10 Best Electric Tree Pruner Reviews

Electric Tree Pruners

Do you have trees and shrubs in your home courtyard or on some other area which you own? Instead of climbing up the trees and using a ladder you can use electric tree pruners and hedge trimmers. Electric Tree Pruners are the best to use in small courtyards and lawns. A person who owns property with shrubs and trees cannot ignore the job of pruning.  Dead and overgrown branches or stems must be cut right away because they pose a serious threat and may even kill people, in worst instances, if you don’t take action. And while it’s true that using high-quality Waterproof Solder Wire Connectors can protect wire connections even in harsh weather conditions,  never let your wires get near overgrown branches or other parts of trees. Obviously, wires can’t withstand falling tree parts or debris, right? That’s why tree pruning should not be underrated.  Electric pruners are the best for this purpose. This can become an enjoyable job if you have the right tools for it.

Electric pruners are the best choice for this purpose. There are many pruners available on the market, to help you cutting hard and rigid branches. These electric pruners are ideal to save your time and energy. They can easily go through leafy areas of plants and can also cut the hard branches. We have 10 best pruners for you to have the best gardening experience:

10 of the Best Electric Tree Pruners

Where to Buy
Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw
BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Pole Saw
Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo
Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner
Remington RM1025P Ranger Electric Chain Saw/Pole Saw Combo
WORX WG308 Electric Jaw Saw with Extension Handle
GreenWorks 20192 Corded Pole Saw w/Case
WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw
TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw
Husqvarna 327PT5S 2-Stroke Gas Powered Telescopic Pole Saw

1. Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw


Sun Joe Electric Pole Chain Saw is ideal for the cutting of overhanging limbs and thin logs. It is easily extended to 8.7 ft. to provide 15 ft. overhead reach. The best thing about the saw is that it is automatically lubricated. It has a powerful motor of 6.5 amp which can cut down branches of up to 7.5 inches thickness. Its Oregon cutting bar’s size is 8inches. It is approved by CSA with 2 years of full warranty.

2. BLACK+DECKER LPP120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Pole Saw


Ion Cordless Pole Saw is perfect for your work; it has an extension that allows for a useable length of 6-1/2 or 10 feet; with an overhead reach of up to 14 inches. It is powered by 20-volt MAX lithium battery. The best thing about this pole saw. Its excellent battery works for a long time and saw can make up to 100 cuts of 1-1/2 inches thick pine branches. Pole saw cutting bar is 8 inches and its chain allows for a maximum cutting of diameter 6 inches. It has a star-qualified charger and the warranty of 2 years includes battery and charger.

3. Remington RM1025SPS Ranger Electric Chainsaw/Pole Saw Combo


This is the combination of a chain saw and pole saw, now you don’t need to worry and have 2 in 1 saw. This is the perfect saw for the smaller limbs which are hard to reach. It is driven by a low kick-back 10-inch bar and chain with a motor of 8 amperes. It has an easy flip and lock clamps that secure pole length for comfortable usage. It has the ability to cut branches from 10 feet to 15 feet. Chainsaw is also detachable.

4. Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner


If you are tired of using a ladder to climb up the tree this tree pruner is perfectly awesome for you. It has power lever technology which gives you two times more benefit than other ordinary pruners. It has woodZig saw blade of 15 inches which goes through thick branches.  Its maximum cutting capacity is 1-1/2 inch diameter. And the most amazing fact, that is has a lifetime warranty.

5. Remington RM1025P Ranger Electric Chain Saw/Pole Saw Combo


Here is the perfect 2in1 tool for tree trimming of small limbs. A low kickback 10-inch bar with a motor of 8 amperes drives it. This saw can cut 10-15 inches branches and also has easy flip and lock clamps quickly secure pole length. Conversion from pole saw to chain saw is easy and tool-less.

6. WORX WG308 Electric Jaw Saw with Extension Handle


This jaw saw bar measures 6 inches; 4-inch maximum cutting length and weighs 11.7 pounds. Feasible extended handle for the cutting of extra-long branches. It is entirely run by electricity (5 amps battery) no other gas or fuel is used. There is an enclosed jaw guard to keep the focus on cutting and finger safe. Maximum tendency to cut limbs is still 12 inches and has a unique single-bolt auto-tension system. The jaw saw (model#WG307) and an extension pole (model#WA0163).

7. GreenWorks 20192 Corded Pole Saw w/Case


GreenWorks pole saw has its case along with it. It is really easy to use with its flexible tensioning system for quick tightening of the chain. 6.5 amps motor which starts within seconds and 8 inch Oregon bar and chain for trimming down its limbs in hard to reach areas too. Its 3 piece aluminum shaft can be extended to 8 feet. Don’t worry about its durability because of its automatic oil supply.

8. WORX WG309 Electric Pole Saw


WORX Electric Pole Saw is the one you might be looking for, with a rotatable handle for easy pruning. Its patented auto-tension system gives you an extended bar and chain life. Its 8-foot extension pole with tool-less installation will give you the best working experience, it’s also compact and light weighted.

9. TrimmerPlus PS720 Pole Saw


TrimmerPlus gives you perfect approach high branches; can also be attached to other attachment-capable trimmers. This trimmer can reach up to 12 inches with a 7-foot pole and saw, 2 extension sections allow for 2 heights allows for two heights options. It is offered with a limited warranty of 2 years.

10. Husqvarna 327PT5S 2-Stroke Gas Powered Telescopic Pole Saw


Last but not the least pole saw has an automatic resetting and lubricating system. It can be extended to 13 feet. If you register your product online, you will get 2-32 oz. pre-mix oil with it. With a warranty of 2-4 years.


For any kind of trimmer that you are thinking to buy, these electric tree pruners will be the perfect ones. You can select the one you exactly need. It has all good qualities of a perfect trimmer for a gardener to go through thick and thin shrubs and tree limbs.  Certain tools, such as those found at https://handyman.guide/basic-woodworking-tools/, make things much easier and will only speed your work rate up.