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Guide To Sweet 16 Candy

Along with the starters and main courses, desserts are a necessity when planning the menu for a sweet sixteen birthday party. In addition to serving cakes, ice cream, and other similar treats, a candy buffet at the party is also a fantastic idea. Guests can choose various candies in this area of your party.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re considering having a candy buffet or table at your sweet sixteen party but aren’t sure what to put on it yet. We’re going to provide you with a guide to sweet sixteen candies today.

1. Girly Pink and Green Candies

Candy Buffet

To liven up the table, add pink and green candies, plants, and floral arrangements. You can include lollipops, candy buttons, rock candy, and cake pops. Additionally, you can personalize chocolate bars by wrapping them in pink and green ribbons. 

2. Rainbow Candy

You can make the party alive by using rainbow hues. To make the candy buffet stand out, select candies in a variety of colors. It is better to choose one solid color for your tablecloth to bring out the colors. 

3. Pink and Blue Candies

This color scheme is ideal for balancing the party’s mood. Mostly, blue conveys a blue and strong style, while pink undertones soften the appearance. For candies that are not pink and blue, you can customize the packaging by using color paper. 

4. Black and White, with a hint of Yellow Candies

A candy table with a black and white, and yellow theme is a smart addition to your sweet sixteen party. With the tags and the paisley background, it has a slightly vintage feel. It’s amazing how well the color yellow sets the table! You can create this masterpiece using white chocolate and dark chocolate pretzels, vanilla meringues, and white almonds.

5. Blue Sweet Candies

The buffet table will surely look lovely because of the assortment of blue candies. A cake as the centerpiece, tall blue goblets, and delicious-looking donuts with blue sprinkles are sure to be a hit.

6. Pastel and Mint Candies

Imagining peach and mint as base colors, with hues of yellow and orange candies inside each bowl is such a good idea. If your sweet sixteenth birthday falls during summer or spring, this type of candy buffet is ideal. 

7. White Bliss Cake Pop and Candies

Pure, simple, elegant, and stunning. These are the words to describe your buffet full of white cake pops, various ribbon-wrapped candies, and desserts. If you want, you can also add flowers for a soft color pop. 

8. Purple Candies

If you are a purple-color lover, definitely Purple candy buffet is perfect for you. To give the table a little more color, prepare candies, candy bars, and swirl lollipops in different shades of purple. For candies that aren’t purple, you can wrap them using purple paper. To finish the look, it is preferable if your tablecloth is a pastel shade of purple.

How to Plan a Candy Buffet in Your Sweet 16 Party

Before you stock up on treats for your candy bar buffet, you’ll need to come up with a plan. Having a strategy will save you time, money, and frustration. Plus, with a clear plan, you can execute with precision and less stress.

1. Decide on Theme and Colors

A candy buffet is all about themes. It should be interactive, fun, and a definite wow factor to the decor of any party. Selecting a theme and conceptualizing how you will base the rest of the design on those colors should come first. To personalize your candies and the table’s decor items, for instance, if you decide on white and pink, pick a printable collection with a pink and white color scheme. 

2. Pick Out the Types of Candies You Want

There are so many types of candy to choose from. Sort your candies into four categories to make it simpler:

  • Bulk loose candy: sold by the pound
  • Individually packaged candy: offer one per guest
  • Designer candy/sweets: offer one per guest
  • Display candy: used for decoration & filler

Each guest will receive one of each of the four types of candy, so mix them all up and display them in a variety of containers. Then, bulk up the loose candy so that guests can help themselves to a scoop or two. 

If the guest of honor requests candy that isn’t offered in your colors, like Skittles, just cut the candy into portions appropriate for favors and package them in separate color-coordinated favor boxes or bags so the guest of honor’s favorite candy is on the table and still goes with your color scheme.

3. Setup the Table in 3 zones with appropriate containers

Before ordering the candies, set up your table to see how much room you have available. By doing this, you can place an order for exactly the right amount of candy to fill the display containers that fit on 6′ or 8′ tables without having to refill them. Always use clear containers so that the candy’s color can be seen through them when creating a color-coordinated candy table.

Remember to use containers that will properly display the types of candy you prefer. If you offer bulk loose candy, be sure that you use containers with a large enough opening for a scoop to fit in and short enough that guests can reach the bottom. If after setting up your table, you may realize you don’t have enough space to display individually packaged candies like swirl lollipops, for example, you will have to adjust your choices to include more bulk candy that can be displayed in one large jar, which takes up less table space.

4. Figure Out How Much Candy You Will Need

This could be challenging and tricky. However, you don’t have to worry because you can personalize everything. Also here’s an example breakdown of candies to help you.

Bulk Loose Candy –

  • M&M’s (6 lb. bag)
  •  Gumballs (box of 800)
  •  Puffy poles jumbo marshmallow twists (2 bags)
  •  Foil-wrapped chocolate balls (6 lb. bag)

Individually Packaged Candy –

  • Swirl lollipops (30 pcs)
  • Rock candy sticks (30 pcs)
  • Cotton candy (25 bags)

Designer Candy –

  • Ribbon candy (5 boxes)
  • Jumbo marshmallows (2 bags)

Display Candy –

  • Sixlets sugar candy beads (6 lb. bag)
  • Jelly beans (10 lb. box)

5. Design Your Table with a WOW-Factor Tablecloth, Backdrop, and Centerpiece

The candy buffet should be a WOW-FACTOR when guests walk into your party area. Your stunning tablecloth, backdrop, and centerpiece will be the first things they notice. To impress your guests and make them want to keep looking at your buffet, make sure it complements and fits your theme. 


In preparing for your sweet 16 celebration, candy buffets can be stressful. But you don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself, use this guide we prepared for you. Always remember to have fun with it. With a little thought and planning, your candy bar buffet will be a huge hit. The sugar not only makes everyone happy, but it will fuel the party as well.

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