10 Best Melamine Mixing Bowls

Melamine Mixing Bowls

Nowadays kitchens have got so many new things which have made our life a lot easier. Bowls are one of those things which are not new but their look has been very much changed over the course of the time. Currently, there are so many bowls made up of highly durable material which saves your bucks. These bowls are often available in a set with varying sizes and that’s the reason they do not occupy that much space and easily fit into each other.

The usage of these bowls may vary from person to person but the most common usage is of course mixing, and they can also be used for storing food items. There are so many varieties available in bowls and it is kind of difficult for a buyer to make a choice but we have made this easy for you and got 10 best out of many bowls, so continue reading.

10 of the Best Melamine Mixing Bowls


1. OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

The OXO Grips 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set (in blue, green and yellow colors). The price of this bowl set is not too much and the quality is just superb. The handles of these bowls are made really soft and you can easily grip them in your hand. The bottom of the bowl has been made non-slippery so it does not move while you are mixing. The lips size is wide and all sorts of ingredients can easily be mixed by these.

2. 4 Melamine Bowl Set with Lids

This one is the Melamine Bowl Set with lids. You will get 4 pieces of Melamine bowl set with lids in quite a reasonable price. The material used in the making of these bowls is totally BPA free. These bowls are just great for anything like mixing, or storing. The size of the bowls is in increasing order so they could easily fix into each other. The bottom of these is non-slippery and that what gives you the smooth mixing.

3. Oggi 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

The Oggi 3-Piece Bowl Set (in pure white color) is one of the best brands of bowls. The great thing about this is that you can buy whatever quantity you want to. The size differs so they save a lot of space by staying together inside each other. The material used in the making of the bowl is melamine which is highly durable. This is dishwasher safe and you should not worry about their strength, they are light in weight but strong enough.

4. Trudeau Melamine Mixing Bowls

This is one of the best bowls brand the Trudeau melamine mixing bowls which come in the set of 3. These bowls are very much attractive because of their bright colors. They are made up for doing any sort of mixing as the lips are wide enough to give you the facility. The melamine material has been used to give them the real strength. With non-slippery bottom and the dishwasher safe this is truly worth buying.

5. Pandex Melamine Mixing Bowl Set

Well you most of the times need a bowl to do things like mixing or storing but you also need reliability as you cannot replace these bowls all the time. Then try this one the “Pandex melamine mixing bowl set of 4 and 4 lids” is truly one of the best bowl set out there. The melamine material used in this gives you the surety about durability. These bowls are totally free of BPA.

6. Oggi Melamine 4-Piece Ribbed Prep Bowl Set with Lids

This one is the 4 piece Melamine bowl set with lids, and the great thing about this bowl set is that it is available in quite reasonable price. The bottom of these bowls is non-slippery so you don’t need to worry about how to handle while mixing. Another great thing is that it is highly durable because of the melamine material used in the making of this. The colors are really nice and add to the beauty of your kitchen.

7. Melamine Mixing Bowl Set

This is another high quality melamine mixing bowl set with 4 bowls and 4 lids. The making of these bowls is done with heavyweight pure melamine which makes sure that it remains in good shape. These bowls can be used in many forms as you can do mixing in it or store anything you want to. The gasket is non-slippery which gives you the firm grip. The good thing is that they are dishwasher safe and totally BPA free.

8. Zak! Designs Confetti Mixing Bowls – Durable and BPA-free Melamine

If you love art then these bowls will surely give you something attractive in your kitchen. The Zak, designs Confetti Mixing Bowls (comes in 4 pieces) which give quality with some style. These are the classical sort of bowls very much popular in the late 50’s. These bowls are made up of melamine material and the good thing is that it is BPA free. This is not made for microwave usage. The bowls are in increasing order so they fit into each other to save the space.

9. Paula Deen Signature Pantryware 3-Piece Melamine Mixing Bowl Set

This one is the Paula Deen Signature Pantryware 3-piece melamine mixing bowl set, in red stripe. The different sizes of the bowls in the set allow you to have one for every kind of application. The material used in the making of the bowls is of great quality, highly durable. They are dishwasher and there is quality assurance guarantee in this. Given all these advantages this is one of the best packages available out there right now.

10. Melamine 10-Piece Bowl Set Includes Lids

The melamine 10-piece bowl set includes lids, 5 sizes. The price of the set is very low and the quality is uncompromised. These bowls are made up of melamine material which gives the strength and durability. The weight of these bowls is bit heavy and they look like made up of ceramic material. This is dish safer washer and totally BPA free. Applications of these bowls are enormous and that’s what makes them necessary for all the kitchens.


You should always go for the bowl which has got the non-slippery bottom and the mouth has to be wider too. The price of these bowls is not that much and you will find them efficient in many ways as well.