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Learn the Benefits of Mechanical Peelers

Your childhood will never be complete if you haven’t heard any grown-ups tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables. While some dislike being told to eat these healthy options, some kids learn to love fruits and vegetables as they grow up. In fact, it could become a daily necessity for any person trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. They can also come in various forms! Whether fresh, frozen, or canned, you can have them all in one grocery run. 

In preparing these healthy meals or snack options, you must remember the preliminary steps you’ll have to take first. Of course, you’ll have to start with the peeling process! After all, no one likes to eat bananas with their peels on. 

From bananas to more complicated peels like potatoes and apples, you’ll have to dedicate a necessary and sufficient amount of effort and time just to ensure that you’re not putting any of the poor tasting skin in your dish. 

It goes without saying that you need the right tools to get the kind of meal you want. Lucky for you, mechanical peelers are made available in the market! 

This kitchen tool can help any fruit or vegetable lover make the perfect healthy meal. You can now have the perfectly peeled fruit and vegetable without working your fingers to the bone or with all of your skin intact!

Want to know more about mechanical peelers? Let us walk you through its benefits and also its usage!

Woman peeling a potato using a peeler

Benefits of Mechanical Peelers

1. Saves you time

Whether you’re a busy working adult or a struggling college student, you best understand that time is of the utmost importance to you. In between the busy days of the week and the hustling hours of the day, you would want to ensure that you get some vitamins and energy in your body. The perfect way to ensure you get all the right vitamins is by having a quick and healthy meal that’s easy to prepare. 

Mechanical peelers can help you save time in having to peel off all of the covering of the fruits and vegetables. With just one click or push, you can avoid the lengthy process of going through every corner to get rid of the peels. Thus, this tool is always handy to make the task much easier!

2. Consistency of the peeling

You may often find it hard to get rid of every peel when you’re peeling the fruit or vegetable by hand or fork. It’s much more difficult to do when you have long nails or even when you have short ones. 

To ensure that you get to touch all of the corners, it would be the best option to get a mechanical peeler! This tool will eliminate the inconsistency of the peeling, making the meals and snacks more appealing and healthy!

3. Less risk of injuries

One of the arbitrary fears in preparing fruits and vegetables is that you’d peel off your skin when using forks and knives. It is valid, especially when the skin of the fruit or vegetable is so thick or strong that you can’t get it off using a fork or a knife. In using knives, you have to be extra careful, so you don’t end up cutting yourself. 

Mechanical peelers are much safer since you wouldn’t have to endanger yourself by going close to any sharp blades. It also wouldn’t have to rely on your ability or strength since mechanical peelers will do the job for you with just one simple push or click. 

4. Gentle on fruits and vegetables

You wouldn’t have to worry about losing any nutrients during the peeling process because, with mechanical peelers, peeling is just a breeze. Gliding the blade over the skin of the fruit or vegetable will just come as a quick show as the skin just effortlessly comes off.

You wouldn’t have to worry about ruining the actual fruit or vegetable anymore. The taste wouldn’t be different since you wouldn’t ruin the skin. Thus, none of your food will go to waste.

5. Diverse styles and options

Peelers can come in a variety of colors and designs. You will also find yourself amazed at the variety of functions since special peelers are specifically designed for some complicated fruits and vegetables. You can even find one that best matches your personality and kitchen style!

Using Mechanical Peelers

Using this tool may sound intuitive at first, but there are also some things you have to keep in mind while using it. 

If you are a right-handed person, make sure to hold the fruit and vegetable with your left hand so you can securely hold the peeler in your right hand. The same also goes for left-handed people. You should also slant the peeler’s blade to ensure that one of its blades pushes into the fruit while the other blade cuts it. 

To ensure that you avoid cutting yourself, push away from your body as you start peeling. Hold on to the fruit or vegetable firmly by turning them at different angles. 

Make sure that you are gentle in pressing on the peeler and move along the skin of the fruit or vegetable so you don’t scratch your own skin. You can also use peelers for peeling the skin of root vegetables. 

You also have to remove the skin from your fruit or vegetable by putting pressure on the skin. The thicker the skin is, the more pressure you need to remove the skin. 

In addition, you should dry the blade after you use it. This will prevent rust from starting to build up.

What you eat regularly is important for your overall health. Aside from choosing the right food, make sure also to choose the right tools so that all your efforts in becoming healthy do not go to waste.

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