Why Do You Need a Seat Cushion For an Office Chair?

More than half of the daily routine of office work involves sitting for long hours, while some jobs require you to keep sitting for all the working hours. This type of work can cause back pain, improper circulation of blood, bad posture, and many other problems. The problems get worse when you are working from home, and you have to sit tight the whole day, hampering blood flow to various parts of the body. 

The longer a person sits, the more prone he becomes to severe back issues, such as hip pain and sciatica. In such cases, seat cushions come in handy, but how do we know that seat cushions are any good for us or that they work at all? Or how we can make office chairs more comfortable? This post covers the features and benefits of seat cushions for office chairs and aims to help you make an informed decision.

Office Chair Features to Look For

A good office chair allows you to adjust different settings according to your posture and sitting habits and should include main options including:

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Lumbar support
  • Adequate width and depth
  • Arm rests, preferably cushioned
  • Comfortable seat with proper cushioning
  • Swivel seat
  • Mesh chairs are breathable and perfect for hot climates

The goal is to keep your body in a well–aligned position, while leg support reduces numbness and pressure, which is great for blood circulation. But, there are still some problems that can arise due to improper back cushioning and designing that can give rise to secondary symptoms, interfering with routine home chores.

Adding a simple product to your office chair can do wonders for you; let’s look at the below-mentioned benefits of office chair cushions that will help you in the long run, so your feet right at home even during office hours.

Key Benefits of Seat Cushions

Maintains Proper Blood Circulation

Poorly designed office chairs put unnecessary compression on the hips and tailbone, hence hampering the blood flow toward your pelvis, legs, and back. Bad circulation results in low levels of oxygen available in the body, which impacts the nutritional mechanism of the human body. In the longer run, it can also put you at risk of heart disease because of poor blood circulation. Therefore, investing in a good office chair cushion will save you from all these troubles that might eventually land you in the hospital.

Improve Overall Posture

Not all office seats are great; some are unergonomic, where you can only adjust the height and nothing else. These types of seats do not provide any other customized support for your back, thereby putting your back at risk. Using such office chairs unintentionally forces you to maintain a bad posture that makes your body slouch forward or sprawl backward.  

Medically, such improper positions won’t do any good to your back; in fact, they will only make you prone to lower body issues. To avoid losing your posture in such office chairs, a good memory foam cushion is a great option and makes life easier.

Provides Relief to the Tailbone

If you ever received an injury on your tailbone (called coccyx), you might have known how hard it becomes to stand and walk around. Likewise, when a pregnant woman goes into prolonged labor, she receives injuries to the tailbone hence the donut pillow.

Using poorly designed office chairs in such cases can only result in harm to the tailbone. For such cases, coccyx seat cushions are used to make the pain bearable. Experts recommend to continue using seat cushions even after the tailbone injury is healed because the pain can always return with the slightest impression.

Lifts Off Pressure from the Hips

The weight of your body is evenly divided when you sit or stand but have you ever noticed when you sit on a hard chair or stool, your hips start to hurt, and for longer hours, your back becomes as stiff as a wood plank? It is because the whole weight of your body gets shifted to your hips which causes the inconvenience.

Using a seat cushion can act as a barrier, providing much-needed support to the overall body weight and remaining evenly divided instead of relying totally on the hips region.

Improve the Health of Digestive Tract

Digestive disorders such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc., can also strike those who tend to sit for long hours on a regular basis. Sitting on a memory foam cushion can help you battle digestive complications, as it helps reduce the tension and pressure created in the body that has built up with time due to long seating.

Provides More Energy for Daily Work

Improved blood circulation replenishes the lagging nutrients in the body, making you look youthful and energized. You can do a simple experiment to measure your energy levels by analyzing your energy levels before and after the use of an office chair cushion. You can be more productive and do more work in less time with that extra energy.

Helps Eliminate the Back Pain

Coming to the root cause of the issue – back pain, which stems from long hours of sitting in an unusual position or pose. The vertebrae are the first to get impacted, resulting in disc slip, spondylitis, and other spinal-related issues. Since the back is the support system of our body, it needs to be comforted and pampered to live a healthy life.

For example, you are a software engineer, and most of your work involves hunching over a keyboard that causes tension in neck and shoulder muscles, and you can easily get a twisted neck or frozen shoulders. To avoid this problem occurring in the future, the office seat should be supplanted with an orthopedic memory foam cushion which is specially designed to give support to the tailbone.

Increases Comfort Levels 

If you want to feel comfortable, you won’t opt for a loose-fit dress or a poorly-designed chair as it will bring discomfort. Adding a seat cushion to your office chair will bring the comfort you need when sitting for long hours. The cushion’s material is meant to support the human body and distribute the weight equally around the seat, hence providing maximum comfort.


Having a strong and healthy body is something everyone desires, but we don’t usually actively work for it, nor do we make the required changes in our lives. A healthy back requires good posture, which cannot be achieved if you sit for long hours in the office with zero to no mobility or sit in an inconvenient position, thinking that your back might bear it all. A good seat cushion is a must considering the benefits it offers and the comfort it brings.