10 Best Monitor Arms for a Home Office

One of the primary reasons why monitor arms are designed is to save desk space at your home office. It also provides you the versatility of adjusting the monitor wherever you like according to your preference. In this day and age, we have great mounts for different things such as monitors, iPad, or books, for instance.

There are several kinds of monitor arms that are available in the market that you can choose according to your priorities such as buying a monitor arm that is stylish, cost-efficient, or provides a large range of adjustment angles and positions to improve your work experience.

In this article, we will suggest our top picks and a buying guide to help you decide the best monitor arm for your home office.

Types of Monitor Arms

There are two foremost types of monitor arms that are further divided into many classes according to the different features they provide.

Single Monitor Arm

The major concern while considering a single monitor arm will always be the weight of your monitor. For Heavier monitors like Apple Cinema Displays and iMacs, we recommend particular monitor arms such as the Humanscale M8 and Innovative 7517-1500. It is likewise essential to figure out the size of VESA mounting plate your screen will require. Most screens will utilize either 75mm or 100mm VESA plates. However, some may require 200x100mm plates.

Dual Monitor Arm for Dual Monitor Setup

Dual monitor arm allows you to set up two monitors side by sides such as a normal monitor and your workstation (laptop), providing you portability and saving a lot of desk space. While making a purchase of a dual monitor arm for your multi-monitor setup, one should be careful about inspecting the arm’s specification as it will make sure that your monitors fit together well on the monitor arm.

It is also extremely important to decide that if you need a crossbar or not as it will ensure that your monitors are at the same height.

Buying guide

There are numerous factors that you need to consider before getting a monitor arm to make certain that it perfectly fits your requirements. These characteristics include:

Height Adjustment

This is a very important factor to consider and it can be achieved in many ways depending upon the arm. You can adjust the height of a monitor arm to set the perfect viewing angle of the monitor according to the height of your seat or eyes.

Different LCD arms will use one of these methods for height control:

Gas Cylinder

It enables you to slide the pole down in order to adjust the height of the arm. They are designed in comparison to the weight of the monitor and you should order them according to the weight of your monitor.

Fingertip Control

A considerable amount of fingertip control monitor arms has gas cylinders to make the controlling efficient and convenient. You can adjust the height of the monitor arm by simply using your fingertips.

Pole Mount

The links of the monitor arm are connected to a pole that is further attached to the table. In order to adjust the height, you can slide the link up or down. It is for the people who do not want to adjust the height frequently.


Most of the rotating monitor arms enable you to rotate your monitor at 360 degrees which allows a quick rotation of the monitor to share or show some information to the people sitting in your home office. They also allow you to adjust your monitor from landscape to portrait position.

Standardized Construction (Modularity)

This is another one of the most import aspects which you need to contemplate before buying as the majority of monitor arms are not configurable, but there are some latest inventions that allow you to change the mounting method and reconfiguration of the arms.

Adjustment of Depth

The distance which you can attain by pushing your monitor back or pulling it forward is decided by the length of the arm you have purchased. If you need the flexibility to move your monitor as close as possible to the post, opt for the models that offer extended reach arms.

Here are our top picks regarding best monitor arms that you can use to get assistance in enhancing your work experience.

Where to Buy
VIVO dual LCD monitor desk
Ergotech freedom arm
Bestand monitor arm S2
Loctek D5D
North Bayou F80
Loctek D7D dual monitor mount
Ergotron 45-475-026 HX Desk Mount Monitor Arm
Ergotron LX desk mount
HUANUO dual monitor mount
AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor


1. VIVO dual LCD monitor desk

Multiple monitor sets can consume a lot of desk space and can be difficult to line up. Mounting your monitors to stand-V002 will free up an enormous amount of room from your desk. Its Assembly is quick and simple as all the necessary tools are provided. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures solid and reliable mounting. The arms are long enough to support widescreen monitors up to 27 inches.


  • Monitors can be easily positioned for best possible viewing
  • Can be rotated for portrait or landscape view
  • Integrated cable management to keep your desk clean and much more organized
  • Can easily be installed
  • Highly affordable


  • Moving the monitors up and down can be hectic to do in small increments

2. Ergotech freedom arm

Ergotech is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative computer economic solutions particularly in LCD computer monitor mounts and LCD arms. Ergotech has established its name in the industry through quality product design and exceptional engineering. The freedom monitor arm allows you to replace your static display stand with a flexible arm which enables you to tilt, pan, and rotate your monitor into the perfect spot.

It gives approximately 12 inches of vertical height adjustment. Whenever you need some extra desk space while your computer is powered up, you can just push your display away from the desk and free it up.


  • Has an excellent extension range
  • Compatible with Thunderbolt displays, Imax with built-in VESA compatibility
  • Ideal for upgrading your workspace
  • Can easily be installed
  • Cable management keeps the desk more organized


  • Because it is well constructed, the duty arm is partially heavy

3. Bestand monitor arm S2

The Bestand monitor arm S2 makes it easy to adjust LCD monitors to a comfortable position and is helpful in relieving eye fatigue, neck and back pain. Its universal rotation enables viewing your monitor from any angle. If you are someone who hates cables, you will love this monitor arm because its cable management system is well-thought and will keep your desk as clean as possible.

It can support monitors up to 27 inches has a weight capacity of 9kgs. Its build quality is top notch as it is made up of the aviation grade aluminum alloy material that ensures it won’t break easily.


  • Multi-angle rotation allows you to swivel 360 degrees from landscape to portrait mode or any other angle.
  • Extremely durable and cost-effective
  • Dual arm; you can attach dual monitors and adjust them side by side
  • Adjustable gas spring stand holder
  • High-quality build


  • Weight capacity is lower as compared to the other monitor arms

4. Loctek D5D

The Loctek D5D is a good option for anyone who is looking for an affordable dual monitor solution. For adjustment, it has a gas spring hovering system that easily allows you to adjust the height. It also has good compartments for keeping the wires well organized, which in return makes it easy to position your screen, without the wires interfering.


  • Easy to install
  • Extremely durable, good design and firmly built
  • Good product for its price
  • Gas spring hovering system


  • It has a limited range of movement

5. North Bayou F80

The North bayou F80 is an extremely popular desk mount that comes with a very affordable price. This mounting arm is perfect if your home office work environment includes team sharing information sessions because it allows you to rotate your monitors at 360 degrees and swivel horizontally at 180 degrees. The arm has a very solid metal construction with plastic covers that hide input and power cables exceptionally well, keeping your workspace clean and making sure that wires just don’t hang down from the monitor.

It has a gas spring system that makes it easy for you to position the screen by just moving your fingers on the monitor.


  • It is made from sturdy and durable aluminum alloy that has smooth shiny chrome covering
  • The built-in cable duct excellently hides all the wires inside the arm
  • Unlimited positions to adjust your monitor depending upon your preference


  • Takes some doing for installation

6. Loctek D7D dual monitor mount

The Loctek D7D can easily adjust your displays for a proper ergonomic setup. This monitor arm is designed to support monitors weighing between 2 to 9kgs (per arm). It is a pro version of Locktek D5D that is discussed above. The option to increase or reduce the tension of the arm according to the weight of your screen is a great feature as it ensures that it is calibrated appropriately to bear heavier monitors.

The shiny arms add fantastic appeal to the overall aesthetics of this monitor mount.


  • Perfect monitor arm if you are looking for a heavy-duty solution to mount your large and heavy display
  • Efficient cable management ensures the table is neat, organized and wires move freely while changing positions


  • Expensive, not affordable by everyone

7. Ergotron 45-475-026 HX Desk Mount Monitor Arm

The HX desk monitor arm by Ergotron is the perfect accessory to mount your Monitor firmly. It features a new post design that frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity. It accommodates large monitors weighing up to 20kgs. The arm can be rotated at 360 degrees for portrait or landscape mode.


  • Ensures years of trouble-free height adjustment
  • The screen doesn’t move or jiggle at all when mounted on it


  • The visual design is not very pleasing as compared to other products available

8. Ergotron LX desk mount

It is firmly built with heavy duty metal springs and joints. The Ergotron LX desk mount will make your working experience more enjoyable as it is acutely adaptable. It has the ability to carry monitors weighing up to 10 to 12 kilograms. It has a patented CF motion technology that provides both, a smooth movement and efficient adjustment.


  • Exceptional build quality
  • Offers an attractive design
  • Balancing your monitors to various positions is straightforward


  • Claims of overpricing

9. HUANUO dual monitor mount

The HUANUO dual monitor mount is exceptionally alluring with its classic color design (black and white). It also offers desk clamp installation solution and unchallenging arm installation. The gas spring full motion makes it easier to manage both screens without any complexity.

It can fit almost every 15 to 27 inches computer monitors from different brands.


  • Strong build quality
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Smooth gas spring motion
  • You don’t need to drill a hole on the table when installing it


  • Wobbles a bit

10. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor

The last but not the least on our list for the best monitor arms is Amazonbasics premium dual monitor. It can be adjusted effortlessly and is extremely easy to control. Both the arms have the capability to adjust the monitors up to 10kgs. It comes with a one-year warranty.

With this arm, you won’t need to drill holes in the desk as the clamps can fit desks by gripping it from the upper and lower side. It can perfectly fit desks between 0.4 to 2.4 inches.


  • Super-fast installation setup
  • Easy handling
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • High-quality build


  • The built-in channel for cable management isn’t large enough


There are a many monitor arms that are available in the market and it’s can be difficult to choose the one which perfectly fits your needs. It depends on your priorities and the type of work you do in your home office. The above-mentioned product recommendations are based on reviews of thousands of people, covering all kinds of user preferences such as style, build quality, portability, pricing.

If you are wanting to choose a high-end one then go for the Loctek D7D dual monitor mount. If you are on a budget and want a low-cost monitor arm then opt for the VIVO dual LCD monitor desk or North Bayou F80.