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Learn the Benefits of Lancashire Peelers

Lancashire peelers are upright peelers with fixed blades, typically peeling potatoes, vegetables, and fruit. The pointed end of the stainless steel blade is ideal for extracting the fruit’s eyes. The region of Lancashire inspired the brand name of these peelers because it is synonymous with potatoes.

In the traditional design, a thread is coiled tightly around the handle’s midsection. The design is meant to help people get a firmer hold on the handle, but it also serves as a design feature. Some models will work for lefties and righties, while others will only work for righties.

The traditional Lancashire peeler had a string looped around the handle, although today’s versions are more likely to have a black plastic grip. Handles constructed from stainless steel are common on fancier, more modern designs; these typically do not include the wrapped string to save clutter.

If you’re peeling fresh fruit or vegetables, you need a Lancashire peeler, a simple and effective tool in the kitchen. If you’re considering purchasing one, look at the following benefits below.

peeled carrots and a peeler on a chopping board

Useful When Peeling Fruits and Vegetables

The Lancashire peeler’s stationary blade peeler is as near to a knife as you can get while still reveling in the benefits of its curved, slit-down-the-center blade, which makes it suitable for righties and lefties alike. The blade of this no-frills instrument is fixed vertically on a handle composed of ordinary plastic, metal, wood, or any number of high-tech materials.

Lancashire peelers, designed for removing imperfections from produce, often feature stainless steel blades and a sharp tip. These peelers have the added benefit of having serrated blades, which make it easier to peel citrus fruits and winter squash, both of which have particularly tough skins. Because of this, less food will go to waste.

Useful When Making Ribbons From Vegetables

Quickly and easily create paper-thin, decorative strips of vegetables with this peeler. It’s simple, user-friendly, and useful for quick tasks.

This manual, portable peeler has no mental challenge. Simply get out the peeler and get to work. Furthermore, the cleanup is as easy as washing a fork, taking little time.

This instrument makes raw vegetable noodles or ribbons quickly and easily. The stunning results will have you reach for it repeatedly, whether you’re using them for cooking or decorating a meal.

For Shaving Cheese and Chocolate

You know how, if you go to a high-end eatery, the desserts all come with thin shavings of chocolate, and the savory dishes all come with thin shavings of cheese? These garnishes look fancy and complicated, but you only need a vegetable peeler to achieve the effect. Compared to using a knife, Lancashire peelers greatly simplify the process of making chocolate and cheese shavings.

To Remove Strings From Beans and Celery

Use a Lancashire peeler to remove the tough outer layer of any vegetables you plan on eating. These are safe to consume, but they don’t taste great and might be difficult for young children to chew. You can eat celery and beans without peeling, but that option is always there.

For Drink Garnishes

The Lancashire peeler is the tool you need to set your drinks apart from the crowd. Any good peeler should be able to make clean, thin slices from the aromatic peel layer and not the bitter white pith beneath it.

Versatility and Control

Lancashire peelers are more versatile than swivel peelers and allow for greater precision when peeling. They work wonderfully with long, round, firm fruits and vegetables (like potatoes, apples, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin, beets, pears, etc.).

Guidelines for Using a Lancashire Peeler

You can peel with this tool the same way as with a swivel peeler by holding the fruit or vegetable firmly in one hand and gliding the peeler straight up and down. The peeler’s blade does not swivel, making it more difficult to repeatedly move it up and down the fruit or vegetable.

Hold the fruit or vegetable firmly in one hand and use a spiral motion to remove the peel from round fruits and vegetables. Their durability makes them ideal for peeling ginger and citrus.

The Lancashire peeler is an excellent all-around peeler that can handle most of your vegetable and fruit peeling needs while being simple. If you do a lot of cooking, it’s worth investing in a high-quality one, even though it’s not a huge sum of money, because it’s a tool you always use. 

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