Guide to Cheese Dips

We might love grating cheese over dishes and using it to enhance our sandwiches, but cheese is also a great main ingredient in dips. Many people all over the world enjoy eating chips with some sort of dip, or they can also opt to dip crunchy vegetables for a healthier option.


While some might prefer salsa, cheese provides a very interesting taste to your dips, especially if you’re a bit adventurous in your choices. There are mild, sharp, spicy, and pungent options to choose from.

The main ingredients required to make a perfect cheese dip include some sort of cheese, seasonings, milk, and a bit of flour for thickening purposes. We can check out the different types of cheese dips to make at home, but it might be more convenient to purchase some online.

Here are some of the best cheese dips available on the market today. These will come in handy when you’re in a hurry to prepare for a party or just want to have something on hand for movie night:

Where to Buy
On The Border Monterey Jack Queso
Tostitos Salsa Con Queso
Spicy Chipotle Cashew Cheesy Sauce
Old Florida Gourmet Assorted Cheese Dip Gift Box
Fritos Mild Cheddar Cheese Dip
Old Fashioned Cheese Jalapeno Cheese Dip
Taco Bell Salsa con Queso
Robert Rothschild Farm Buffalo Blue Cheese
Doritos Nacho Cheese Dip
KC Classic Gourmet Foods Cream Cheese Dip


1. On The Border Monterey Jack Queso

This queso cheese dip had zero grams of fat with no MSG included. It’s also gluten-free, as there isn’t any wheat flour inside.  There are three kinds of all-natural cheeses inside this mixture, which should be enough to provide an explosion of taste.

2. Tostitos Salsa Con Queso

This salsa dip combines the taste of real cheese in a 15-ounce container. It’s a bestseller for the unique taste, as it’ll satisfy those with both salsa and cheesy tastes. This dip should be best with Tostitos chips or any other kind.

The ingredients here include real peppers, cheese, and tomatoes. This will make a winning combination with chips, vegetables, or bread. Many users of this dip have reported that it’s addictive in taste. It can also be warmed up using a microwave, but make sure to cover the top with a paper towel after removing the lid first.

3. Spicy Chipotle Cashew Cheesy Sauce

This spicy cheesy sauce might be a bit pricey for some, but it’s worth it for the delicious flavor. This is a vegan option that’s suitable for paleo dieters or those who want to eat gluten-free.  Since this is made with cashew cheese, it’s also a dairy-free way to enjoy your nachos.

Those with dairy allergies can enjoy this creamy dip without worrying about their health. There’s no soy inside, with no preservatives, additive, or any GMO-added ingredients. It would taste best when warmed up and used as a sauce or condiment as well as a dip. Some might even prefer to pour some over an omelet for breakfast.

Even non-vegans would love to have this dip as a snack without the guilt. It has a smokey flavor that might not suit everyone, but it might also be just what’s required for a cheesy side dish.

4. Old Florida Gourmet Assorted Cheese Dip Gift Box

If you know someone who loves cheese, dips, chips, or any combination of the three, this gift box should be a perfect choice from them. It consists of three flavors of cheese dip; White Queso, Cantina Queso, and Gourmet Cheddar. These should be enough to satisfy any cheese lover for a long time!

Of course, you can also get this gift box for yourself or your own home. When your guests or your kids have different tastes, you can simply crack open all three and let everyone dip according to their preferences.

5. Fritos Mild Cheddar Cheese Dip

This 9-ounce jar might not be as big as the standard 15-ounce versions, but it contains a lovely mild cheese dip. This could be a great choice for those who don’t really like sharp or pungent flavors with the chips or veggies. If you don’t like the flavor of the dip overpowering your food, this might be a good choice. You can also get this as a great way to reduce the spiciness level of other dips.

This mild flavor might not be for those who are used to richer tastes, though. You’ll be safest when buying this for kids, or to whip up some more complicated dips. If you plan on eating this on its own, it might taste too bland.

6. Old Fashioned Cheese Jalapeno Cheese Dip

This jalapeno cheese dip might be a bit thick when cold or at room temperature. While it might not be possible in this state, you can always microwave it to make a more liquid form. There are also some free recipes included, which should help you make the most of this jar.

Many consumers of this dip have voted it to be the best-tasting they’re ever experienced. Since this uses cheese that’s made in Wisconsin, we may rest assured that

7. Taco Bell Salsa con Queso

This is a medium cheese dip that comes in a pack of 4. It can also be used as a dipping sauce and is just like the cheese sauce you get from Taco Bell. While you can technically heat this up in a microwave, a safer option might be to place the jar in heated water.  This will give you a smooth consistency that’s perfect for dipping and pouring.

However, you should keep in mind that this is not meant to be nacho cheese. This dip is actually perfect for soft pretzels, chips, celery, or carrots cut into sticks. There’s just a little salt and spice inside to give it a little kick, but it shouldn’t be too spicy for most people.

8. Robert Rothschild Farm Buffalo Blue Cheese

If you’re a fan of blue cheese, chances are that you won’t enjoy the usual cheddar cheese dips. Luckily, there is a blue cheese dip available for such tastes. This can be utilized as a dip or even a spread for the perfect homemade hamburgers. You may also dip wings into this for a Super Bowl spread.

You can also add some shredded chicken into this dip for making Buffalo Chicken Dip. This would go perfectly with celery, toast, tortilla chips, or crackers. It’s even filling enough for a meal if you have limited time.

9. Doritos Nacho Cheese Dip

Doritos are a favorite with most chips lovers, so pairing them with a cheese dip of the same brand would be a good idea. Some might say this is a little spicy, but it doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor. This means that you can enjoy both your chips and your dip without losing the flavor of either food.

10. KC Classic Gourmet Foods Cream Cheese Dip

This gourmet cheese dip also contains green olives and pimento. It’s another gluten-free option that you can get in a package of 4 jars. This is filling enough to eat on its own, though it’s also a great option in loaded nachos. Make sure to refrigerate it after opening, though it’s not necessary before that.


The cheese dips above might be good enough to eat cold or require some warming up before it’s liquid enough for dipping. You can also use these dips as a base for some more complex versions in order to make them last longer. Pair them up with crunchy nacho chips, crinkly potato chips, toasted bread, or sliced vegetables.

Having some of these dips will be perfect for pleasing the crowd at a Super Bowl party or some easy hors d’ oeuvres at your next gathering. You’ll soon be grateful for having a convenient jar in the fridge whenever you need it.