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Useful and Must-Have BBQ and Grilling Accessories

Grilling is a quick, dry cooking technique that makes use of high heat. Food grilled on a grill is very popular, especially at home gatherings. Although you don’t want to complicate grilling by using too many grilling accessories, some carefully chosen grilling accessories can make it simpler and more enjoyable. Here are some essential and useful barbecue and grilling accessories.

Useful and Must-Have BBQ and Grilling Accessories

1. Grill


Whether you opt for a charcoal or propane grill, make sure it meets your needs. For example, are you going to take your grill camping with you? Pick charcoal. Do you prioritize convenience more than other things? Pick propane. Since they can be turned on with a knob, gas grills are more practical than charcoal grills. However, charcoal grills are more affordable, portable, and create a hotter fire.

2. Basting Brush

A basting brush is one of many essential grilling tools to have when lighting the grill. It aids in lubricating the grill gate as well as marinating the meat and vegetables. A basting brush is not only useful, but it also greatly improves the flavor. By reapplying the marinade while cooking steaks or briskets, a basting brush keeps the meat juicy.

  • Silicone: Due to their rubber-like texture, silicone basting brushes have a great propensity to not retain any smells or grease stains. The heat resistance of silicone basting brushes is comparable to that of stainless steel brushes. 
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel basting brushes are designed to last for decades while staying hygienic. These basting brushes don’t melt, shed, or go out of shape. Basting brushes made of stainless steel can withstand high heat.

3. Grill Mats

Although grilling is a lot of fun, it can also be very messy. A grill mat is a fantastic addition to a quick cleanup procedure. Having a grill mat eliminates the worry of smaller foods falling into the fire, which is its best feature. 

With grill mats, you use much less oil than you would typically because of the nonstick cooking surface. It is also simple to clean and evenly disperses heat. 

4. Spatula

One of the many crucial grilling accessories is a spatula. It facilitates the lifting, flipping, and shaping of both meat and delicate fish. Since most of them have bottle openers or meat hooks with a serrated edge, using a specialized grilling spatula for meats is a great idea.

Using grilling tools like spatulas also makes it easier to move and pick up skewers than it would be if you were using your bare hands or wearing grill gloves. They also help you stay away from the flame. Without a doubt, spatulas are a useful grilling accessory.

  • Length: A longer-handled spatula makes it easier to move around the grill grates without running the risk of burning your hands. 
  • Head Size: The easier it is to hold onto the meat, the bigger the spatula’s head should be. Additionally, a large head makes it easier to place larger pieces of meat on a plate without damaging the surface or spilling it. 
  • Ergonomic Grip: When grilling, the angle at which your spatula is angled is crucial. A spatula’s non-slip and good grips are excellent features.
  • Slots: A spatula with more than four slots is regarded as an all-purpose tool because it aids in removing extra oil and grease from your meat and vegetables before plating them.

5. Meat Fork

For cutting meat and fish, use this grilling tool. Slices of meat are turned and flipped using meat forks without completely piercing or tearing through the flesh. If you’re concerned about smaller vegetables and meats falling into the flame, a fork knife is a great addition. 

Similar to how a toothpick is used to determine when a cake is baking, they are used to test the tenderness of your meat. A meat fork, however, is used for both small and large pieces of meat and fish.

  • Broiler Forks: Compared to bayonet forks, broiler forks have shorter prongs and are used to test the doneness or tenderness of meat as it cooks. To prevent burning yourself while turning and twisting the meat, it has a long handle.
  • Carving Forks: A great complement to carving knives is carving forks. When grilling chicken, they are ideal. Carving forks and knives have ergonomic handles that shield your hands from heat while assisting you in cutting meat into beautiful slices. 

6. Meat Claws

The purpose of meat claws is to shred meat. Don’t undervalue these tough guys. Handling it carefully is advised because of its razor-sharp claws. Investing in a pair of meat claws is a fantastic decision because one claw can be used to pull the meat while the other can be used to hold it in place, almost tearing through its tissues. For pulled sandwiches and dips, they are ideal. 

7. Corn Holders

When using the grill, corn holders are utensils that shield your hands. You risk getting burned by eating hot, moist corn that has just been cooked. Small handles with good grips and knobbed ends on corn holders keep the corn in place. When you’re on the go and don’t want to get your hands dirty, this is a great tool to use. Corn holders are unquestionably some of the best BBQ tools. 

8. Digital Thermometer

The most essential grilling tool to have is a digital meat thermometer. Owning a thermometer that works for you is essential in addition to selecting the proper charcoal for your grill because it helps you monitor the heat in your grill or meat. 

Compared to conventional meat thermometers, grilling tools like digital grill thermometers can be timed to beep or otherwise alert you when the meat reaches the desired internal temperatures. Digital thermometers can be mounted to the grill or oven with a small piece of the magnet because they are oven-proof.

  • Instant-Read Thermometer: Instant-read thermometers come in both digital and probe styles. With the help of this thermometer, you can quickly check the temperature of the food that is grilled. They’re great for checking when the meat is done, but they can’t stay in the meat while it cooks. 
  • Digital Meat Thermometer: An improved version of the instant-read thermometer is a digital meat thermometer. The main distinction is that this thermometer ought to be inserted only into meat joints or an entire carcass. After your meat has been removed from the grill, it can still be added. You can keep track of the resting temperature in this way. To assist you in timing your grilling, digital thermometers also beep or send out a signal. A tiny piece of magnet can be used to attach them to the side of a grill. 

9. Cleaning Brush or Grill Brush

Your best friend after grilling is a cleaning brush, also known as a grill brush. Using a grill brush can help remove food particles and grease buildup. The best cleaning brushes are made of stainless steel and effectively clean stainless steel grill gates. 

10. Grill Light

Don’t be forced to check your steak in the dark. Use a grill light that clamps onto the side of the grill or a flashlight. Modern grill lights are solar-powered; the sun charges their batteries during the day so they can light up your dinner at night. 


Whether you’re a pitmaster or not, grilling tools and BBQ grill tool sets can be used all year long, but they’re especially useful when the weather turns a little chilly and you want to enjoy some fun outdoor cooking on your charcoal grill. To know what you need to have a good grilling and BBQ experience, use this list of useful and must-have BBQ and grilling accessories as your guide.

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