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Guide to Outdoor Fire Pits

An outdoor fire pit is a brilliant way of making your yard look welcoming, and also creates a natural gathering point for guests and family. A fire pit is a place where a fire can be safely started and contained for people to sit around and warm up on cold days and nights. Furthermore, it gives off a lovely glow during nighttime and creates an appealing atmosphere for your home. But there are so many different types of fire pits that it can be a little overwhelming to decide which one to buy. Let’s look at the kinds of fire pits that are in the market today and help you decide which one you should go for.

Types of Fire Pits

A backyard with a stone fire pit and a scenic view of a river and some mountains during sunset.

To cater to the various kinds of yards and décor people have there are a few different types of fire pits you can buy.

Fire Pit

A regular fire pit is a structure that contains the fire within itself while also keeping it off the ground. These go with almost any kind of yard and give off a warm, welcoming look.

Fire Pit Column

A column fire pit is a raised fire pit set atop a pillar or column. These give off more of an imperial look and would probably go best with places where people are standing around rather than sitting down.

Fire Pit Ring

A fire ring is made specifically for a fire that is started on the ground. The ring structure keeps the fire from spreading further. These types of fire pits also work almost anywhere.

Fire Pit Pagoda

Pagoda fire pits are like regular fire pits except they’re influenced by Asian architecture. Pagoda fire pits are usually boxier and are enclosed, letting the smoke escape through the roof.

Fire Pit Table

A fire pit table is a sleek fire pit that has the fire in the middle of a table that can actually be used as such. These kinds of fire pits work in almost all yards that feature modern furniture.

Types of Fuel for Fire Pits

Just like how fire pits can differ in terms of looks, there are many different forms of fuel for them. Which fuel you opt for depends on what kind of feel you want and which fuel source suits your needs best.


Wood is a very popular fuel for fire pits because of how recognizable its warmth and feel is. Wood is cheap and gives off a lot of warmth, but wooden fire pits can be slightly harder to get going and will need constant refueling so the fire doesn’t die out. Wooden fire pits will also produce some degree of smoke.


Charcoal fire pits are popular because not only are they easy to maintain the flame on, they also allow you to grill your food for a smoky texture and taste. They also look great if you want a smaller, more contained flame.

Natural Gas

Natural gas fire pits are super easy to run and need to be connected to the gas mains in your house. However, a natural gas fire pit will not give off the same feel as a wooden or charcoal fire pit.


Propane fire pits are very much like natural gas firepits except that these pits connect to a propane tank. Also, propane is a more environmentally friendly fuel as compared to natural gas.


Bioethanol fire pits are great if heat and warmth aren’t your biggest concerns. Bioethanol is an environmentally friendly fuel that also doesn’t produce smoke or ash. It comes in liquid form and needs to be poured into the burner pan to keep the fire going.

What to Look for When Buying a Fire Pit

Structure and fuel source aside, fire pits today come with a variety of different features. Let’s go over some of the major ones and you can decide which ones you need.

Cooking Capable

Some fire pits ship with an insert much like a grill that goes over the fire. You can then put food on it and let it cook without getting burnt. Go for this option if grilling your food is something you think you would want to do in your yard.

Spark Screen

Spark screens are protective screens that go over a fire pit and stop embers from flying out and hitting you or potentially starting a fire. If you’re worried about those possibilities, a spark screen with your fire pit is a must-have.


Portability is a factor worth considering if you want to be able to carry your fire pit around the yard or even on trips away from home. Otherwise, a fixed fire pit would be better so there’s less risk of someone toppling it over.

Fuel Tank Visibility

Some fire pits that run on fuel tanks allow a space for the tank to be hidden in. This, understandably, offers a cleaner look and makes the yard stand out for its professionalism.

Types of Fire Pit Materials

Lastly, it is important to consider fire pit material as well. These  can be bought in many different materials, for example:


Stone fire pits can look really appealing when detailed correctly. However, stone fire pits are usually fixed in place and only suitable if you’re completely certain you’re never going to want your fire pit moved.


Concrete fire pits are immovable like stone fire pits and give off a rugged look. Unlike stone, concrete does not risk cracking when exposed to harsh temperatures.


Clay fire pits are easier to move around because they usually consist of just one piece. Their biggest advantage however, is that they cool off relatively quickly compared to other materials.

Cast Iron

Cast iron fire pits look great and give off a lot of warmth but are also heavy and might not go with more modern lawn furniture.


Steel and stainless-steel fire pits are lighter than iron fire pits and are more durable against weather extremes as well.


Copper fire pits give off a warm and shiny glow. However, as is the case with copper, it requires constant maintenance so it doesn’t start developing a green tinge.


Aluminum, like steel, is also lightweight and durable against the weather and thus makes for practical fire pits.


Fire pits are a great addition to any yard and make for cozy nights with friends and family. With the information above, you’re sure to make the right decision when buying a fire pit for yourself. In the meantime, take a look at our top 5 wooden garden table and chairs list for sprucing up your yard even more and giving it a homely feel. And if you’re interested in giving your home a makeover, give our post on creating futuristic home décor a look. And if you’re planning a barbecue party with the new fire pit you just bought, here are the 16 best backyard games for BBQ parties.

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