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Must-Have Kitchen Tools to Make Prepping Meals Easier

Preparing whole meal or dishes ahead of schedule is a concept that is popular among busy people because it saves them a lot of time. 

Busy people are less likely to reach TV dinners or take out when they have pre-prepared meals on hand.

Having pre-prepared meal can also help reduce portion size and maybe help someone to reach his nutrition goals. 

And since it requires one to determine what to eat ahead of time, meal prepping can lead to more nutritious meal choices over the long term.

Whether making breakfast, lunch, or dinner, meal prep is one of the best ways to save time and eat healthier during the week. To make meal prep easier, having the right kitchen tools is essential.

Kitchen Tools

To avoid frustration and being tired kitchen tools are necessary to make meal prep as well as cooking process efficient and safer,

One of the main reasons that cooking seems like an uphill task right now might be because you don’t have the right utensils for the different dishes.

Importance of cooking with the correct utensils.

kitchen utensil

1. Cooking with the Correct Utensils Saves time

When you cook using the right utensils, you save a lot of time. Having the right pot or pan makes it much faster to have your dish done in time. Ensuring your food gets cooked faster means that you can always have your meals on time.

This is especially important when you have a busy schedule, and you might not have the whole day to cook.

2. The Right Cooking Utensils Produce Delicious Taste

Using the correct utensils for cooking ensures that you get the right taste for the dishes you are preparing. When you use the correct utensils, you will find it easier to measure the ingredients needed. 

3. It’s More Fun 

When you cook with the proper utensils, cooking is much more fun. You get to enjoy cooking, and everything just seems to fall in place. 

4. It’s Easier with the Correct Utensils

Cooking with the correct utensils is more comfortable, especially when working with a technical recipe. 

When working with instructions that you don’t understand, it is easier when you have the right utensils. This is because you don’t have to improvise, and you can simply follow the recipe as you would as instructed.

5. Beautiful Food Presentation

With the correct utensils, preparation of ingredients and food is easier.

Must-Have Kitchen Tools to Make Prepping Meals Easier

1. High-Quality Knives

Stainless steel is recommended since they last longer. Having sharp knives will save lots of time during meal preparation.  A set of high-quality knives will allow one to chop, dice, slice and prepare food with speed.

2. Multi-Function Kitchen Tool Set 

You can find tools that combine functions such as juicing, squeezing, grating, mashing and more.  A good tool that can be used for multiple purposes can be invaluable.  

3. Rapid Egg Cooker

Boiling eggs is not as easy as it looks. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether the egg has been cooked to your liking.

A rapid egg cooker cooks eggs exactly just the way you want them – soft, medium, and hard and multiple at once. They can cook eggs in half the time that conventional egg boiling methods do. Depending on how many eggs you’re cooking, an egg cooker can cook soft-boiled eggs in seven to 10 minutes and hard-boiled eggs in 12 to 16 minutes, it also has an auto shut-off.

Aside from boiling eggs, an egg cooker also cooks poach and scramble eggs, as well as makes omelets.

4. Digital Kitchen Food Scale and Measuring Cup

A digital food scale and measuring cup can help avoid making mistakes with measuring the ingredients. A digital kitchen scale and measuring cup usually has an automatic shut-off and has a large and easy-to-read LCD. And the cup itself is washable.

5. Instant Pot

This appliance is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and egg cooker all in one. And it also sautés food.

6. 100% Reusable Silicone Food Bags

Forget about the plastic bags and invest in non-toxic reusable silicone food bags. Your way of helping in caring for the environment. Choose dishwasher and microwave safe and food bags that come in different sizes.

Silicone food bags are non-toxic and non-allergenic thus it stores food safely.

7. Air Fryer

An air fryer is a countertop cooking appliance that combines a heating element and a powerful fan to circulate hot air, similar to a convection oven. Air fryers produce foods that are crispy outside and moist and tender inside without actual frying.

Air fryers just make cooking a whole lot quicker without compensating on delicious results, and food in some cases is even tastier than if you were to use your conventional oven or, try to keep it a lot healthier by using a microwave, subbing out oil or resorting to just boiling veggies.

8. Cutting Board 

A cutting board is a durable board on which to place material for cutting. The kitchen cutting board is commonly used in preparing food; other types exist for cutting raw materials such as leather or plastic. Kitchen cutting boards are often made of wood or plastic and come in various widths and sizes.

9. Grater

A grater is meal preppers dream gadget.  It allows to add tons of flavor to any recipe with just a few swipes. Such as lemon zest, shaved chocolate on top of oats, fresh nutmeg in meatloaf.  Or go with the more traditional use and use it to grate cheese for your skillet recipe, shredded potatoes for your sausage lover’s hashbrown casserole or zucchini to make a zoodles meal prep! With a grater, you will have a multitude of sizes available to you at any time!

10. Weekly Meal Planner

Get prepared for the week with a meal planner. Make your menu, grocery list, and store your recipe inspiration in a planner.


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