15 Unforgettable Experience Gifts for All Ages


    Gift-giving is a kind gesture that shows just how much we love and appreciate someone. Because of this, we always want to make sure we give them the best gift that they deserve. While any kind of gift is just as valuable, experience gifts are a unique alternative to traditional material gifts that can be quite memorable to the receiver even if it is intangible. Just as the name suggests, experience gifts offer people a new, exciting, and relaxing experience with activities that may include learning from a class, going on an adventure, or collaborating with someone. These kinds of gifts provide life-long memories and opportunities for self-discovery, refreshment, and growth, making them one for the books.

    If you’re new to experience gifts and are unsure where to start and what to choose from, don’t worry we’ve got you? We have curated a list of popular experience gifts for people of different age groups so you will be guided on your gift search, so read on!

    Experience Gifts for Kids

    Kids painting in an art class with a teacher guiding them

    While children are young, it is great for them to have a lot of fun and memorable experiences that can help in their self-development and discovery. From the thrill of amusement parks to educational science museums, experience gifts are made to create an exciting journey that they will cherish until they grow older. Here are some of the popular experience gifts for kids that you can choose from:

    1. Science Museum Pass – Children can explore and learn about the marvels of science with the stimulating setting offered by a science museum. Gifting them a science museum pass grants them access to hands-on exhibits, educational demonstrations, and interactive displays. This sparks curiosity and promotes critical thinking and problem-solving through an engaging environment.

    Girl riding carousel

    2. Amusement Park Day Pass – Kids will definitely enjoy a whole day of fun and adventure if you gift them with an Amusement Park Day pass or ticket. Amusement Parks are generally appealing to the public but most especially to children who love a vibrant and exciting setting. They will love to have the opportunity to experience thrilling rides, delicious food, and bright attractions. Not only will this be entertaining, but it will also promote social interaction and exercise.

    3. Planetarium Visit – For lovers of the wonders of the universe, a planetarium pass can be an awesome experience gift for kids. Within the domed structure of a planetarium, children may experience immersive displays that illustrate the cosmos, including planets, stars, and galaxies. This positive experience also gives an engaging and approachable introduction to astronomy.

    Children in a cooking class

    4. Junior Cooking Class Membership/Workshop – This is a practical and fun experience gift that teaches kids fundamental culinary skills so they get a chance to prepare and savor their own delicious meals. Kids can learn valuable life skills and develop their creativity, motor skills, knowledge of nutrition, and sense of independence at an early age.

    5. Creative Workshop or Class – Gifting kids with access to a creative workshop or class can offer a nurturing way to develop their imagination, creativity, and self-expression. Many of the artistic activities that may be offered by this experience gift may include painting, sketching, ceramics, and crafting.

    Experience Gifts for Teens and Young Adults

    Teens playing with virtual reality gaming setup

    When one enters their teenage years, it’s all about going out of their comfort zones, going on more adventures, and seeking creative and thrilling experiences. Experience gifts that are filled with adventure, thrill, and excitement are perfect for those who are in the prime of life like teenagers. Here are experience gifts you can choose from that are sure to capture the teenage spirit:

    1. Virtual Reality Arcade Pass – Teens and young adults always love new and tech-savvy experiences. A virtual reality arcade pass is a great experience gift for teens as it allows them to enjoy an immersive, cutting-edge gaming experience that’s different from traditional gaming experiences. It gives them a chance to also interact socially with friends, and explore the newest developments of the virtual world, exciting virtual experiences, and gaming technologies.

    People at a music concert waving their hands while a band performs on stage

    2. Concert or Music Festival Tickets – Tickets for concerts or music festivals can give teens and young adults the opportunity to see their favorite musicians play live or to check out new music in a fun and lively setting. After all, it’s a unique and satisfying experience to see the actual performance of your favorite artist in person. Teens can make lifelong memories and take part in a group celebration of music and culture by going to concerts or music festivals.

    3. Escape Room – This unique, exciting, and trending experience gift offers a fresh and mentally stimulating kind of entertainment where participants must escape a room within an allotted time by solving riddles and collaborating with others. This is a wonderful experience for teens and young adults who love solving puzzles and thrilling experiences. It also encourages teamwork, critical thinking, and communication which are important life skills.

    Young teenage girl riding kayak on river

    4. DIY Art Studio Session – Of course, art is just not for children, but teens can still get to enjoy it as well! An experience gift involving a hands-on art session or class can help teens explore beyond their imagination. They can develop their artistic abilities through the guidance of skilled artists or instructors as they participate in various artistic activities such as painting, pottery-making, sketching, and crafting. This experience gift is not only vital for self-development but it also offers a therapeutic and enjoyable outlet.

    5. Outdoor Adventure/Activity Pass – An outdoor adventure/activity pass is perfect for teens and young adults who are starting to explore new places and experiences that can also help their self-development. This experience gift gives them access to a variety of thrilling outdoor activities, like zip-lining, rock climbing, hiking, and kayaking, among others. Not only is it an enjoyable and unforgettable experience, but it also encourages physical exercise, and resilience, and fosters a love for nature.

    Experience Gifts for Adults and Parents

    Adults doing a yoga session indoors

    Adults and parents are most of the time all about busy schedules, pending work, and meeting deadlines, apart from other obligations at home. Experience gifts can provide a much-needed break for these hardworking individuals and help them realize that they are still humans who deserve a healthy dose of self-love. Here is a list of experience gifts for adults that are sure to be memorable:

    1. Dance or Yoga Retreat – You can help adults and parents relax and rejuvenate themselves with a dance or yoga retreat experience gift. Here, they can immerse themselves in a world of mindfulness with gentle yoga movements and exercises. This gives them the opportunity to unwind and de-stress to balance out their busy lives and to refresh their minds and bodies.

    Man introducing a bottle of wine to a group of people

    2. Wine Tasting Tour and/or Membership – Most adults always love a good-tasting wine experience. Gifting them with either a wine-tasting tour and/or membership offers them an elegant and pleasurable method to savor wine possibly through guided tastings, trips to vineyards, and special memberships that grant access to exclusive wine selections. This also broadens the adults’ palate and discover new favorite flavors.

    3. Spa Gift Card or Wellness Retreat – Similar to a dance or yoga retreat, gifting adults with a spa gift card or wellness retreat can be a relaxing break from the daily stressors and obligations that they deal with daily. They will be offered massages, facials, and other therapeutic treatments that encourage both physical and emotional refreshment.

    People riding a hot air balloon

    4. Bed and Breakfast Getaway – An experience gift perfect for the love birds where they may enjoy a charming and comfortable date, is a bed and breakfast getaway. Couples who love to stay indoors during their quality time will definitely appreciate a bed and breakfast that offers a customized and private experience. They give a warmer and cozy feeling compared to hotels where they can enjoy each other’s company while escaping the daily grind.

    5. Hot Air Balloon Ride – A hot air balloon ride is a unique experience gift that offers adults an amazing adventure as they soar over the sky and look at the gorgeous scenery below them. They get a breathtaking aerial viewpoint which may give a feeling of freedom, independence, and relaxation. Whether you give this to someone with an adventurous spirit or a newbie in the field, this is still sure to be an unforgettable experience gift!


    In life, experience gifts are a great way for people to be in touch with themselves on a deeper level and to value experiences in life whether independently or with loved ones. This also balances the need to satisfy oneself with material possessions so they can also focus on making memories that will bring joy and lessons that they can look back to any time.


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