Ideas for a Custom Sandalwood Gift Basket

Do you have difficulty deciding what to offer your loved ones on their special days or during the holidays? Finding the best gift can sometimes be a difficult task. However, you can always stick with the idea of giving them something they can use to take care of themselves. A customized sandalwood gift basket may just be the answer to your dilemma. 

Sandalwood is a class of wood that exudes an aromatic scent that lasts for decades. Its oil is extracted and used in meditation and aromatherapy sessions. It promotes better quality sleep and relieves stress, anxiety, and tension. 

Given its benefits, products infused with Sandalwood extract make an excellent gift for your loved ones. By putting together a gift basket with some great products, you can have a unique and surprising gift they can enjoy. You can also be able to share the wonders that this relaxing aroma can offer. 

However, before you finally decide on creating a Sandalwood gift basket, there are factors to consider in choosing the right one.  It is important that you get to know more about the different sandalwood products that you will include in your gift basket. Quit worrying about what to buy because we got your back. Here is the list of varying Sandalwood infused products perfect for you to choose from. 

Sandalwood Body Wash

Wanting to up your loved one’s bath routine? Include a Sandalwood body wash in your gift basket. This body wash does not just gently cleanse the body of impurities but also leaves a long-lasting scent that will make your loved ones smell fragrant and feel fresh all day. 

Sandalwood Shampoo

The hair is the crowning glory for both men and women. Therefore, gifting your loved ones with Sandalwood shampoo will not just leave a good impression but, most importantly, healthy and fragrant hair on them.

The use of sandalwood in shampoos helps maintain a person’s locks. Its purifying and cooling properties will ensure the smoothness of the scalp and the thickness of the hair of your receiver. Moreover, as a natural cleanser, sandalwood properties in shampoos help eliminate dandruff. 

Sandalwood Bath Soap

Gifting bath soaps may be one of the most common ways to show appreciation for your loved ones. If everyone loves receiving even the most ordinary ones, what more would they feel if they’re gifted with bath soaps infused with Sandalwood extract? 

Aside from its usefulness in ensuring the cleanliness of your loved ones’ hands and bodies, A Sandalwood bath soap exudes a delicate fragrance that will relax your senses when you’re taking a bath or simply washing your hands. 

Using this soap will make your loved one’s skin feel smooth, soft, and fresh–a feeling that would make them appreciate you even more. 

Sandalwood Body Lotion

We all know that caring for the skin helps in ensuring your lasting youthful glow. And one way of achieving this is by using body lotions. Include a bottle of Sandalwood body lotion in your gift basket to show your loved ones that you care and that they deserve to feel young and look young. 

The antioxidant properties in a bottle of Sandalwood Body Lotion create a barrier to lock in moisture and improve skin hydration. It also soothes dry and rough areas of the skin. Its scent also allows for further relaxation of the mind and senses while applying–a perfect addition to your loved one’s skin care regimen. 

Sandalwood Shaving Cream and Gel

Is your gift receiver a man? Does he have a beard? Well, this one’s for you.

Include Sandalwood shaving cream and gel in your gift basket for the man in your life to enjoy. Although both cream and gel work as a protection layer for their skin, providing them with both gives them the option to choose what works for them best. 

The cream and gel hydrate the skin and soften the bear hair for a more comfortable and clean shave. The Sandalwood extract maintains skin nourishment and exudes a warm and masculine scent after shaving. 

Sandalwood Deodorant

If your gift basket is still lacking, maybe you would want to include a bottle of Sandalwood deodorant to give to your loved ones. Take note gifting deodorants does not necessarily mean that the recipient has some underarm problems. Instead, gifting one promotes holistic care for the body. 

As a natural ingredient, Sandalwood promotes 24-hour protection and care against microbial growth, which often leads to body odor. It also provides a long-lasting fragrance and ensures underarm skin protection. Truth be told, Sandalwood deodorant is a significant upgrade from one’s usual drugstore purchase. Therefore, it makes a perfect addition to your gift basket.

Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion

Does your recipient love the beach? Maybe he/she is into sunbathing? Well, a bottle of Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion is perfect for your gift basket. 

For people who love to bask under the heat of the sun, body lotions are not enough to give protection. Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion, made with pure sandalwood, protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Aside from this, it also continuously promotes skin nourishment and hydration despite direct exposure to sunlight. 

Sandalwood has anti-aging properties that make it a perfect ingredient for making sunscreen lotions. Gift one to your loved ones to show them support for their interests. 

Sandalwood Body Mist

 Make your loved ones feel and smell fresh every day by including a bottle of Sandalwood body mist in your gift basket. 

Aside from its long-lasting and calming fragrance, spraying Sandalwood body mist on your skin also leaves and locks-in moisture and hydration. This will make your loved ones not just smell fresh but also have skin that looks fresh. 

Body mists are a perfect alternative for your heavy-weighted glass-bottled perfumes. Your loved ones can just toss the bottle you will give them in their bag, and their all-day freshness goal will be achieved. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil

What’s a Sandalwood gift basket without a Sandalwood essential oil? Sandalwood, as already established, has relaxing and calming effects on a person’s mind. Using it will allow him/her to meditate and find that inner peace. Including one as a gift to your loved ones will make them feel your genuine concern about their lives, which can further tighten your relationship.

Sandalwood candle

Gifting candles is a classic form of gift-giving. Almost every woman loves one because of its multiple purposes. More than just giving off light, candles are used in self-care, home fragrance, and home decor. 

On the other hand, Sandalwood’s calming properties and delicate fragrance are believed to promote relief of nausea, positive thinking, and relaxation. Infusing Sandalwood in candles makes it a perfect gift choice for your gift basket that will surely warm the hearts of the women in your life.


The idea of gift-giving is a difficult task. It entails the need to know the receiver in a much deeper sense to make your gift matter. However, with gifting a custom sandalwood gift basket. The products offer a long list of benefits, from Sandalwood’s relaxing properties to the feelings of cleanliness and freshness after a bath. 

Your money and the size of the basket will be the only limitations you will encounter in preparing one. You can include as many items as you want, and the receiver will have more gifts to enjoy.