Mesquite Powder: Why Is It a Raw Superfood?


    Mesquite powder is one of the raw superfoods that contain nutritional and medicinal powers. The mesquite tree where it comes from is native to South America and the Southwestern United States. It is also known as Prosopis juliflora, and they are part of the leguminous or legume family. They are drought-tolerant trees that have a long taproot to access water from underground sources. Due to this, mesquite trees are sustainably cultivated, as they require no irrigation, fertilizers, and chemicals.

    Mesquite powder is made from the grounded pods produced by the tree. It is also called mesquite flour, mesquite meal, or algarroba. The taste of this powder is usually described as mild, nutty, and slightly sweet with subtle hints of caramel and molasses. Native Americans used mesquite powder for flour and as a natural sweetener.

    Aside from being used as a sweet addition to baked goods, tea, barbecue, and coffee, mesquite powder also has amazing health benefits that may help you feel your best. If you want to know more about what mesquite powder can offer to your health and why it is considered as a raw superfood, then read on. It’s because today, we are going to give you the different health benefits that you can get from mesquite powder.

    Mesquite Powder Can Promote Good Digestion

    Mesquite powder is high in fiber, making it good for digestion and healthy gut flora. It is rich in soluble fiber, which is essential for the gut microbiome. It can speed up the bowel elimination process, improve bowel function, and as well as minimize the build-up of toxic bacteria in the body. It’s high fiber content also promotes better absorption of vitamins and minerals. Based on some research, it’s also linked to colon cancer and disease prevention.

    Mesquite Powder is Good for People with Diabetes

    Mesquite powder, as mentioned earlier, is also used as a natural sweetener, and it will not cause insulin to metabolize. It’s because the sugar that it contains comes from fructose. It means that it can help keep blood sugar levels balanced for a longer time. It is also considered a good addition to the diet of diabetic people, aside from helping achieve a healthy insulin response.

    This powder also has a glycemic index of 25, which is lower compared to sugar. It also digests slower compared to other grains. This means that it can help prevent instant raises and drops in blood sugar levels.

    Mesquite Powder is Good for the Heart

    Mesquite powder contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help lower the risks of stroke and heart disease. These fatty acids are also known to reduce inflammation while promoting cognitive and behavioral function at the same time. When you have omega-3 fatty acids deficiency, you may exhibit symptoms such as fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, mood swings, and depression. If ever you have one of these symptoms, then you can try adding mesquite powder to your diet to be able to increase the omega-3 fatty acids in your body.

    Mesquite Powder Can Help Boost the Immune System

    Mesquite powder is also rich in zinc, which is an essential mineral for the immune system. It can help boost the immune system, and as well as speed up the treatment of common cold and recurrent ear infections. It means that when you have zinc deficiency, your wounds might heal slowly. The body also needs zinc to be able to fight off malaria and other diseases caused by parasite growth and infection.

    Mesquite Powder Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure

    Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 Americans are affected by high blood pressure? And it is a risk factor for heart disease. Mesquite powder is rich in potassium, and that can help in reducing blood pressure because it aids the body in removing excess sodium. When you have high levels of sodium in your body, it can cause your blood pressure to rise. Aside from lowering blood pressure, another role of potassium in the body is to protect you against other diseases, including stroke, kidney stones, and osteoporosis.

    Mesquite Powder Can Promote Muscle Growth and Repair

    Mesquite powder is one of the raw superfoods that has a combination of fiber and protein. In fact, up to 17% of the mesquite pod contains protein, which is considered as the building block of muscles. Without it, the body will not be able to build muscles. Aside from promoting muscle growth, regular intake of protein-rich food also speeds up muscle repair and improves that strength and athletic performance.

    Mesquite Powder Can Help Treat Depression

    Mesquite powder is also rich in magnesium. It is a mineral that is known to cure psychiatric dysfunctions, such as anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. Aside from that, magnesium also plays an important role in treating depression, migraines, and as well as insomnia. Therefore, if you are feeling anxious or stressed at times, try adding some mesquite powder to your meals and see how it will benefit you.

    How to Include Mesquite Powder into Your Foods?

    Mesquite powder, as mentioned earlier, is used in baking. However, if you are not into baked goods, you can also add some of it to your smoothies and shakes to make them sweeter and healthier at the same time. Add a few teaspoons of it into your favorite drink, and you’re ready to go.

    Aside from that, you can also sprinkle some mesquite powder on your breakfast cereal and oats. You can also add some to homemade granola. You can also use it as a substitute for sugar when making tea and coffee.

    Mesquite powder is indeed a very nutritious raw superfood, and it is a versatile ingredient, as well. With all the health benefits that you can get from it, maybe it’s time that you try incorporating it into your daily diet.


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