My first gel nail problem {color fading}

Hey guys!
Errr, gals. I’m sure most of you reading my blog are female, but maybe there are a few guys out there who love to listen to a bored housewife ramble on about her cute kids and gel nails, so “hey” to you too! Whoever you are, I’m talking to you. Just wanted to fill you in on a little problem I ran into with my gels this week and I thought you may be interested.
I’m talking about color fading and/or changing after the gel has been completely cured.
Until now, I had never heard of this happening, but it seems like I’m not alone.
Behold, this beautiful mauve-y, purplish, heather-ed gray color from the Gelish fall collection.
This particularly gorgeous color is called My Nightly Craving, and the named seemed quite fitting to me because I just had to have it right away, even if it meant staying up until midnight doing my own nails after the kids finally went to bed. Which I did. While I watched Sons of Anarchy. Unfortunately, in my haste (and excitement to jump into bed and dream about being a hot biker’s old lady), I forgot to get a picture of my gorgeous nails. Before drifting off  I made a mental note to get a picture the next day and quickly fell asleep.
Well, a picture the next day turned into 2 or 3 days later, and I finally remembered to snap one when I threw on one of my favorite plaid shirts. I had originally thought of pairing this polish with the plaid shirt at some point because I thought they would go so great together. But they didn’t look as cute as I had imagined when I held them up against the shirt.
Were my eyes messing with me, or did the color look somewhat muted?
I figured the latter, and shrugged it off.
A few days later my mom mentioned that my nails looked like they had changed colors.
She was right. I looked down and discovered that my nails had no trace of purple left in them at all, and were in fact completely gray. I again thought that I was crazy, and grabbed the bottle of polish to put a fresh coat on just one nail to see the difference. I was blown away!
Sorry for the not-so-great picture. My camera and I are not friends right now because it won’t do what I tell it to do and just take a freaking good picture. End rant.
See? Completely different color now.
I cannot see a trace of that pretty purple color anymore- just this ugly, dishwater gray that I’m left with. I’m not trying to knock gray either- I love me a good gray color. In fact, I have a really pretty gray colored gel (from Gelish) that I love and wear. But this one is not pretty. And actually, now that I really look at them up close, they seem to be turning more of a greenish, ashy gray. Not really the look I’m going for on my nails! (Or toenails- I do have it on my toes right now, and I’m afraid that if I walked around like this in the summer with my flip flops on people would probably think I had some sort of toenail fungus. Ewwww).
I’m not sure what the cause is for the discoloration. I’m no rocket scientist or chemist by any means, but I believe it is something in their color formulation or in the pigmentation of the product. I absolutely know that the product is being applied correctly- that’s not the issue at all. It’s not an old bottle and it can’t be expired because it’s a brand new collection for Fall. I also don’t believe it’s anything that I’m coming into contact with- like a lotion, cleaner, or chemical I’m touching or using. I did a little internet sleuthing of my own and found a few other blogs and articles where people mention this same color and a couple other pale pinks or purples that have faded or changed colors on them as well. It sucks, but I guess it happens. I am very curious to find out what the reason behind it is, and how they will correct it (or at least prevent it from happening in the future). 
I contacted the people at Gelish and they apologized for the issue and are working to figure it out. I’m anxiously awaiting their next response and I’ll be sure to tell you all about it. I’ve always been super happy with my Gelish products so I hope to get to the bottom of this!
How about you?
Have you experienced colors fading or changing after application- whether it’s with gels or regular nail polish? I’d love to hear if anyone else has had this happen to them, or have heard of it happening to others, and what brands you have experienced it with. Please let me know!
Now I’m off to soak my dishwater gray nails in some nice acetone. 
Hope to have a beautiful mani to show you guys later!