Gift Ideas for Leather Workers and Leather Crafters

Leatherworkers enjoy their craft. There are several reasons why leather is always a popular material to work with, some of them include its durability, versatility, and stylish appearance. A material with such features will always enable a craftsmanto create unique, stunning products he can be proud of any day.So gifting any tool that will aid a leather crafter in his work will be greatly appreciated. Below are some useful items you can gift a leatherworker.

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Where to Buy
Polymer Head Stamping Mallet
Osborne Knife Head
Craftool Professional Rotary Punch:
Hole Punch Set
Osborne Leather Working Hammer
Stitching Pony Tool
Leather Craft Tool – SIMPZIA 25 Pcs Leather Sewing Tools Kit
CrazyEve Brass Leather Binding Stud with Install Hole Punch
Hanperal Leather Craft Tools Half-round Cutter Punch
Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Shop Apron With Pockets :

1. Polymer Head Stamping Mallet

Nothing makes a project easier than having the right tool to execute it. It can also speed up the time and quality of a project. The Polymer Head Stamping Mallet can make a great gift because it makes leatherworking easier. With this tool, stamping is easier and faster for leatherworkers. It is very tough and so you can use it without any fear of damaging stamps.

2. Osborne Knife Head

Almost everyone has a wish list, which consists of items they would love to have but have not yet bought. Even if this tool isn’t part of a leatherworker’s wish list, they will probably love it. The Osborne Knife Head is a forged steel blade that can cut through leather no matter how tough it is. It cuts through the leather neatly without pulling or stretching.

3. Craftool Professional Rotary Punch:

If you want to get a gift for a craftsman, you would want to get something that is durable and can stand the test of time, not something that will easily break before it gets much use. Crafttool Professional Rotary Punch is made of sturdy material that is durable and with high performance. This tool will allow a leather worker handle any kind of rotary punching for many years to come.

4. Hole Punch Set

There are tools that are made for a specific project and they get a little use, while there are others which have a variety of use in different projects. The later tools are used more often than the former and they make wonderful gifts for craftsmen because they can be used over the years and will always be appreciated. This Hole Punch Set is a perfect tool that will help leatherworkers get the right size of holes quickly and effortlessly every time.

5. Osborne Leather Working Hammer

Another perfect tool for the leatherworker. This Osborne Leather Working Hammer is made from drop forged steel with a very hard wooden handle from a hickory tree. It has rounded polished face that prevents leather from damage. It will make a great gift for a leatherworker.

6. Stitching Pony Tool

Leatherworkers do a lot of stitching during their projects, so it is always a good idea to gift them something that will make their work easier and more efficient. With this tool, a leatherworker can fix leather firmly when he wants to sew, making the work less tiring. The tool has a 360-degree rotation capability, so it can easily be adjusted to any location and can be used by a left-handed person. It is convenient to use, durable and saves time.

7. Leather Craft Tool – SIMPZIA 25 Pcs Leather Sewing Tools Kit

This is a super kit for leatherworkers because it contains 25 pieces of leather sewing tools. The leather tools set consist of tools, such as edge grooves, needle kit, threads, awl, blades and other items that fulfill the basic needs for leather crafts. The leather stitching tools set contains items that make it easier to stitch leather and also protect fingers. It is suitable for both beginner and professional leatherworkers. Not sure of a specific item to gift a leatherworker? Go for this, it is very affordable.

8. CrazyEve Brass Leather Binding Stud with Install Hole Punch

This leather binding stud has several good uses for many leather projects, such as leather belt and purse. It is made of brass alloy and consists of 20 sets of male and female screw each. It comes with a 3.6 mm hole punch used to insert a hole into leather to install the screws.

9. Hanperal Leather Craft Tools Half-round Cutter Punch

This tool is suitable for end processing of wallet, belt, card case, handbag, watchband, and other leather craft. It is made of solid steel, and it is wear-resistant and durable. The cutter punch has a sharp and clean edge, with a very strong handle, and it is easy to use.

10. Waxed Canvas Heavy Duty Shop Apron With Pockets :

Every craftsman always needs an apron to protect himself while working in the workshop. This apron combines function and style and provides craftsmen with comfort. The apron has cross-back straps to relieve neck pressure and removable shoulder pads for more comfort.

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Other gift ideas for leatherworkers include BTSKY® Wooden Handle Nylon Hammer-Leathercraft Carving Hammer For Stamping Sew Leather Cowhide Tool Kit, Realeather Basic Leather Craft Starter Kit, and CrazyEve Leathercraft Good Quality Stainless Steel Leather Cutting Knife Craft Tool With Wooden Handle.

Any gift you choose to get for a leatherworker from this list will be received with a warm smile, and it goes a long way to show your support for their craft. So let that leatherworker in your life know that you appreciate his craft and they have your support.