Essentials You Need to Set Up Your Sister’s Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower for your sister is a big deal. You might feel overwhelmed, thinking that everything has to be absolutely perfect, with an air of glamour and picture-perfect moments for everyone to upload on social media.

While the tasks might seem neverending, it’s probably best to take a step back and only consider the essentials first. Once you know the look and experience you’re aiming for, it’ll be much easier to pick the required items and make plans accordingly. While every bridal shower is different, here are the main points you can focus on, along with certain purchases to achieve the perfect event:

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1. Invitations

First of all, you’d need to send around proper invitations to the bridal shower. Make a list of the people invited; this would be much smaller than the actual wedding guest list. The traditional way is to invite the bride’s friends, especially the bridesmaids and her maid of honor. The mother, aunts, and other older female figures are also a usual inclusion in a bridal shower guest list.

While you don’t have to get actual paper invitations to the bridal shower, it’s still a nice touch. If you’re on a budget, text the younger members of the party and/or send them a soft copy of an official invite. For the older members who might not be too familiar with technology, you can get some actual invitation cards. Here’s one example of a gorgeous bridal shower invitation that won’t leave too much work for you:

Bliss Collections 25 Bridal Shower Invitations with Envelopes

These invitations come with a beautiful coral and green watercolor design, though they’re also available in several other unique options. They measure around 5×7 inches and are printed on white card stock. The card stock is uncoated, so you can easily fill in the blanks for an instantly personalized invitation. 

The watercolor design makes for a romantic, soft appearance. This could be perfect for most bridal shower themes, especially if you’re going for a tea party or brunch theme. 

2. Games and Activities

A bridal shower might mostly consist of taking pictures, eating, and general socializing. However, it’s also a good idea to have some games and/or activities lined up for this event.

The bride needs some relaxing time at this point; the same probably goes for the rest of the party as well. A spa day might be highly appreciated, even if it’s just a few quality facials, mani/pedis, or massages. A bridal shower with some relaxing activities thrown in would also help everyone get that much-needed good night’s sleep later on.

Another idea here could be a group bonding activity, such as getting temporary tattoos together. Here is one attractive option that everyone will be sure to love:

Xo, Fetti 30 Bride Tribe Metallic Tattoos

A bridal shower includes the bride’s squad, so matching tattoos might be a good idea. Of course, the permanent kind will probably not be a popular idea with everyone, so play it safe by getting these metallic, temporary ones.

These tattoos are guaranteed to last for the whole party and will be the perfect accessory for the bride’s team. You can also cut them up and put them in the favor bags for later use.

3. Favors

While it’s not absolutely required that you give out favors at a bridal shower, this is becoming the norm more often than not. After all, the guests are bringing special gifts for the bride and there’s a pretty limited guest list to provide for. This might be the perfect chance to give out some unique and memorable favors that will be cherished by the bride’s special friends for a long time.

You don’t have to break the bank with the bridal shower favors either. For a nice, romantic touch, these burlap bags with the fillings of your choice will do very well:

Handrong Burlap Bags

The tiny burlap sacks provide a rustic look to your bridal shower, which is quite trendy for photo ops these days. You can choose from a range of colors according to your specific theme, including white, black, and pink.

Since these are simple pouches, we can fill them with the contents of our choice. These might include little chocolates, candies,  bracelets, makeup, etc. The burlap has polyester mixed in it, so it’s both protective and durable. There are little ties provided for each piece; these might be time-consuming to attach to every bag, but the effect is worth it!

4. Decorations

No bridal shower (or any other party, for that matter) could be complete without at least some sort of décor. Even a few basic items will help everyone get in the mood for the shower. Plus, those balloons and banners will provide the perfect backdrop for the necessary photo ops.

There might be venues available that fit your chosen theme, but it’s also possible to throw a mind-blowing party at home. If you’re planning on dressing up a certain location, though, don’t worry too much about the cost of decorations. This package from Amazon likely has most of the necessary décor items for any kind of bridal shower:

PGNART Bachelorette Party Decorations Kit

This comprehensive decoration kit has an impressive 75 pieces to jazz up your event. The colors here include Rose Gold, Blush, Champagne, and a few others. With this bundle, you’ll be all set with a “Bride to Be” sash, several balloons, a glitter banner, and many other supplies.

The items here will help you complete the look of your sister’s bridal shower. They’re versatile enough to fit in with most themes and convenient enough to be set up within a couple of hours. Even the banner comes pre-strung, so all you have to do is hang it up. The balloons don’t require any additional equipment for blowing up, as there’s a straw provide for that purpose.

5. Food

The theme of the bridal shower will help you out in determining several factors, especially the food This will narrow down your choices and make everything much easier.

If your sister’s a foodie, for instance, you can focus on the buffet and order in her favorite treats. If she’s trying to get in shape, it might be best to limit the snacks to healthy choices only.  Some experts also say that we should consider the time of the bridal shower when deciding upon its menu. If you plan to hold it in the late morning or early afternoon, a brunch style would be most appropriate. For an evening shower, it might be better to have a proper sit-down meal instead of the usual buffet.

The most popular option for a bridal shower seems to be small plates and several food options. These mini chalkboards will be great for labeling everything and providing a nice decorative touch to boot:

CB Accessories Mini Chalkboard Place Card Signs

These miniature chalkboards will be sure to spruce up your table at any bridal shower. Whether you’re getting the food catered or going for homemade options, these signs will provide both decoration and information. They’re trendy, compact, and reusable as well, so you can make menu changes or save them for a later occasion.

The signs are made of balsa wood, which provides a better appearance than cheap plastic. However, this also means that they need some extra care while handling or storing.


When deciding on any of the above factors, you’ll be able to decide what kind of a bridal shower you’re planning. Is it a highly glamorous event, with sparkling decorations and gowns for the dress code? A bridal shower can also be just as good when you plan facials and game night with some old friends.

Whether you’re planning a lovely bridal shower or a great birthday party for your sister, deciding upon the essentials will take away a lot of hassle from the process. Make sure you decide the purchases according to your theme and scale. When in doubt, consult your sister for guidance. After all, she’s the bride and knows what she wants!