Tips for Picking a High-Quality Handbag for an Active Lifestyle

Picking a high-quality handbag takes so much work, especially if you have an active lifestyle. You’ll need to find an everyday handbag that fits everything you need when you are out of the house. However, aside from that, your handbag must be comfortable and durable, which will last a long time even after using it almost daily.

When picking a handbag for your active lifestyle, you must know everything you need and want in a bag. So to help you choose the right handbag, here are some tips that might help your search for a high-quality everyday handbag. 

Choose the best material for you

Handbags are made from different materials. Some handbags are made from real leather, synthetic leather, or other lightweight fabrics. Nevertheless, always choose a material that works well for you and that you’re comfortable with. 

The difference between synthetic and real leather is that handbags made from the latter weigh heavier than those made from synthetic material. Aside from being lighter, synthetic leather is also a high-quality material – although some synthetic leather may not look like authentic leather at all. 

If you do a lot of walking and run so many errands every day, it would be better to pick a handbag made from synthetic leather as it’s so much lighter, providing you and your shoulders with more comfort. Apart from that, some people prefer synthetic leather more than real ones since it’s more ethical. 

If you’re not into leather or if you prefer lightweight handbags, you may also choose from various materials, such as bamboo, canvas fabrics, cotton fabrics, raffia, or straw materials. However, you must consider the material’s durability since you’ll likely use your handbag every day. 

Determine the size and shape that works well for you

The size and shape of your handbag vary on when and how you use your handbag. Women usually pick a handbag that fits their body type and style. For instance, if you are a working woman, a structured handbag will look good when paired with your formal attire. On the other hand, an unstructured handbag is a great option if you are more of a casual-wear person.

In terms of body type, a structured handbag with straight lines will help accentuate your looks if you have a small and curvy figure. If you’re slim, a rounded-shaped handbag will add a bit of curve to your look. 

You might also want to avoid buying large handbags if you’re a petite woman since it would only make you much smaller. And for the tall ladies out there, pick a high-quality handbag just of the normal size because if it’s a small handbag, it will tend to make you appear larger. 

Always consider your body shape when picking a high-quality handbag for everyday use, and choose one that’s the opposite of your physical structure. 

Choose a handbag that goes well with almost everything

If you’re picking a handbag for an active lifestyle, you must choose one that you can easily pair with everything. A good high-quality handbag must be versatile, especially if you like transitioning from an office woman to a casual-outfit woman. 

Some handbags come with detachable straps, so you can use them whenever and wherever you like while still looking very put together. For instance, a clutch is a great option for an everyday handbag if you don’t bring a lot when going out. It accentuates your style during formal events, and you can easily attach the straps to your clutch if you want to pair it with your casual attire. 

Pick a high-quality and spacious handbag

Since you are looking for a high-quality handbag for an active lifestyle, make sure you pick one with enough room for all your things. Since you’re going to carry your bag almost every day, it must have a space for your cell phone, charger and power bank, wallet and cardholder, makeup, toiletries, or even extra clothes if you tend to bring one. 

Since you’re putting so many things inside your handbag, make sure your bag is thick and durable, with a well-stitched inner lining to support the weight of the items you bring. You may also want to consider handbags with exterior pockets for additional compartments, where you can put some of your coins, water bottle, and umbrella, which is necessary if you are going around town the whole day. 

Choose a color that best fits your style

When buying a handbag for everyday use, make sure that the color matches your style and personality. You must first determine the colors you usually wear to buy a handbag that could easily complement or match the color palette of your everyday outfits. 

If you like wearing neutral colors such as cream, beige, brown, or taupe, a wine-colored or dark orange-red handbag will pair perfectly with these colors. And if you often wear casual blue jeans, you can choose a handbag in a dark-green or dark-blue color to complement your style. 

However, if you want to pick the safest option, choose a black handbag. Black handbags will always look classy and match almost anything you wear daily. It’s good for casual days when you want to run some errands and even better for formal events when you want to look extra chic and sophisticated. 

Aside from black, deep blue, brown, gray, green, teal, and white may also be easily paired with almost everything you wear and would go well in any season of the year. 

Your handbag must be comfortable to carry 

The most important thing you should consider when picking a high-quality handbag for your active lifestyle is the comfort it brings you. Since you will use your handbag daily, you must choose one that won’t hurt your shoulders after carrying it around the whole day. 

The comfort level of your handbag will likely depend on its material and design. Handbags made from lightweight materials, such as canvas and cotton fabrics, are very comfortable. Aside from that, lightweight handbags go well with almost all body types. On the other hand, leather handbags could be very high-quality and durable, yet they might be a bit heavy on the shoulders. 

Look for a handbag with padding to ensure that it feels comfortable to use, and it also helps keep everything inside your bag in place. Choose a handbag with bottom and side paddings so you’ll feel extra comfort doing your daily activities.