Tips for Accommodating Extra Guests in a Small Apartment


    We all love to throw parties and welcome guests in our homes. But sometimes, our living accommodations do not allow it. Living in a small apartment, you do not have enough space to accommodate all your guests. Thus, inviting a large group of people over can be a big problem. But it does not mean that you don’t have the right to host parties. If you use your apartment’s space efficiently, you can also host a wonderful event.

    If you live in a small apartment and looking for hosting a party call over your buddies, then all you need to do is learn some tricks for hosting a better event in a small space. Following are the best tips and tricks that you will ever need to accommodate a decent number of guests in your small apartment:

    Invest in Expandable Furniture

    Wooden expandable table with stools & drawers

    When you live in a small place, you have to learn the skill of improvising. Whenever you have guests coming over, you strive for some extra space.  An efficient way to make some room in your apartment is to invest in expandable or folding furniture. This kind of furniture can be folded away any time you want, making enough room for the visitors to roam around in your apartment easily.

    You can also buy a sofa cum bed. This way, you will have the liberty of changing it into a sofa anytime. This improvisation not only gives you the space you need for the guests, but it also makes your apartment look a lot more organized and spacious.

    Get Rid of Extra Furniture

    sofas, chairs, and a black lamp in a living room

    Even though you might think that you only have the necessities in your home, you will have some extra furniture lying around in your apartment that you don’t even use. That extra furniture looks good and completely in place until you have guests over. When you have to throw a party or host an event, this extra bulk takes up all the space and makes your apartment congested.

    An excellent way to create room for your guests is to get rid of the extra pieces of furniture you own. You can move it up to the roof or maybe store it in your basement or storeroom. Either way, this will make all the space you will need to accommodate your guests.

    Set up a Buffet

    a buffet table arranged with a variety of foods

    Living in a small space can become quite tricky. And when you have people visiting, you have to plan everything very cleverly. The most important part of hosting is to feed your guests. But, arranging a dining setup in a small place not only takes up all the room, but it also makes your apartment look smaller than it actually is.

    To get rid of this problem, arrange a buffet in your hall. It will help you with feeding a lot of people at a time. It will clear up space, and the place that otherwise would’ve been filled up by a dining table could now be used for other activities.

    Try Chairs Instead of Sofas

    stainless steel armchairs stacked over each other

    Every great apartment is incomplete without a couch. It is such an important piece of furniture that it is almost impossible to live without it. But, when you have to cater to other people in your place, you are bound to create some room.

    Now, although, no one ever wants to remove their sofa from the setting, it is true that it takes up a lot of space. If you get rid of it and arrange some chairs in its place, you can fit so many people. Instead of the three individuals that a sofa usually accommodates, chairs will accommodate a lot more while taking less space comparatively.

    Keep Your Apartment Clean

    a person cleaning the party remnants

    Cleaning can be a game-changer when it comes to parties in tight places. No one likes to sit anywhere near the mess. Having a full trash can or messed up kitchen counters can give a bad impression to your guests.

    An excellent way to keep your party alive is to clean instantly. You can give duties to your friends or other co-hosts to clean the apartment every 30 minutes or an hour. This way, you will have a clean place throughout the event. This hack will not only help you manage those extra guests but will also make some space, hence making your place look bigger and better.

    Do Not Go Overboard With Décor

    balloons of different colors stuck on the ceiling

    Decorations are an essential part of any party. Birthdays or sleepovers, everything gets better with a little décor. But, the matter of decoration can get a lot trickier sometimes. If you go too heavy on your decorations, your place will look congested, and you will have a lot less room for your guests.

    So, to tackle this problem, set up your decorations with utter attention. Try to stick to a minimal theme and decorate according to it. When you have a classic plain setup, your apartment will look clean, spacious, and welcoming.

    Open Up the Windows

    view of green trees from an opened window of an apartment

    The first and foremost rule of hosting is to make your guests comfortable. But, when you have a small place, you can end up with a congested area. Having a lot of people in a small room can put pressure on your air conditioning system, and thus you will have a bunch of uncomfortable people in your home who would want to leave sooner than you expect.

    That is why ventilation is very crucial. If you have fans in your house, turn them on. You might also want to open up the windows to let the fresh air come in. Once you do this, you will observe the changes in your environment. Your apartment will look and feel more inviting.

    Create Welcoming Ambience

    a group of women having dinner and smiling

    No matter how small your apartment is, the ambience you create for your guests can prove to be a game-changer. People always want to stay in a place that gives off comforting vibes. So, you must maintain a good environment for your guests. You can try several things to elevate your apartment’s ambience. From adding new décor pieces to just changing the lightning, a lot of things can help in lifting the mood for your visitors.

    The ambience you create widens your place and makes it a lot more welcoming. You should use the entire apartment instead of confining your guests to a single congested hall. You can even try new music for the guests. And once your visitors start feeling at home, you can easily notice it by seeing their big smiles and cool behavior.

    Use the Whole Place

    man playing the guitar wearing one-shoulder dress inside a room

    Ideally, only the lounges are considered as the place for guests to roam around in. But, when you have a small place, it is hard to fit in all the guests there. To avoid this problem, you have to come up with better adjustments.

    The best way to avoid the congested living area is to use every single inch of your place. You can open up your rooms for the people; this will disperse the crowd and make your lounge spacious. You can arrange some indoor activities for your guests in the room. You can even assign games to each bedroom; this will elevate the scene of your party to another level. The vibes such parties radiate are a true bliss.


    The tips mentioned above won’t just help accommodate extra guests in your small apartment but also transform any boring party into a wild one. With the help of these tips, you can host any type of event you want – be it an engagement party, birthday party, an anniversary, a bridal shower, or any celebration. Now you don’t have to be shy about owning a small place. In fact, with these tips, you can flaunt your place with maximum confidence.


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