Learn the Benefits of Swivel Peelers

Have you tried peeling fruits and vegetables with just a knife? It can take a while to feel comfortable maneuvering these sharp tools to make satisfactorily crisp slices of fruit. You can end up with painful cuts on the skin and a week of squirming when touching acidic food or soaps. 

Lucky for all of us, swivel peelers exist! They are a type of peeler with a floating and suspended blade so that it moves around or, as its name suggests, swivels! Others refer to swivel peelers as Jonas peelers.

However, if its purpose is only to peel, does one need it in the kitchen? Isn’t it better to be cost-effective by buying materials that could serve various purposes, such as the knife? 

You may be right. However, because tools like these are specialized for their function, they are much easier to use and make the work more convenient. Consider this if you are a beginner or a simple home chef who wants to start getting their children involved in the kitchen.

What else are the benefits of swivel peelers? Please read this article to find out why the extra bucks are worth it! 

Very Intuitive and Not Difficult to Use

Some people are intimidated when kitchen tools and machines come with a lengthy manual with so much text to read. Not everyone has the time to read that and ends up hurting themselves. 

Luckily, to use the swivel peeler, you don’t need a manual or a long video tutorial to figure out how the tool works. At most, you’ll only need to see how other people do it, which is often enough. For others, the way to use it is very straightforward: once they hold the peeler, they utilize it as if they’ve been doing so for years! 

You only need to hold the vegetable or fruit with one hand while the other peels back the skin in a backward and forward motion. Make sure to do so with a straight direction in mind. If you want to peel round-shaped food, such as an apple, then use the peeler in a spiral motion.

Makes Thin, Sleek Peels

There is a problem often encountered by beginners. The challenge is when one is peeling the fruit but also taking out a chunk of what is edible. Any beginner would feel frustrated and remark about what seems like such a waste.

To skip the agony, use a swivel peeler. Because it has a sharp blade and automatically adjusts to the pressure, you can achieve thin, sleek peels. Just skim the swivel peeler along the skin of your selected products, and voila! 

 The Best for Peeling Long Vegetables

Whether you’re preparing slices of fresh cucumber for your vegetable salad or thin cuts of eggplant for some fancy ratatouille, swivel peelers come in handy and do the job well! Examples of long vegetables you can peel with a swivel peeler are asparagus, carrots, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini, butternut squash, and parsnips.

Used to Make Presentable Vegetable Ribbons

What are vegetable ribbons? These are long and thin strips of vegetables often incorporated in certain dishes. They look pleasing to the eyes and can surely leave a good impression on your workmates and extended family members. 

Making satisfactory vegetable ribbons is difficult when using a knife or any other peeler, but the swivel peelers make this task a breeze. Ditch the boring-looking salads and go for something more spectacular yet elegant by preparing salads with vegetable ribbons!

Perfect for Peeling Smaller Sized Fruits and Vegetables 

The task of peeling and slicing fresh produce is accelerated in difficulty when the size gets smaller. There is more surface variability, and the process can become accident-prone if not handled well.

Fortunately, people can use swivel peelers on smaller-sized fruits and vegetables as long as they are firm. Examples of produce you can prepare using a swivel peeler are radishes, small or medium potatoes, broccoli stems, and small apples. 

However, note that swivel peelers can be challenging to peel with if the small produce is not firm but soft and mushy, such as citrus fruits and tomatoes. It also wouldn’t be helpful for larger-sized, thick-skinned fruits and vegetables like watermelon or pumpkin.

Hook Enables the User to Do More

The swivel peeler does not serve only one function (i.e., peeling vegetables and fruits). People also use swivel peelers to pluck out the eyes of pineapples and remove blemishes from potatoes and other vegetables. Such is made possible by the hook of a swivel peeler. The process becomes easier and faster to do, hence saving time. 

Taking out the eyes of pineapples has only been remarked as difficult, time-consuming, and laborious. Save yourself from making the same comments using a swivel peeler’s hook.

Utilized to Shave Cheese and Chocolate

If you’re tired of reading what the swivel peeler can do with vegetables and fruits, hang on tight because they also play a role in dishes or treats with cheese or chocolate! The swivel peeler can shave cheese and chocolate into flat strips. By doing so, you can come up with a beautiful presentation of food or hasten its melting process. 

Shaved cheese or shaved chocolate in the market often comes at higher prices. Save more money by doing the shaving process at home. It’s pretty easy and also helps you become more cost-efficient.


As you have read, the swivel peeler is very versatile: not only can it peel fruits and vegetables, but it can also shave, pluck, and remove blemishes! You can maximize your creativity and produce beautiful and aesthetic dishes with the help of a swivel peeler since you can achieve shavings or ribboned slices with it. 

Because it is a popular kitchen tool, many are available in the market, or even online, and it is affordable too. To accomplish tomorrow’s recipe, you should first head to the nearest store to get this kitchen essential!