20 Best Experience Gifts


    Giving a gift for that special someone can be hard to figure out if you want to make a lasting impact.  Giving yet another gift card can be boring and expected but finding a suitable item might be a challenge. Many of our relatives and friends may already have everything they require, so giving them an item may well be appreciated but lack that “wow” factor.

    Just about everyone loves having a great experience.  Its why often for birthdays and anniversaries we go somewhere to eat or have a party.  Its about the experience and memories. There are many experience gifts that you can give to those you love best. Even with all the material items in the world, experiences are what can last for a lifetime. You may find inspiration from some of the ideas below:

    1. A Luxurious Massage

    It seems everyone is stressed out these days, so it’s no surprise that many people would greatly appreciate a luxury massage.  This doesn’t even have to be the expensive kind. You can purchase a gift card at the local salon or book a whole spa day for your best friend. Either way, the recipient would be sure to love having a day of pampering. You can even book a couples’ massage, a group spa day, or whatever you feel is best for the occasion.

    2. Skydiving

    Skydiving is by far one of the most thrilling experiences a human being could ever go through. If your friend is a thrill-seeker, this would be the best way to fulfill their passion.

    The good news is that skydiving isn’t even a difficult or hazardous experience. Your friend might be a beginner, but they’ll be strapped to an experienced instructor the whole time. If you want to gift a child the experience of skydiving, look into indoor options. There might be a service near you which can guarantee the same thrill without needing anyone to jump out of a plane.

    3. A Treat

    You can gift an excellent personal experience without having to clear out your bank account. For this, simply take your friend or relative out for a nice coffee, that new ice cream place, or a picnic in the park. This would give you both a chance to chat, catch up on each other’s lives, and walk away feeling much better than before.

    Of course, you may jazz up these simple experiences as much as your budget would allow. Order some nice treats with the coffee or pack a fancy picnic lunch. At the end of the day, it’s about you taking the time to do something thoughtful for someone. They’d be sure to enjoy this gift more than a token present bought from a shop.

    4. Close to Nature

    Unfortunately, many of us are so immersed in our devices that we don’t get time to get our hands dirty in the garden anymore. You may have a friend who would love to garden or grow plants in their apartment but has no idea where to start.

    The perfect gift for someone like this would be gardening, composting, or even flower arrangement class. These are really handy skills that may not be technological but could improve one’s quality of life. Having artistic flower arrangements, a window box full of herbs, or a flourishing garden could satisfy anyone far more than even designer clothing or jewelry.

    5. Attending a Lecture or Talk

    If your friend is one of those intellectual minds, they might prefer getting tickets to a lecture or talk by one of their favorite personalities. The lecture may also be on something they’re interested in, such as writing or quantum physics.

    6. A Comedy Show

    Having a few good laughs could far surpass any material gift, so see if there are any good stand-ups happening near you or your friend. You could also opt to gift them tickets to a funny play by a local troupe or just an improvisation.

    However, it’s suggested that you check out the performer or performers beforehand to make sure it’s the type of comedy that your friend would actually appreciate. Having uncomfortable jokes made is definitely not a great way to spend an evening.

    7. A Gaming Arcade

    Arcades can be fun no matter what age you are. You and your friend could have a blast revisiting the games of your childhood, playing air hockey, and challenging each other in everything. There’s also usually a lot of fast food available at such places, so you can add lunch or dinner to your treat.

    8. Foraging Hikes

    Hiking could be more of a mutual adventure than a gift, but you can up the stakes by splurging on a foraging hike. This is more of a guided tour that would educate everyone about local plants, flora, and fauna as well. If your friend has an interest in botany, this might be the perfect way for them to fulfill their thirst for knowledge.

    9. Laser Tag

    You and your friend might be more into having fun as a group. If you’re all active enough, laser tag could be one of the most fun options for a gift. Running around and having a thrilling experience simply can’t be beaten. Who knows, your group may even end up making it a regular thing instead of simply gathering at a restaurant every month or so.

    10. Camping

    It might be possible for you to rent a camp ground site for a few nights. This would enable you and your group of friends to disconnect from the world for some time. This way, you can all get together and give that special friend a fun time that’s free of any distracting technology. They’d be sure to remember roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories, canoeing, and swimming for a long time to come.

    11. Trampoline Parks

    A pass for a trampoline park won’t cost much, but the experience would be a highly enjoyable one. This would also be great if your friend is relatively young or has kids who also need entertainment. The bouncing would be an excellent way to get your exercise in, burn a few calories, and make memories that would last a lifetime.

    12.Cooking or Baking Classes

    This is a gift that would be both loads of fun and useful to boot. They might not appeal to someone who doesn’t like to cook, though, so make sure your gift is appropriate. In any case, if your friend has only recently started living by themselves or is looking for ways to budget their lifestyle, these classes would be a handy tool for their cooing independence.

    Cooking and baking skills are more or less a necessity in life, so you can get your friend classes that would teach them the basics. If they’re already in tune with the bare facts, you can get them advanced classes so they can learn how to decorate and present their creations along with making them. You can also join in to make sure they don’t feel lonely or awkward when starting classes.

    13. Theme Parks

    If there’s a local theme park by you, consider investing in a year-long pass for your friend. This way, they can get to go and have the time of their life whenever they feel like it. You might even get one for yourself, so you could have fun together.

    14. A Cruise

    If you have some money saved, consider chartering a boat for a sunset cruise. This would make a great anniversary gift for your significant other or a couple’s gift for your best friends. The cruise could just be a local, private one that lasts for a couple of hours. If you really have the cash to go for some extravagance, a proper cruise on a huge ship may not be a bad idea either.

    15. A Wellness Retreat

    With the busy and full schedules these days, your friend or loved one simply may not have time for themselves anymore. You can try to alleviate this situation by treating them to a wellness retreat experience and help them reset their lives.

    Wellness retreats are a mixture of natural beauty, yoga sessions, meditation, and generally getting to know yourself better. There’s nutritious food, time for naps, and an unparalleled connecting with yourself and nature. This gift may lead more than one person to find a whole new identity or mindset for themselves, even when the retreat time is over.

    16. A Gym Membership

    Be careful with this gift, as some people might take it as an insult. However, if someone you know is looking for ways to lose weight on a budget, gifting them a gym membership is a decent idea. These memberships don’t come cheap, especially if they’re one of those fancy, high end ones.

    Giving someone a gym membership would show them that you care about their health and are willing to help them take care of it. If you get a similar membership for yourself, this would also be an excuse for the two of you to hang out. You may even become accountability partners and foster a mutually beneficial connection.

    17. A Staycation

    Not every experience needs to be outside the home. When the next holiday season comes around, you can suggest a staycation to let you and your partner relax. You may also look into fun and exciting activities that can be performed right inside the house, such as sliding down ropes, creating an escape room, etc.

    18. Fruit Picking

    As a local farmer for permission to explore his fields or find an orchard that would let you do your own picking. There are many places where you can stop by and treat your friend to a whole day of fun fruit-picking. There might also be classes on how to bake, preserve, or can the fruit for later use.

    19. A Vacation

    You can also pull out all stops and treat a very special person to a proper vacation. A couple could save up money over the years and treat themselves right when they finally get enough in the bank. This could be a world tour or a few days spent as a second honeymoon. Whichever one you choose, it would certainly be a relaxing break from the humdrum of everyday life.

    20. Course for App Making

    This one might sound a bit odd but with today’s technology anyone can design an app.  Making applications for iPhones and Androids is a surefire way to success in the digital age. Your friend or family member might always have been interested in computers and technology but be currently bogged down with a dead-end job.

    Giving someone the gift of an app-making course would ensure that they get a skill worth having in modern times. This skill set might even inspire them to choose a different means of livelihood that they actually love.


    An experience doesn’t always have to be an adventure. Learning a new skill or just having a relaxing time could also be something that everyone would highly value. Choose one of the ideas listed above or something similar and you may be surprised at the joy people find in experiential gifts.


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