Guide to Food Steamers

The healthiest form of cooking is steaming, and in today’s world, an increasing number of individuals are gravitating toward steaming their meals. Food steamers have a wide range of applications and are simple to use. It cuts down on time spent preparing food in the kitchen while providing several positive health effects.

Steaming, as opposed to boiling, is the method of cooking that keeps the most nutrients intact in the food while it is being prepared. While steaming, the food is kept away from the boiling water. Yet, the moist heat cooks the food thoroughly without causing it to dry up or for the nutrients in the food to be leached away.

Even though you may accomplish this task using a metal colander and a cooking pot, it is much less complicated if you have the tool designed specifically for this purpose. The food steamer was invented to make cooking more convenient. Continue reading this article if you are interested in purchasing a food steamer for your own personal usage, as we will provide you a guide to food steamer.

What Are Food Steamers?

A food steamer, also known as a steam cooker, is a compact kitchen equipment that uses steam heat to cook or prepare food by confining it in a tightly covered container.

The use of a food steamer expedites the cooking process by enclosing the food in a cloud of steam generated by boiling water. It uses the lower section to boil water to generate steam. The rising steam cooks the food by enclosing it in a hot zone. Fast, nutrient-rich, and juicy results may all be achieved with this moderate cooking approach. 

cooking vegetables in a steamer

High and Low-Pressure Food Steamers

High-pressure steamers are the most efficient type of food steamers. This cooking style allows for more precise temperature control and a more rapid cooking time. Because of this, operating the steamer is a breeze.

In contrast, low-pressure steamers are used by the other variety. This technique is used by electric steamers, traditional bamboo baskets, and pot inserts. The space between the lid and the base allows steam to escape while food is cooked. The water level and temperature must be constantly checked to guarantee even cooking. These steamers require more time to reach the ideal cooking temperature and cook food.

Steamer Baskets

One type of food steamer is a steamer basket. The use of a steamer basket is a simple method of cooking vegetables. It is used on the stovetop by being placed straight into a cooking vessel. It’s easy; just fill the pot with water, set the basket inside, and cover it with the lid. The food can be cooked by the trapped steam when the water boils.

Vegetables steamed

Electric Food Steamers

An electric steamer is a food steamer that eliminates the need for you to do any of the work throughout the cooking process. Just add water and the food you wish to cook, cover the pot, and make sure the lid is closed. After doing so, the next step is to begin the cooking process by selecting the right setting on the device.

An electric two level plastic steamer loaded with cut vegetables on a kitchen island in a modern black and white kitchen interior

Convection Food Steamers

The steam in a convection steamer is circulated at a pressure equal to that of the surrounding air by using convection. A handheld fan is helpful in many situations for doing this task. Both the high amount of moisture and the lower cooking temperature help to keep the nutrients in the food intact to the greatest extent feasible. Because they typically function at a lower temperature, convection steamers may require additional time to complete the cooking process for some meals.


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Things to Consider Before Buying a Food Steamer

When making a purchase, consider other factors besides pricing. It’s not always the case that the most costly or inexpensive choice is the best. Instead, put your money on a good steamer with sturdy materials and convenient extras. If used properly, a food steamer may help you simplify your life while improving your health. It needs to get the job done quickly and easily.

Usability of the Food Steamer

How frequently do you anticipate making use of the steamer? If you just eat at home once in a while, you probably won’t need anything fancier than an affordable steamer. If you cook for your family on a daily basis and frequently incorporate veggies in your meals, a steamer that is more durable would be the best choice for you.


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Material of the Food Steamer

Food steamers made of stainless steel are the most common since the material does not react with food, is sturdy, and does not discolor easily. The metal, in addition to being lovely to look at, contributes to the steamer’s excellent appearance when placed on the kitchen counter.

When making steamers, several different types of materials are also frequently utilized. The most frequent materials are glass and ceramic. On the other hand, both are delicate and have a high risk of breaking, chipping, or cracking. Additionally, it is possible that they do not transmit heat, as well as the metal variants.

Another typical material of choice is bamboo. When you display your dinner in a steamer, the natural materials make for a stunning presentation. Bamboo, however, must be handled with great care and may not be as hygienic as some of the other alternatives.


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Size and Capacity of the Food Steamer

The steamer you select must be able to cook the entire dinner. You want to avoid cramming in too much food or overflowing the container. The food will not be adequately cooked as a result of this obstruction of the steam. Traditional baskets are often on the smaller side, which can be restrictive and necessitates the purchase of many baskets. Regarding storage, other steamers aim to minimize the amount of space they take up, but doing so reduces the amount of food they can cook. A steamer that is large enough to fit many dumplings will be able to facilitate the preparation of your complete meal.

Tier Adjustability of the Food Steamer

Your steamer’s functionality increases when you give yourself the option of giving it more tiers. Because of this, you are able to prepare many different kinds of meals at the same time. You have the option of cooking two distinct kinds of veggies. Alternately, you may prepare your meat on one stage while simultaneously cooking your vegetables on the other. You may make the main meal and the dessert if you want to serve numerous courses to those who enjoy dessert.

Food steamers are multifunctional and helpful appliances that should be included in every home. This piece of cooking equipment helps you save a lot of time and provides a more nutritious approach to preparing meals. You are spoiled for choice because there is such a wide selection of food steamers available on the market. Today is the day to start making the correct choice for a healthier you.