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Guide to Picking a Stroller

If you have a baby or a toddler, taking them with you when you travel can be quite a challenge. If you are headed to the park for a leisurely stroll, or you are taking them with you to other cities and countries, it can be difficult to always carry them around, particularly if you are also carrying their bag that is full of their essential items, such as wipes, diapers, and clothes. To make your travel easier and more convenient, using a stroller is one of the best solutions.

A stroller is a small folding chair that features wheels. It is where a baby or toddler can sit and is pushed around. There are some who also refer to it as a pushchair. Most strollers have an upright seat and are best for babies who are a few months old. However, they are not suitable for newborn babies unless it has a reclining seat.[1]

Having the right stroller not only provides your baby a safe place to sit or sleep when you travel, but it also gives you a place to stash all of your essentials. However, finding the right stroller can be challenging as the market is filled with different types of models that offer various features. Therefore, before you purchase one, learning about your options is important. If you need help choosing a stroller for your baby or toddler, you’re in the right place. In this post, we are giving you a guide to picking a stroller.

Advantages of Using a Stroller

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Baby strollers are certainly one of the must-haves for you and your baby. For a lot of parents, a baby stroller can make all the difference when it comes to how they go about daily activities with their baby. In addition to being used as a form of transportation, strollers are also a way to keep your baby close to you. It can make your journeys safer and more convenient. Strollers also offer several advantages that make them popular. Below are some of them:

Convenient to Use

When you want to explore the world with your child, owning a baby stroller is a good idea. It’s because when you go out with your baby, you need to always keep an eye on them, which is the advantage that a stroller gives to parents. Getting around can be challenging as your toddler starts to grow out of the infant seat. But with a stroller, you’ll be able to walk around with your baby while still having your hands free.[2]

Ensures Safety

A stroller enables parents to carry their children with them anywhere with ease. It also helps them prevent any kind of mishappening and safeguards the child inside it. When strollers were invented, they were made to keep babies safe in a better way than carrying them in your arms when going out. Today, there are many stroller options available in the market that offers additional safety features for babies and toddlers. Using a stroller is a great way to keep a baby entertained and safe when traveling.[2]

Easier Travel Experience

It is true that traveling with a baby or a toddler can be stressful. That’s why many people choose not to travel with their young children. However, if you own a baby stroller, you can solve this issue. Baby strollers are very handy to use and are great for both indoor and outdoor travel. They are actually the best alternatives to baby carriers and walkers. When traveling with a baby, a stroller may help you get from one place to another easier and faster. It can help you carry your baby anywhere without having to keep them in your arms.[2]

Multi-Purpose Use

Strollers are also versatile and can be used for different purposes. For example, it can protect babies against sunburns, as many of them have sunshades that shield the baby from harmful UV rays. In addition, there are also strollers that can be converted into portable changing tables for babies, which you can use anytime and anywhere if needed. And as we’ve mentioned earlier, aside from helping you carry your baby around, a stroller can also help in carrying your bags and other baby items as they are spacious.[2]

Provides Comfort

While strollers provide you with the convenience and ease of traveling with a baby, on the other hand, they provide babies with comfort and security. If you plan to go on a walk or shop with your baby, you need to make sure that your child is comfortable in his or her stroller so that he or she can stay in it for a longer period. Most strollers offer ergonomic and adjustable seats to make babies and toddlers feel comfortable and safe.[2]

Things to Consider When Buying a Stroller

Parents should definitely choose a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use stroller. However, strollers can come in a range of prices, and some of them can be expensive. Therefore, before you purchase one, you need to make sure that you are getting the right one for your baby or toddler. To do that, below are some important things that you need to consider:

Where is it going to be used?

There are a lot of mid-range models of strollers that are big and bulky. While these often offer great features, they are not ideal if you are planning to use them to navigate narrow city streets. If you intend to use a stroller to travel with your baby or toddler to narrow spaces, then a smaller umbrella stroller might work better for you. Some of these also come with a basket that is big enough to handle your purse, diaper bag, and other items. Therefore, before buying a stroller, determine first where you will mostly use it.[3]

Is it safe for newborns?

If you have a newborn baby and you’re thinking about buying a stroller, you need to check the details of the product first. There are strollers that offer a deep recline or bassinet mode where you can put your newborn baby in. However, the majority of strollers available in the market today are more suitable for babies who have some neck control or those who can already sit up unsupported. Therefore, ensure that what you are buying is appropriate for your child’s age.[3]

How easy is it to use?

When buying a stroller, it is also ideal if you can test it in person to see how easy it is to use. Also, consider that the flat and smooth floor in a store may not reveal how a particular stroller will work on uneven sidewalks and hilly terrain. See if you can steer it smoothly and if it is possible to maneuver in just one hand. You can also test how the stroller can handle a tight turn. In addition, try to fold and unfold it and see if you can do it smoothly and fast. Always choose one that is easy to use so that you will not experience any hassle.[3]

How heavy is it?

If you are planning to take the stroller with you when traveling, then the lighter, the better. However, note the details as there are some manufacturers that call a 25-pound stroller lightweight, while some can merely weigh 12 pounds. The weight of the stroller can have a huge effect on your experience, especially if you live in a city and carry a baby, a diaper bag, and a stroller up on lots of staircases or squishing onto the subway.[3]

How much is your budget?

Stroller prices can vary. Those that have lots of added convenience features are more expensive. These features may include adjustable handlebars, large undercarriages, multiple seats, rain shields, and other add-ons that are not always necessary. Therefore, when buying a stroller, consider how much you are willing to spend along with the features that you need.

Helpful Features to Look for in a Stroller

In addition to learning about the important things to consider when buying a stroller, there are also some helpful features that you may look for in a stroller. These features can provide you and your child with added convenience and benefits. Below are some of them:

Safety Features: It is ideal to choose a stroller that meets the basic safety requirements. But it can be better if the one you will pick also offers added safety benefits for your child. Try to look for a stroller that has a five-point safety harness, and see if the snaps are secure and easy to buckle but not too easy to unbuckle for the baby. Also, choose a stroller that does not have any protrusions or sharp edges where the litter fingers and toes of your baby can get caught into.[3] 

High-Quality Wheels: Choosing a stroller with high-quality wheels is great, especially if you are going on a lot of trips with your baby. You won’t be able to log many miles if the stroller you have has flimsy wheels. Also, avoid wheels that can get stuck on uneven terrain and are prone to snapping.[3

Sun Canopy: It is also great to pick a stroller that has an adjustable canopy that can shield your baby from the sun, rain, and other elements. There are some models that feature ventilated or clear windows that can protect your baby while still allowing you to keep a close eye on them.[3]  

Storage: Since babies come with a lot of gear, it is essential to choose a stroller that has a large undercarriage to hold items. This will make your life much easier, especially when traveling.[3

Longevity: To get the most out of the money you spend on a stroller, pick one that will grow with your baby and possibly beyond if you will ever have another baby in the future.[3

The Different Types of Strollers

After learning about the advantages of using a stroller and the important things to consider when buying one, let us get to the important part, which is to learn about the different types of strollers. Being aware of your needs and the options available in the market will help you in picking the right one that will cater to you and your baby’s needs. Below are the different types of strollers and what each of them offers:

Travel Strollers

A travel stroller is also sometimes called a travel buggy. It is popular due to its lightweight and foldable design. It allows parents to get more space in doorways, and it makes it easier to bring a baby wherever you want to go, such as public transport, narrow sidewalks, restaurants, and cafes. In addition to walking around the city, travel strollers are also perfect for traveling abroad with babies, toddlers, and kids.[4]

Below are some examples of travel strollers to help you choose:

  • Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Travel Stroller:  This is an ultra-lightweight travel stroller that weighs only 14 pounds. It also has a compact and easy-to-maneuver design. It can be folded in just one step, and it features an auto-lock for easy transportation and storage. It has a multi-position padded seat that reclines to a near-flat position. It also features adjustable calf support for growing children. 
  • Summer Infant 3D Mini Convenience Stroller: This is a lightweight stroller that makes any trip easier. It features a durable aluminum frame that only weighs 11 pounds. It has a full-sized seat, auto-lock, anti-shock front wheels, and lockable rear wheels. It is a mini stroller that is perfect for those who are always on the go. It features a multi-position recline, a padded seat, and a padded 5-point safety harness. It is also easy to fold and store.

Stroller Travel Systems

A stroller travel system is technically a stroller, but it is much more than just a seat on wheels. It is a package designed to give parents everything they need when traveling with a baby. Some of its features include a car seat and a toddler stroller base.[5] One of the biggest advantages that you can get from a travel system is the huge range of options. Since the car seat is included, you can ensure that everything will work together in combination.

Stroller travel systems come with all the adapters and additional accessories that you need. In addition to that, there are other features offered by some models, which include a one-hand fold, hidden cup holders, fully reclining seats for newborns, and front trays. When you purchase a stroller travel system, you will have everything you need.[4]

Below are some examples of stroller travel systems to help you pick:

  • Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System: This is a car seat and stroller combo that features an anti-rebound bar and parent-and-child-friendly accessories. It has a modular frame that has six modes. Its reversible mode allows your baby to either face in or out, while the stroller converts from a car seat to a stroller seat or carriage mode easily. It also comes with a big storage basket and large cruiser tires with tread and ergonomic handles for a smooth ride.
  • Graco Modes Element LX Travel System: This is a 3-in-1 stroller travel system as it comes with an infant car seat, infant stroller, and toddler stroller. It has a reversible stroller seat that can face the parent or the other way. It features a one-hand self-standing fold for easy storage and transport. It also comes with a parent’s tray and cup holders for extra convenience when traveling.

Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers are also sometimes referred to as running strollers. It is a great choice for those who maintain an active lifestyle. It is meant exactly for running or jogging. Some of the common features it has are a 4-point harness, wrist wrap, thick tires, a lightweight frame, and easy swivel wheels.[5]

The main difference between a jogging stroller from a regular stroller is the wheels. It’s because jogging strollers are made with one large wheel in front and two in the back. The wheels are mostly rubber and filled with air to make sure that the ride will be smooth and not bumpy. It also has a suspension system that helps the stroller stroll over tough terrains.[4]

Below are some examples of jogging strollers to help you pick:

  • Baby Trend Expedition Race Tec Jogger: This jogging stroller features an enhanced quick-release front wheel for improved stability and safety. It also comes with an extra-large UPF 50+ canopy with an extended sun visor and a peek-a-boo window. It has an ergonomically raised rubber handlebar for better grip and comfort while jogging. It also comes with a cellphone holder and an extra-large basket to hold key essentials.
  • Baby Trend Rage Jogger Stroller: This jogging stroller has a lockable front swivel wheel for easy maneuverability. It is made of a steel frame and comes with an extra-large storage basket. It has an extra-wide and ergonomically shaped rubber handle. It also features an effortless trigger fold to make it a compact unit for storage.

All-Terrain Strollers

All-terrain strollers are also referred to as heavy-duty strollers. They are probably the most coveted type of stroller as they offer pretty much every imaginable feature there is. They are very reliable and safe as they are built to tackle all types of surfaces. They also feature three or four large wheels, an easy swivel mechanism, and extra soft cushions.[5]

The wheels of all-terrain strollers are mostly rubber and filled with air to make sure that your child’s ride will be smooth. It can also be referred to as an off-road stroller as it is designed specifically to be the best walking stroller, beach stroller, hiking stroller, and trail stroller.[4]

Below are some examples of all-terrain strollers to help you pick:

  • BOB Gear All Terrain Pro Stroller: This all-terrain stroller has a fold-and-go system that allows you to quickly fold or collapse the stroller with one hand to a standing position. It features a sleek frame, performance fabrics, and reflective rims that can turn heads on the hiking trail or city street. It has a Smoothshox suspension and air-filled tires to balance out the ride for your baby on any terrain. It has an ergonomic handbrake that puts downhill control at your fingertips. It is also 100% waterproof and windproof and comes with a rated UPF 50+ to shield your baby from the elements.
  • Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon: This is a stroller wagon that features all-terrain wheels that provide you the freedom to go from pavement to beach and more. It comes with two canopies with UPF 50+ to shield your child from the harmful rays of the sun. It also has spacious storage that can be accessed easily for all your baby’s care essentials.

Tandem Double Strollers / In-Line Strollers

Tandem double strollers are also called in-line strollers. They mostly provide two toddler seats for two children with little or no gap in their age. There are also times when tandem strollers can accommodate up to three children by adding a standing platform or glider board. They feature a front-to-back style and are more narrow and less bulky.

At the present time, there are many unique features and designs that you can find when it comes to tandem double strollers. There are some that are lightweight and come with attachments like an infant insert, bassinet, or up to two car seats.[4]

Below are some examples of tandem double strollers to help you choose:

  • Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller: This tandem stroller can hold two children that are up to 40 pounds each. It has two reclining seats with individual canopies and footrests. The front swivel wheels are lockable and have suspension for superior maneuverability. It is easy to fold and comes with a storage basket for all your essentials.
  • Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller: This features two standard stroller seats with reclining backrests and independent canopies. It comes with an interchangeable child arm bar and cup holders. It also has a 3-position padded handle and parent tray with two cup holders. It can be folded with just one hand when storing.

Side-by-Side Double Strollers

A side-by-side stroller is a traditional double stroller that features the design of two seats lined up right next to each other. It is wider than in-line or tandem double strollers. Therefore, checking the width is important before purchasing one. But at the present time, most side-by-side double strollers fit the doorways and are very lightweight. The best thing about this type of stroller is it allows your children to interact with one another while strolling. Many say that it is the best type of stroller for twins or for kids with a very small age gap.[4]

Below are some examples of side-by-side double strollers to help you choose:

  • Jeep Scout Double Stroller: This double stroller has extendable canopies with sun visors. It also features a 5-point safety harness and soft shoulder pads. It has multi-position reclining seats and lots of storage space for essential items. It has a lightweight design that can fit through standard 30-inches wide doors. 
  • Delta Children Cruzer Double Stroller: This stroller has a lightweight and compact design, making it great for everyday use or travel use. Two kids can ride it side by side comfortably. It also has two extended canopies with peek-a-boo windows, as well as adjustable footrests and multi-position recline seats. It has a 5-point safety harness and reflective shoulder pads for safety even at night.

Sit-and-Stand Strollers

Site-and-stand strollers usually feature a toddler seat with a rear bench and a standing platform for the older child in the back. There are many known brands that took this type of stroller further by adding a second seat for the second child. They also allow up to two infant car seats to be attached to the stroller at the same time.[4]

Below are some examples of sit-and-stand strollers to help you pick:

  • Baby Trend Sit N Stand 5-in-1 Shopper Stroller: This stroller offers five modes to accommodate your growing family. It has a magnetic basket that can hold up to 30 pounds of essential items. It also includes a removable canopy that is extra-long and has UPF 50+ protection. It is made of a lightweight frame and streamlined design for easy maneuverability. 
  • Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Sit and Stand Stroller: This is a lightweight and compact sit and stand stroller. It has a rear seat canopy that protects the rear-seated child. Older children can ride on the Caboose, which can make them feel more grown up and allows them to step on and off the stroller by themselves. The seat and the back can accommodate up to 40 pounds of weight each or 90 pounds in total.

Frame Strollers

A frame stroller features a metal frame that is made specifically for infant car seats. It is a lightweight type of stroller and is very easy to fold. They are mostly used for car seats when you need to move a sleeping baby around without waking him or her up. Also, if you often use a car and don’t want to carry a heavy infant car seat, this is a great choice. You just need to click it into a car seat stroller frame, and you are good to go.[4]

Below are some examples of frame strollers to help you choose:

  • Graco SnugRider Elite Car Seat Carrier: This stroller can turn a car seat into a portable travel solution. It has an adjustable height handle for comfortable strolling. It is ultra-lightweight and can be folded easily, even with just one hand. It also comes with an extra-large storage basket with zippered pocket to hold your essentials.
  • Baby Trend Snap-N-Go Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier: This stroller frame fits all types of infant car seats, forming a travel system. It comes with a 2-cup holder and parent tray. It also has a covered storage compartment for your baby’s essentials.

Umbrella Strollers

Umbrella strollers are lighter and simpler versions of a standard stroller or travel stroller. Some of them only weigh 12 pounds. It reclines and folds easily in a shape of a golf umbrella. It is mostly used by babies from six months of age and up. There are also some more advanced umbrella strollers today that offer additional accessories, such as zip pockets, cup holders, baskets, and canopies. Umbrella strollers are great for easy rides and traveling.[4]

Below are some examples of umbrella strollers to help you pick: 

  • Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller: This umbrella stroller has comfort-grip handles and comes with a parent organizer tray. It features a dual-foot activated parking brake and two cup holders. It has a 5-point harness for safety. It also comes with a large canopy and basket to handle your essential items. It can accommodate a growing child up to 50 pounds. It is compact when folded and easy to carry and store. 
  • Safety 1st Step Lite Compact Stroller: This stroller has a lightweight aluminum frame, and it only weighs 15 pounds. It can be folded quickly, and it is compact for easy storage. It comes with a large canopy that provides added protection. It also has a large storage basket for all your child’s essential items.


Owning a stroller is indeed very convenient for parents, particularly when traveling or going out with a baby or a toddler to run errands. No matter what type of stroller you pick, you need to ensure that it is safe, durable, and easy to handle, as it is going to be one of your most frequently used pieces of baby gear. We hope this post helped you learn more about how to pick the right stroller for your needs.


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