplings are a cute starter to your menu but not so easy to prepare. Get this dumpling cube tool and make the perfect shape, four in one go.

12. Corn Peeler: If removing corn kernels is not a happy thought this is the tool for you. Wait till you witness fresh perfect corns seamlessly removed kernels ready to be eaten.

13. Sammons Preston Pour Thing, No Lift Pouring Aid for Half Gallon and 2 Liter Jugs: This handy device makes it easy to pour half gallon and 2-liter jugs. Great for children or those who need a little extra help!

14. Chork: A combination of fork and chopsticks, this chork saves time and space. Asian cuisine gets handy and cool once chork is set on the table.

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Stuffed Burger Press
Pacman Oven Mitts
Pen Utensils
Egg Cuber
Mustard Condiment Dispenser Bottle – Red Condiment Gun
Quirky Egg Minder Wink App Enabled Smart Egg Tray
Microwave Bacon Rack


15. Stuffed Burger Press: The perfect round burgers are waiting to be served. Whether at home or camping in woods, this burger press tool will be a useful gadget to your culinary set.

16. Pacman Oven Mitts: Gone are the days when you had old boring cotton mitts and potholders. Bring in these molded silicon oven mitts; not only trendy and useful but also nostalgic.

17. Pen Utensils: These aren’t just simple pens, these are pen utensils. Serving a dual role, one side of these utensils is a pen and the other side could be a fork or a spoon. Bet you can’t any cooler in the office with these.

18. Egg Cuber: Bring some change in your breakfast, not with the eggs but the shape of your hard-boiled eggs. This egg cuber will mold your cooked eggs into a smart cube shape. It can also be a good way to teach your kids some shapes.

19. Mustard Condiment Dispenser Bottle – Red Condiment Gun: Make your barbecue thrilling and fun with this condiment gun and reusable cartridges. With its snub-nose shape you’re sure to get a laugh.

20. Quirky Egg Minder Wink App Enabled Smart Egg Tray: You know what’s different about this egg minder? Its tech savvy like you. Sync it with your smartphone and with a click, get an update on the eggs. This minder will tell you the number of eggs in your fridge, how old they are and if they are rotten.

21. Microwave Bacon Rack: Bacon is best when cooked the right way and frying it in the oven is not always a delicious option. So here it is, the microwave bacon rack which not only cooks well but also removes the unnecessary fat from it. Delicious and healthy bacon is on your way.

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Mini Non-Contact Infrared Pen Thermometer
Pancake Pen
Microwave S’more Maker
Golden Goose Egg Scrambler


22. Mini Non-Contact Infrared Pen Thermometer: This mini thermometer is a great travel partner. Unlike other thermometers, this one needs no contact with the food but provides you with accurate temperature through its infrared technology.

23. Pancake Pen: All the creative moms out there, here is your chance to make some fun pancakes. The pen can take up to three cups of your pancake batter, so you don’t need to refill. Make shapes, letters and others stuff with this pancake pen and enjoy the learning filled time with your children.

24. Microwave S’more Maker: You don’t need to wait foryour next camping trip to have s’mores. Get this microwave s’more maker and make your s’more in seconds. Light in weight, handy and hassle-free to make your trip delighting sweet.

25. Golden Goose Egg Scrambler: What’s better than having scrambled eggs for breakfast and that too with some fun. Grab this golden good egg scrambler and indulge in the deliciousness. This tool scrambles an egg without removing it from its shell.

You have to love the creativeness and options available for your cooking and kitchen endeavors. Add a couple of these gadgets to your kitchen toolset today!