Essential Items You Need For Any Great Birthday Party

Birthdays are special times of the year. There is cake, there are presents, and most importantly of all, there are friends and family, present and happy in commemorating the day of your birth. Most of all, birthdays signify the passage of time natural for all living things and mark another year of growth and wellbeing. Indeed, it is a happy event and is celebrated as such. Do you have your or a loved one’s birthday coming up soon? Well hop on because we rounded up the most essential items you will need to make it a great birthday party. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to host a normal party, we wrote a piece on how to do so that would make your guests remember it years from now. Now, on to the only things you would need to host a great birthday party.


This one is a no-brainer. What’s a birthday party without a birthday cake? The cake is the main showpiece of the event. Every eye turns to the cake upon entering the room. The cake cutting is what everyone is looking forward to the most. With all the importance a birthday cake signifies for the party, this is the one thing you can definitely spend the most amount of money on and not feel bad. A towering mass of cream and bread in the middle of the room with candles decorating the top is worth it just for the looks it would get and the anticipation it will create in the guests. Find a nice bakery, choose a fancy or cute design for the cake, and you’ve got yourself what is undoubtedly the guest of honor of the party after the birthday person themselves.

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Speaking of wowing guests with a fancy huge cake, make sure a good number of people are coming to the party. Of course, don’t just go around handing out invites to anyone of the street, but be sure to call all the people that are important to the birthday person. If said people invite their own close friends, everyone would have a grand time and lots of people will end up making new friends and bonding with each other. Now, you can call and ask each of the people on your guest list to come yourself, but there is a much better way: Invitation cards. Not only do they look nice, they also give a more formal feel to the party. We found some pretty invite cards in case you’re looking for some, though there are many more available too.

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 Disposable Cutlery, Plates, And Cups

No use having a fancy cake if no one can eat it, so obviously you’re going to need plates and other utensils. But, instead of using your own plates, or buying some more to make up for all the people arriving at the party, consider getting disposable products instead. Not only are they much cheaper in bulk, but you won’t have to clean them after the party either. It’s a win-win situation but there is one tradeoff: Fanciness. Disposable products are only recommended in the case of a large party with dozens of guests. If the party is not going to be a huge affair with a high guest list, then using your normal silverware and dishes will look nicer. However, in case your birthday party is a large one, and you are leaning towards disposable plates and the like, we found and listed some for you down below.

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As birthdays are a happy and joyous occasion, people appreciate a little bit of color in the décor. Balloons are a very popular decoration item in birthday parties and for good reason. Balloons are cheap, and serve well in filling up the empty corners of your room’s ceiling. Moreover, the shapes or text on them and the various bright colors enhance the room’s vibe immensely and give a jovial feel to the party. There are quite a lot of options out there for someone looking to buy some balloons, and we listed some of them below.

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A Banner

Everybody knows why they are here and what the occasion is, but this is a birthday party and you should scream that fact into their faces because this is a special day! And if a huge birthday cake, a large pile of presents, and bright colorful balloons floating around were not enough, get yourself a big banner saying ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ and string it across the length of the room over the cake and presents so no one can mistake this party for what it is. There are all kinds of banners out there, from thin paper ones to round, inflated, balloon ones, and in all kinds of colors as well. Some of them we listed below, but don’t hesitate to look around for more.

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Let’s be honest, cake is great and all but it alone can never satisfy guests. Not only would there not be enough to actually fulfill everyone’s hunger, just cake alone won’t be satisfying anyway. The birthday cake, though delicious, is kind of the end goal. Everyone arrives, they greet each other, laugh and talk and eat and joke, and then finally the cake is brought into the center and cut. If the main event is held at the start of the party, people won’t linger around for much longer. So be sure to prepare some good food and put out some good drinks to satiate your guests to their heart’s content. Having some colorful and tasty snacks laying around in bowls doesn’t hurt either. If you’re planning to include these snacks as well, here are a few recommendations.

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Birthday Candles

A very traditional part of birthday parties is the moment just before the cake cutting, when the birthday person blows out the candles on top of the cake and makes a wish. It is quite a beautiful custom, and shows how a person is ready for the year to come and how that person wishes for more. To make that moment really special at your party, dim the lights before the candles are blown out. The momentary darkness after the candles go out is a thrilling experience as the lights come back on and the birthday person cuts the cake. There are quite a few different kinds of candles out there. There are bright cheery ones, long slender ones, and even crackly ones that fizz and pop like a firecracker, though these aren’t meant to be blown out. There are even joke candles that refuse to die out no matter how much you blow on them. Before you excitedly go looking for the perfect pack of candles, give our tiny selection of suggested candles a look and see if any of them take your fancy.

  1. PARTY HOME 24 Count Party Long Thin Cake Candles Champagne Gold
  2. Wilton Birthday Candles 2.5-Inch Hot Colors 24-Pack
  3. Wilton W2811-7-701 Candle Pick Set 3-Inch Numerals Rainbow 10-Pack


Now you’re all set to host a great birthday party where everyone is sure to have a blast. Following the list above, your party is going to be an overwhelming sensory overload of colors, sights, sounds, and smells. Just be sure to not take anything too seriously, let loose, and have a good time, because that’s what birthdays are about. Holding a birthday for a kid and expecting a lot of children at the party? Read about the fun outdoor activities you can organize for them here.